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    Default Blizzard of Ozz Live photos

    Here's a couple of rare photo's of Blizzard of Ozz on the debut UK Tour in 1980. These 3 pics were taken at Hull City Hall on 18th October 1980. Although I was only 15 at the time I still remember what a great concert it was, and in hindsight getting to see Randy Rhoads was fantatsic.

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    Wow fozzy. I just got chills man. Those are fantastic pics. Did you take those?

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    Whats up fozz , luv your pix-fucking lucky to have seen the original blizzard, i seen the mach II band on new years eve here in LA.
    i hold those two records ozzy/randy made equal/above to any sabbath LP- and i followed sabbath in the 70's,randy is by far the greatest guitarist i ever seen live!
    and damn proud that he's from my hometown. RANDY RULES!

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