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    Default The Alice Cooper Thread

    I've always thought that Alice Cooper ranks alongside not only the most influential rock musicians, but also as one of the best. I've for the most part had very few people to really talk to about my love for the music, persona, and man that is Alice Cooper, so I was hoping I might find some other big fans of the Coop on here. Now I will be honest that I haven't listened to all the albums in his career, looking over the New Wave albums for the most part which I've heard Clones and maybe another couple off of, and in either instance I haven't enjoyed them all that much. I think the original Alice Cooper band had a very impressive track record, Pretties For You-Billion Dollar Babies were all top notch albums that any self-respecting rock fan should give a try, I'd easily recommend any of those before I would steer someone to Kiss Muscle of Love was a bit of a disappointing final album by the original band, not bad, just not as great as those that came before. Then we get to my personal favorite Cooper album Welcome To My Nightmare, a brilliant concept album that only Cooper could do so well on. From there on it's a hit and miss career I think and I'm sure to explain more later on, but I would love to hear some opinions on Cooper, either the band or the man.

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    Give me the original band any day, especially Killer or Love It To Death. Hugely underrated as musicians and songwriters.

    That said, I love Welcome To My Nightmare and quite a few songs from the solo years, and the man is still a great performer.

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    I love Alice Cooper especially the original band. His last two albums have been pretty amusing.
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    Love the original band, know the albums backwards and forwards, my first memory (or one of the first, I don't know anymore) of life is listening to Love it to Death, no lie. I was happy to see them get into the hall of fame. His solo career has a couple of bright spots, a bit of trash as well (pun inteneded), but he has always remained creative, even if the music isn't too strong at times. Like with Kiss, too much attention is paid to his stage show and not enough to the band's music I think, although you really do have to include Bob Ezrin when you mention the band, first two albums were great in a freaky psychedelic way, but nobody would know anything about those albums today if Ezrin hadn't come along and "cleaned the band up" so to speak, although I think he did have a negative impact on Glen Buxton's contribution, Buxton was just too sloppy a player to fit in Ezrin's squeaky clean arrangements (strangely enough, same thing happened with Ace Frehely on Destroyer, and David Gilmour was sort of pushed out of the way for The Wall). That was a long ass sentence!

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