Hello people!

Once more my band has returned with a different line-up, one that actually has fallen apart already as our drummer left us two weeks after recording this demo with us. A new drummer is about to be tested soon though and we hope that we will be able to do some shows before too long. Anyway, we recorded eleven tracks during one week, seven of which are "real" songs, three short instrumentals (of which two will see the light of day) and one recording of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" with some effects like a fireplace (a real one, not some sample). It will probably not see the light of day, but was quite a fun thing to record nevertheless.

Moving on, we uploaded our first song from the demo, EHX, some time ago. Now I just recently uploaded our trilogy loosely based on celtic mythology, so I thought that I'd check what you guys think of the songs that are mixed and ready so far :D The celtic songs should be listened to in the order they are listed on Reverbnation, "Naim" - "Deirdre" - "Étaín", then you get the storyline right. Some of you have heard "EHX" before, when it was called "You" with our former singer, with different lyrics back then. So yeah, more songs are yet to come, I will bump this thread when they are uploaded. Any comments on any part of the music are much appreciated!