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    Default Songs played live by every incarnation?

    Just wondering what songs have been played live by every official line-up of Sabbath. I could research it I suppose, but maybe somebody else has already done the work?

    By "official line-up", I mean an actual touring ensemble, so no Dave's (Walker and Donato). If they were included, the answer to my question would of course be that no songs have been played by every line-up. I imagine the answer is the holy triumvirate of WarPigs/Paranoid/Iron Man?

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    Ok, so I went through the tour dates page here and looked through each "typical set list". To my surprise, War Pigs didn't make it (not listed on Cross Purposes tour). Paranoid nearly didn't make the Dehumanizer tour (just the last show with Ozzy). (I am not considering Halford as he was a guest singer, not an official member). But if we're talking line-ups, Dio and Appice played Paranoid before. So the three (assuming the "typical set lists" include every song they played, maybe a dumb assumption) are Black Sabbath, Paranoid, and Iron Man.

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    Dio did do Paranoid on the Dehumanizer tour, I saw the show in Boston which has been bootlegged as "When Darkness Hits" a radio broadcast from WBCN in Boston. And right before Cross Purposes came out Sabbath did some South American dates with Bill Ward (and Geezer) where they played War Pigs, it was not featured on the CP tour though as you stated.

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    Best sounding show is with Ian Gillan. Live in Worchester Mass. I tell you now I that I never thought anyone could sing Black Sabbath better than Ozzy or Heaven and Hell better than Dio, but I stand corrected. It is an unbelievable sounding live show. It simply cant get any better. This line up is unreal. I also think it goes under the name Born In Hell.

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