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    Quote Originally Posted by KHH View Post
    The question is, how small can a contribution to a song be to get credit for songwriting? Well,
    coming up with a vocal line is as much songwriting as coming up with a guitar riff (and please, do not go on the "he just repeated the guitar" path here). To most people it is of even higher importance I'd presume since that is what most people listen to but that doesn't really matter in this discussion. The point is that they did do the songs together. All contributed, all of them got credit. Nothing strange with that.

    We had The Who as an example earlier and from what I understand Pete T did everything on most songs and just told the others what to do, vocal lines, bass and everything, then I'd say that it is rightfully only his name beneath the songs on the record. (As a side discussion one can wonder how much Keith Moon really listende to what 'Ol Pete said...)

    On a side note; Ozzy can play the harmonica!
    I forgot about the harmonica, as well as the Jew's Harp on "Sleeping Village." My bad.

    I'd bet Moony didn't listen to Townshend much. I had a girlfriend who was a massive Who fan and she told me that it's a wonder many of the records even got made because they were always kicking the shit out of each other, though I can't imagine Entwistle came out on the short end of the stick too many times (the guy was HUGE).

    I don't think Ozzy just doubled the guitar line on everything. On some he did ("Sabbra Cadabra" and "Electric Funeral" come to mind) but I don't think it can really be said for "After Forever" or "Supernaut." But he wasn't the only one. Listen to Robert Plant on "You Shook Me."

    Music credits/publishing are crazy sometimes. I think I remember reading where Iommi said they did the four-way split on credits partly to avoid some of that.
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    I think we're actually agreening on this DiosSword!

    Music publishing is a mess!
    Remember reading about the german band Helloween who, back in the day at least, pretty much gave credit to only the one person who contributed the most but when the money came in they split everything in equal shares amongst the band members and the producer. That is a pretty fair way of putting it also. Although the history books probably won't remember...

    Regarding The Who it is one iof the few bands that I sense almost (but only almost) the same togetherness between the musicians as Black Sabbath in therir music. Even though Townshend wrote moste of it by himself, you can't really take one of the other guys out the equation, it's just not the same. Kind of funny reading statements like the one from your girlfriend then (just to be clear: I'm not doubting it/her a bit!).
    Saw the at their latest tour. Only two of them left and it was kind of touching at the end of the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KHH View Post
    You can't come up with a melody unless you can play an instrument and know about "musical rules"!?!
    Come on man, you can't have meant it like that.
    Well, I have to disagree with that statement. You don't need to play an instrument and surely don't need to know any music theory (you'd be surprised how few musicians know any music theory), to come up with melodies. I agree that you couldn't "write the melodies out" in script, but anyone with an ear for music can come up with a melody. Ozzy himself said he doesn't play or write music but he came up with alot of the melodies, even though many of them were just following Iommi's melodic riffs note for note. I play guitar myself, self taught mostly, and my brother is an accomplished guitarist, who took musical theory, and he'd be the 1st to admit it doesn't make song writing any easier or even give a song writer/player any added advantage to his abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KHH View Post
    You can't come up with a melody unless you can play an instrument and know about "musical rules"!?!
    Come on man, you can't have meant it like that.
    Of course you can come up with a melodyline, but other band members would have had to fit it in the song (adjusting the rhytm parts of verses etc.). But absolutely you can just make up a melodyline, I think that most of the good ones come in a flash of inspiration. And about having a good ear, its much more important than any musical theory (good ear is mostly a gift but anyone can learn theiry) but there are some basic laws that you have to follow while making music.
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