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    Default Black Sabbath (the Manor Tapes) released on LP :S

    For you Born Again freaks out there, the bootlegs with the Born Again demos including "The Fallen" are no news really, especially now since "the Fallen" was also officially released on the new Born Again DE. However, I have only seen these bootlegs on CD, but today I discovered a new LP edition from "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" label (completely unheard of, bootleg or semi-bootleg probably). It's called "The Manor Tapes", has a reworked cool version of the album cover and promises the same old track listing as on those CD bootlegs I've seen before (and own). Anyway, I know we aren't really supposed to discuss bootlegs and such, especially not trading, but I hope it's ok with Joe if I post the link to the LP, it's in a "serious" record store which has much much great music so it's no "real" bootleg so to speak.

    If I'm breaking the rules here, then sorry, just shut the thread down if that's the case ^^.

    EDIT: I just realized that this thread is in the wrong sub-forum, of course it should be in "other eras". Well... whatever :D
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