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    Default Aphrodite's Child

    I've already posted this on the "What are you listening to right now"-thread, but i'm so impressed i just HAVE to push it more directly with it's own thread...

    I'm checking this one out:

    Aphrodite's Child was a Greek Prog-band in the late 60's/early 70's. The first band of keyboard-wizard Vangelis.

    First thought: The first few tracks are very Beatles-esque
    Second thought: A lot of Middle Eastern influences
    Third thought: This is fucking great. Fresh-sounding for a prog-fan, even though the album is 40 years old.
    And i'm not even stoned, something i would normally have to be to have the patience to listen trough new music that is this calm and semi-ambient.

    A great album on first listen-trough (i'm almost done with disk 1).

    Now i'm finished with the whole thing. The second disk was just as great as the first one, just more psychedellic. And ending the whole thing with a cute little pop-tune with jazz-scatting.

    Wasn't really fair of me to call it calm and semi-ambient, couse there is alot of rock-beat in here too..

    If you're a Prog or Psychedellia-fan and haven't heard this yet, you've got some homework to do...

    Disk 1:

    Disk 2:

    Last thing to say about the album: WOW!
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    I've always liked this LP - hell I like most of vangelis' music from over the years - have you ever checked out the Jon & Vangelis LP's from the early 80's ? some cool music on them but they are more pop.

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    Demis Roussos , fantastic voice , had a solo career in France during 70's and 80's .

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