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    Default For Muppets Fans: The Swedish Chef Translator

    Yes, he we go: some genius figured out software to translate ordinary English into the language of the Swedish Chef.

    For example, "Ozzy Osbourne is a complete, has-been tool" would translate as: "Ozzy Oosbuoorne-a is a cumplete-a, hes-beee tuul".

    For more traditional muppetes fans, we see the classic "we put the chicken in the basket" translated as the familiar "ve-a poot zee cheeckee in zee besket".

    Without further adeu, here's the site:

    Also available in Jive, Valley Girl, and Pig Latin.
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    Default Re: For Muppets Fans: The Swedish Chef Translator

    Thanx for the link Nero, but I'm a little disappointed. I thought it was a program which said sentence you typed with the voice of the chef. That would have been something I could have played with for days !!
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    Default Re: For Muppets Fans: The Swedish Chef Translator

    Maybe there is a cersion of Swedish Chef to replace Microsoft Sam. lol.

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    Default Re: For Muppets Fans: The Swedish Chef Translator

    I wonder wether the swedes have a case of racist sterotyping ?
    Was the Borat character a racist slur?

    It's a bit like when Woody Allen's character in Anne Hall gets introduced to his partners family during a meal.The grannie see him as a rabbi

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