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FAQ ver. 2.0 Preface

Introduction Introduction
(by Michael "Iron Horse" Hughes)

Contents 1 Contents 1

1. The BLACK SABBATH family tree 1. The BLACK SABBATH family tree
2. Album Discography 2. Album Discography
3. Single Discography 3. Single Discography
4. Video Discography 4. Video Discography
5. Unreleased Songs 5. Unreleased Songs
6. Bootleg Album Discography 6. Bootleg Album Discography
7. Birthdays 7. Birthdays
8. When/Why did Ozzy leave SABBATH 8. When/Why did Ozzy leave SABBATH
9. When/Why did Dio leave SABBATH 9. When/Why did Dio leave SABBATH
10. Tony Iommi And Jethro Tull 10. Tony Iommi And Jethro Tull

Contents 2 Contents 2

11. Content of the different SABBATH songs 11. Content of the different SABBATH songs
12. BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Info 12. BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Info
13. Song credits and other information 13. Song credits and other information
14. Cover Versions by various bands and by BLACK SABBATH 14. Cover Versions by various bands and by BLACK SABBATH
15. Chart positions 15. Chart positions
16. BLACK SABBATH songs not played in concert 16. BLACK SABBATH songs not played in concert
17. Famous Quotes. 17. Famous Quotes.
18. Band Stories. 18. Band Stories.
19. Bands who have opened for BLACK SABBATH 19. Bands who have opened for BLACK SABBATH
20. Important dates in history of BLACK SABBATH 20. Important dates in history of BLACK SABBATH

Contents 3 Contents 3

21. BLACK SABBATH equipment info. 21. BLACK SABBATH equipment info.
22. BLACK SABBATH music transcriptions. 22. BLACK SABBATH music transcriptions.
23. Official books about BLACK SABBATH 23. Official books about BLACK SABBATH
24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List 24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List
25. Why differences between European and US releases 25. Why differences between European and US releases
26. BLACK SABBATH on 'ftp' sites 26. BLACK SABBATH on 'ftp' sites
27. Tony Iommi profile 27. Tony Iommi profile
28. Mysterious track on 'Sabotage' 28. Mysterious track on 'Sabotage'
29. Who sang on Solitude, Planet Caravan and Hard Road? 29. Who sang on Solitude, Planet Caravan and Hard Road?

Contents 4 Contents 4

31. Side projects and guest appearance of BLACK SABBATH members 31. Side projects and guest appearance of BLACK SABBATH members
32. SABBATH influences 32. SABBATH influences
33. Interpolated SABBATH Songs 33. Interpolated SABBATH Songs
34. Guest Musicians on SABBATH albums 34. Guest Musicians on SABBATH albums
35. BLACK SABBATH and the occult 35. BLACK SABBATH and the occult
36. What is the meaning of E5150? 36. What is the meaning of E5150?
37. The Magic Lanterns with Ozzy, Is this real? 37. The Magic Lanterns with Ozzy, Is this real?
38. BLACK SABBATH is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(1999)? 38. BLACK SABBATH is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(1999)?
39. Who is John Birch? 39. Who is John Birch?
40. What does N.I.B. stand for? 40. What does N.I.B. stand for?

Contents 5 Contents 5

41. Live Evil & Birmingham Videos 41. Live Evil & Birmingham Videos
42. Dave Donato? 42. Dave Donato?
43. When was "Live at Last" recorded? 43. When was "Live at Last" recorded?
44. The Artwork 44. The Artwork
45. Black Sabbath and the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal"? 45. Black Sabbath and the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal"?
46. Tony's "Tony Iommi Signature" Gibson humbucking pickups 46. Tony's "Tony Iommi Signature" Gibson humbucking pickups
47. Who wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath"? 47. Who wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath"?
48. Iommi's guitar column 48. Iommi's guitar column
49. What does the full version of "Technical Ecstasy" include? 49. What does the full version of "Technical Ecstasy" include?
50. What are the alternate lyrics to "War Pigs"? 50. What are the alternate lyrics to "War Pigs"?

Contents 6 Contents 6

51. "Mob Rules" and drug abuse? 51. "Mob Rules" and drug abuse?
52. The mix of "Born Again"? 52. The mix of "Born Again"?
53. The movie "Black Sabbath"? 53. The movie "Black Sabbath"?
54. Percussions on "Children of the Grave"? 54. Percussions on "Children of the Grave"?
55. Who did the cover/liner artwork for "Seventh Star"? 55. Who did the cover/liner artwork for "Seventh Star"?
56. Does Geezer use a pick or his fingers? 56. Does Geezer use a pick or his fingers?
57. Is Geezer part of a band called Six Feet Under? 57. Is Geezer part of a band called Six Feet Under?
58. What are "The Rebel", "Song For Jim", and the "Black Zeppelin" jam, and can I get them? 58. What are "The Rebel", "Song For Jim", and the "Black Zeppelin" jam, and can I get them?
59. What did Ray Gillen die of? 59. What did Ray Gillen die of?
60. What is the name of that song imbedded in "Wicked World" on the "Live At Last" album? 60. What is the name of that song imbedded in "Wicked World" on the "Live At Last" album?

Contents 7 Contents 7

61. Who is that figure on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album? 61. Who is that figure on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album?
62. Is that a "subliminal" image on the ____ cover? 62. Is that a "subliminal" image on the ____ cover?
63. Are the Castle Remasters worth getting? 63. Are the Castle Remasters worth getting?
64. What is _____'s real name? 64. What is _____'s real name?
65. What work has Tony Iommi done outside the Black Sabbath name? 65. What work has Tony Iommi done outside the Black Sabbath name?
66. Get A Grip video? 66. Get A Grip video?
67. King Biscuit Disks? 67. King Biscuit Disks?
68. Sabbath Fonts? 68. Sabbath Fonts?
69. Forbidden Faces? 69. Forbidden Faces?
70. When was LIVE EVIL released? 70. When was LIVE EVIL released?

Contents 8 Contents 8

71. Didn't Craig Gruber play bass on the Heaven And Hell album? 71. Didn't Craig Gruber play bass on the Heaven And Hell album?
72. Does anybody know what bass Geezer has? 72. Does anybody know what bass Geezer has?
73. The News Group 73. The News Group
74. Was Jeff Fenholt the singer for Black Sabbath? 74. Was Jeff Fenholt the singer for Black Sabbath?

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

AA. Thanks list AA. Thanks list
AD. Did you know? AD. Did you know?

AA. Thanks list

I like to thank for help:
Joseph Michael Mallon,
Pete Sarfas (ex-BLACK SABBATH Appreciation Society)
Andreas Lange, Berlin
Tapio Keihanen,
Michael Sullivan,
Robert Bartz,
Leonid Makarovsky,
Alain M. Gaudrault,
Norman R. Nithman
Steven Aric Weinberg
Pete Scott
Hilmar Ransch, Germany
Charlie Setzwein, Germany

Version 2.0 Thanks List

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I also want to thank the Children of The Sea who provided those frequently asked questions and some answers.

[The Children of The Sea Thank You List]

Vinny Appice
Michael Cullen
Mark Devere Davis
Mark Hardyck
Lynn Hemingway
Lisa Hudson
Chris Jackson
Mark Jones
Tapio Keihanen
Pentti Näpänkangas
Sam Naugler
Steve Rosen
Pete Sarfas
Peter Scott
Joe Siegler
Michael Stark
Chris Welch

And also all the people who have been a part of Black Sabbath through the various lineups.

FAQ ver 2.0 preface

BLACK SABBATH have been around in one form or another really since about 1968.
They are the inventors of Heavy Metal - the dark princes of rock.
They created their own image that was a major influence on thousands
of other bands following their steps.
Initially they were a blues band. After getting Jim Simpson for their manager, they
became influenced by Jazz and Blues of his record collection. After listening to Jimmy Rushing and others,
they took the idea of repeating riffs and mixed it with drugs, occultism, and horror themes.
This new rock was so hard, heavy, and unique that it left contemporary rock in the dust.
BLACK SABBATH's long career did include several line up variations and lots of changes.

The original FAQ was created by Alexander Rack in 1996.
Although he had a little help, the majority of the work in creating the FAQ
was done by him. By 1998 the FAQ had become a little outdated for various reasons.
Here is a list of the changes to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) provided by this update ver 2.0:
1. Corrects a few mistakes in version 1
2. Adds html hyperlinks so you can use a browser to get to desired text faster.
3. Added some more frequently asked and some not so frequently asked questions about BLACK SABBATH.
Thanks to Shawn Glick, Chris Jackson, Marcelo Silveyra, and the Children Of The Sea.
4. Expanded the Did You Know? section.
5. Expanded the song meanings section, thanks to Chris Jackson, (a real trooper!)
6. Added some web page hyperlinks for easier surfing.
7. Thanks to Leonid Makarovsky for his informative research about the Castle remasters and other labels.
8. Added a new introduction thanks to Michael Hughes.
9. Split out sections to separate files that were getting too large, or require frequent updates.
It does however retain all data from the original FAQ that was not obsolete.
It was updated using Internet Explorer as the browser with fonts set at Windows standard fonts.
The word processors used were Notepad and Notespad ver 5.0(a modified version of notepad)

Here are some things for the next faq update party to tackle.
1. An index.
2. Reorganise the FAQ.
3. Add more detailed inside information.
4. A Frame html version of the FAQ
This text and associated files are a result of many discussions
through the BLACK SABBATH Mailing List, The BLACK SABBATH News Group and
the hard work of Alexander Rack, Shawn Glick, Chris Jackson, Marcelo Silveyra and myself (sleeping).
Enjoy reading it!



When we look at it, the "Big Bang" was not only a miracle, but a succession of incredible miracles. I 'm not referring to the beginning of the universe, but the beginning of the greatest rock band ever to grace this planet. Black Sabbath. So miraculous is it that they ever formed in the first place, that you get the sinking feeling that it could never happen again. At a time when the whole youth movement was besotted with flower power and loving one's fellow man, four of the most unlikely, ungainly looking working class boys somehow erupted and tore apart the entire Rock genre with the most far reaching new style ever seen in England. They came from a city scorned and rebuked by the rest of the UK. They came from a manor called Aston, which was devastated by unemployment. They came from social rejection. When Ozzy answered an advert placed by Geezer for a singer and a member of the Butler household answered the door, shouting to Terence that "something" was at the door, you realize just how bad the rejection was. When they drove around in a van with no floor and were refused entry into clubs and pubs around the area, you know how bad the rejection was. Maybe this was their making ? Maybe the adversity from which they had to rise up, was what turned them into such icons of the masses. As Geezer tries to point out in his solo track "No.5", the very things that formed their character have now gone. The incredible warmth and togetherness of the people of Birmingham in those days was the bond that helped four otherwise jobless statistics conquer the world. The lesson they still offer today to the young who might want to make it in the rock world is that you don't need instant success to be big. Fight the system and be yourselves. Weave your OWN magic. Corporate interference in the music scene has all but killed off diversity and cultural input into Rock and pushed headlong into "Cash-back commercialism" that demands instant sing-along, throw away "tunes". Black Sabbath, on the other hand, practiced in a run-down building opposite an old cinema, their first "payment" for playing a gig was a T-shirt each. Wherever they went and however big they became, they remained forever "Brummies"; Birmingham born, Birmingham hearts and enriched with Birmingham humor. And now where are they ? They are the very heart and soul of nearly every young would-be Rock hero. They are the four Gods of human imagination: ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce them: The "Runecaster "-John Michael Osbourne. He entices your soul in many different ways, casting a menacing rune to the unaware. He is the Court Jester, but beware. This jester has power you dared not take lightly. The "Sorcerer" - Frank Anthony Iommi. He has the power to hypnotise your spirit and he often does. Be drawn in and enjoy the journey, but be prepared for anything along the road. He can sometimes stir you with sounds that would make stone weep, but he can also grab you and throw your terrified mind in the air with the most awesome, brooding cries you will ever hear from a guitar. The "Conjurer" - Terence Michael Butler. He looms dark over the thoughts in your mind. He transcribes those things that can change your eternity. He bludgeons your mind with heavy rhythms and the words of the damned and yet, he can create poetry from within that makes the sun shine on through the darkest of nights. The "TimeLord" - William Ward. He owns time, he toys with time and weaves time to his own majestic tune. He casts spells within spells and the harder you listen, the more majesty you find in his creation. I give you Black Sabbath. The greatest Rock band we will probably ever see.

Michael Hughes
Birmingham, England

1. The BLACK SABBATH family tree (FAQ01.HTM) 1. The BLACK SABBATH family tree (FAQ01.HTM)

2. Album Discography

Click on the following link for a complete discography.


Click on the following link for the web page discography. ck/sabdisco.htm

3. Single Discography

Click on the following link for the web page discography. ck/bsfcd.html

4. Video Discography (FAQ04.HTM) 4. Video Discography (FAQ04.HTM)

5. Unreleased Songs

"Earth rehearsals",There have been many comments about alleged "Earth Rehearsals" on tape trading lists, but apparently they are a hoax and have nothing to do with Black Sabbath. The only known "Earth" recording is the "Song For Jim" demo.

"SONG FOR JIM", unreleased Earth Demo (previous band before BLACK SABBATH).
Parts can be heard on the "BLACK SABBATH Story Volume I" video!

"THE REBEL" unreleased BLACK SABBATH Demo. This song was written by ex Locomotive
keyboards man Norman Haines. Parts can be heard on the "BLACK SABBATH
Story Volume I" video! Reference BSAS Vol 4 p. 14, "BLACK SABBATH
Story Volume I" video.
"That was dropped on us by Jim Simpson. We hated it. It won't be released.
We have landmines set around Jim's house in case he tries to come out to release it."
- Ozzy when asked by a fan on the 1998 autograph tour for the Reunion release. (BSNL 98)

"THE FALLEN" unreleased from the BORN AGAIN sessions with Ian Gillan on vocals.
Reference BSAS vol 4 p.14.

"THE ETERNAL IDOL DEMOS", unreleased demo with Ray Gillen on vocals. Complete
different mix and song variations. Includes the
whole album except 'SCARLET PIMPERNEL'.

"SOME KIND OF WOMAN", super fast song (faster than 'LAWMAKER').
Was released with Black Moon on a 12".

"BLACK MOON", original version, different tempo, mix and lyrics.
This was originally recorded while Sabbath were still with Phonogram.

"HEADLESS CROSS DEMOS", unreleased demo, includes 'HEADLESS CROSS', 'CALL OF
THE WILD' and 'BLACK MOON' in different version.

"WHAT'S THE USE", Japanese and U.K. only release. Found on CROSS PURPOSES.

"LOSER GETS IT ALL", Japanese and U.K. only release. Found on FORBIDDEN
and THE SABBATH STONES compilation.

6. Bootleg Album Discography 6. Bootleg Album Discography

There are two good information sources for bootleg album discography.

The most complete being at :

BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Deutschland

and a Dio bootleg discography including Dio w/ BLACK SABBATH at:

The Ronnie James Dio Pages

7. Birthdays

Ozzy Osbourne (John Michael Osbourne) 3th December 1948

Tony Iommi (Frank Anthony Iommi) 19th February 1948

Bill Ward (William Ward) 5th May 1948

Geezer Butler (Terence Butler) 17th July 1949

Ronnie James Dio (Ronald James Padovona) 10th July 1943-1949 (best guess 1947)

Ian Gillan 19th August 1945

Glenn Hughes 18th July 1950

Ray Gillen 12th July 1960 - 1st December 1993 (R.I.P.)

Cozy Powell 29th December 1947 - 5th April 1998 (R.I.P.)

Geoff Nicholls 29th February 19??

Tony Martin 19th April 1957

Neil Murray 27th August 1950

8. When/Why did Ozzy leave SABBATH

...for the first time

In September 1977 Ozzy left BLACK SABBATH. In the last years he had drunk
more and more. Due to his drug problems and after the death of his father
he wasn't able to stay any longer in the band. It was all to much to stand
for him. So he left BLACK SABBATH to re-organize his life.

...for the second time
The final split between Ozzy Osbourne and BLACK SABBATH happened in May 1979.
The reason for that second split is not certain. Rumors said that SABBATH
did their 'NEVER SAY DIE' Tour as a kind of farewell tour and then wanted to
stop playing under this name. Tony Iommi is supposed to get together with
Ronnie James Dio under the name but later on taken Geezer Butler and Bill
Ward with them under the name of 'BLACK SABBATH'.
Otherwise it's stated that Tony Iommi was so stressed by Ozzy Osbourne's drug
problems and musical ideas that he simply dropped him out of the band.
Tony Iommi himself said that Geezer Butler and Bill Ward went to Ozzy Osbourne
and told him that Tony Iommi has fired him but Tony Iommi has never told them to do so.
See page 94 of the Rosen book Wheels of Confusion for Tony Iommi talking about Ozzy leaving
and page 112 for Ozzy about this same subject.

See Dio interview in BLACK SABBATH #3

...the re-union plans

The first chance of a big re-union came after the Live Aid Festival in 1985 where
BLACK SABBATH got together to play a few songs. But both, Ozzy Osbourne and
Tony Iommi, were more interested in working on their own projects.
Geezer, Bill Ward, and Ozzy did reunite for at one concert in Long Beach California
on February 8, 1991. Zakk Wylde was the guitarist. The concert was broadcast on KNAC.
This was as the Ozzy Osbourne band.
The second chance was after the jam due to Ozzy Osbournes so called last
concerts. The crowd, the band and everyone else were so enthusiastic that the
band thought about doing some big stadium shows. In the end the whole thing
went bigger and bigger so Ozzy Osbourne decided to stop it. He refused to sign
the necessary contracts. In the end all members of the band seemed to be very
lucky about that.

Bill stayed on with BLACK SABBATH after the Costa Mesa
Reunion for three gigs in South America with Tony Martin as singer in 1992.
Geezer, Tony and Ozzy got together and toured as BLACK SABBATH as the headline name of
the Ozz-Fest in 1997. Bill Ward was not asked to join which is a fact.
(Actually he was informed his services were not needed.
Check Mike Stark's web page for Bill Ward interview about Ozz-Fest.)
Finally Bill was asked to perform at their home town of Birmingham, England in 1998,
which was recorded and released entitled Reunion.

9. When/Why did Dio leave SABBATH

...for the first time
In 1982 Dio left BLACK SABBATH with the drummer Vinny Appice. After the split there was a huge amount of press releases and interviews from BLACK SABBATH where both Geezer Butler (bassist for BLACK SABBATH and Tony Iommi (guitarist for BLACK SABBATH) told how Ronnie and Vinny had sneaked in the night into the studios to mix low bass and especially guitar and to mix up vocals and drums. Later, rather quietly, Tony Iommi said that he was wrong with his accusations. Ronnie and Vinny didn't like those accusations and decided to leave together and form Dio (the band). This happened in October 1982. There were other reasons behind too, like the way how Tony and Geezer left the concert venues right after the show without meeting the fans backstage etc.

The reason for Iommi's beliefs was the fact that he and Geezer couldn't ever appear at the studios at the same time with Ronnie and Vinny. So neither of those parties knew well what the others were doing. . . .in 1992

Originally, before the DEHUMANIZER album was released, the reunited BLACK SABBATH was meant to be one-album-one-tour thing and nothing more. But around the release of DEHUMANIZER album, BLACK SABBATH members started to consider whether they would continue together - the word said that time that if DEHUMANIZER does well, Dio will continue in SABBATH. No official word was said about this, though. However, quite soon after the DEHUMANIZER tour had started it became apparent that there still were some problems. Ronnie and Vinny always were in the other end of the tour bus than Tony and Geezer. Those two parties didn't spend too much time together at all, and Tony and Geezer still disappeared right after the shows - sometimes only to the tour bus behind the venue, just to wait until Ronnie and Vinny would come. Ronnie and Vinny usually spent a couple of hours backstage with their fans.

When Ozzy invited BLACK SABBATH to open his "last" two shows, Ronnie decided that he would not do those shows. He didn't want to open to anyone, let alone Ozzy Osbourne, one of the original BLACK SABBATH members. He announced to BLACK SABBATH that they're free to do anything they want, but he will quit from BLACK SABBATH just before those two shows in Costa Mesa. Incidentally, the original contract Ronnie had made with BLACK SABBATH, was valid until November 13th, 1992 and those two Costa Mesa shows were scheduled to November 14th and 15th.

Those Costa Mesa shows were only the final nail for Ronnie's quitting from BLACK SABBATH. According to Ronnie himself, the fact that the band atmosphere hadn't changed in the 10 years was much more important reason for his quitting.
written by Tapio Keihanen (

10. Tony Iommi And Jethro Tull

Tony Iommi left Black Sabbath/Earth in late 1968 to join Jethro Tull. Mick Abrahams had left Jethro Tull because Ian Anderson wanted to take the band into a more progressive, rocky phase. Abrahams preferred the blues/jazz of their just-released first album, 'This Was'. He formed a new outfit called Blodwyn Pig. It only lasted a couple of years but reformed and broke up a couple more times over the years. Meanwhile, Iommi replaced Abrahams as a member of Jethro Tull and "performed" the tune "Song For Jeffrey" at the Rolling Stones' "Rock And Roll Circus" gig in December 1968. The gig was an invite only of all the bands the Stones liked a lot. Janis Joplin was there, also, Jimi Hendrix and The Who played as well at this Stones bash. The Stones never released the film because they felt they had been outplayed by The Who and it made no sense for them to release a film with their musical rivals that only highlighted their own bad performance. For many years it could only be heard on bootlegs like "Archangel" (double LP) and "Archangel Rides Again" (CD). In 1996 the film and soundtrack were finally released officially. Tony Iommi can be seen "playing" on "Song For Jeffrey". It is claimed that he is only miming, because the sound is the same as the album(Which was Abrahams). Ian Anderson is the only one in Jethro Tull actually performing it live. There are no other official recordings of Jethro Tull with Tony Iommi. Tony Iommi left the band soon after under a cloud. It seems that Ian Anderson didn't want a drug smoker in the band. This despite the fact that on a 1969 bootleg of the group in concert he talks of cutting of the bass player's fingernails and smoking them. Tony Iommi said that things didn't work out because Tull had a definite leader (Ian Anderson) so he went back to Black Sabbath and Martin Barre became Tull's new guitar player. Additionally Tony Iommi wrote the guitar part for the Jethro Tull song

"NOTHING IS EASY" although Martin Barre recorded them for the "STAND UP" album.

Tony Iommi '71:"Yeah I was with Jethro Tull for three weeks, so what?" -

Reference BSAS Vol. 3 p.14,Vol. 5 p.8.

11. Content of the different SABBATH songs (FAQ11.HTM) 11. Content of the different SABBATH songs (FAQ11.HTM)

12. BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Info



A BLACK SABBATH Fanzine by fans for fans. This mag is released about
every 3-4 months. The newest issue can be get for two English pound

Peter Scott
102 Queens Park Gardens
Cheshire, CW2 7SW

Peter Scott




The german BLACK SABBATH Fan Club active since april 1994 with official
permission and support by the band management. A fanzine called "Children
Of The SABBATH" is send to a member about 5-7 times per year. Also you
can get official BLACK SABBATH live photos and the newest information
about the band. Everything is in German! Now available in English. For a
complete info paper send stamped and self-addressed envelop or 2 I.R.C.s to:
BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Deutschland
c/o Alexander Rack
14171 Berlin
Tel/FAX: (+49) (030) 824 67 99

Tony Iommi - Alexander Rack - Pete

BLACK SABBATH Fan Club Deutschland



A BLACK SABBATH Fanzine in French language. Only interviews since
issue #5 are printed in French and in English. The 'zine comes in
great size. Volume I (28 pages), Volume II (28 pages), Volume III
(28 p), Volume IV (46 pages), Volume V (40 pages) and Volume VI
(40 pages) are available as back issues. For any details write at:
Thierry Bauwens
5 rue Fernel
80500 Montdidier

13. Song credits and other information



All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward [except "Evil Woman" - Wiegard/Wiegard/Waggenor (by band
called 'Crow' from Duluth, Minnesota) and "Warning" - Dunbar].
The album was recorded in only 2 days for 600 English Pound. Release
date was Friday, 13th February 1970. Single: Evil Woman. Reissued in
December 1973 and January 1976.


All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. Recorded in only 5 days and released on 18th September 1970.
Single: PARANOID. Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.


"After Forever", "Embryo" and "Orchid" written by Tony Iommi, all
all others by Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne.
Released in July 1971 and has sold over 500.000 units in the US before
being released. No single. Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.

1972 VOLUME 4

All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. Released in September 1972. Single: Tomorrow's Dream.
Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.


All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. Keyboards played by Rick Wakeman (YES). Released in
December 1973. Single: SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH. Reissued in June 1980.


All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. English Chamber Choir arranged by Will Malone. Released
on July 1, 1975. Single: Am I Going Insane (Radio). Reissued in June 1980.


All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. Keyboards played by Gerald Woodruffe. Bill Ward sings
on 'It's Alright'. Released in October 1976. No Single.


All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
Bill Ward. Released in October 1978. First single: NEVER SAY DIE,
second single: Hard Road.


Music written and arranged by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio,
Tony Iommi, Bill Ward. Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio. Released in April
1980 UK and May 1980 USA. First Single: Neon Knights, Second Single:
Die Young.


Music written and arranged by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio,
Tony Iommi. Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio. Released in October 1981 UK
and November 1981 USA. First Single: MOB RULES, Second Single: Turn
Up The Night.


All songs written by Ian Gillan, Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer
Butler except for "Hot Line" and "Keep It Warm" written by Ian
Gillan, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler. Released in August 1983. No single.

1986 SEVENTH STAR [BLACK SABBATH Featuring Tony Iommi]

Music and lyrics by Tony Iommi. Additional lyrics by Geoff Nicholls,
Jeff Glixman and Glenn Hughes. Released in February 1986. Single:
No Stranger To Love.


All tracks by Tony Iommi. Released in November 1987. No single.

All tracks written by BLACK SABBATH (Tony Iommi, Geoff Nicholls, Tony
Martin, Laurence Cottle). Release date: 24th April 1989 (Europe). First
Single: HEADLESS CROSS, second single: Devil And Daughter/Call Of The
Wild (Germany). Guest star is Brian May (Queen) on "When Death Calls".

1990 TYR

All songs by BLACK SABBATH (Tony Iommi, Geoff Nicholls, Tony Martin,
Neil Murray, Cozy Powell). Lyrics by Tony Martin. All arrangements by BLACK
SABBATH. Release date: 20th August 1990. Single: Feels Good To Me.


All songs written by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi.
Release date: 22th June 1992. First single: TV Crimes, second single:


All songs written by Geezer Butler, Tony Martin, Tony Iommi.
Eddie Van Halen has co-written "Evil Eye". Release date: 31th
January 1994. No single.


All songs by BLACK SABBATH. Lyrics by Tony Martin except lyrics by Tony Martin and Ice T.
February 1996. Single: Guilty as Hell.

14. Content of the different SABBATH songs (FAQ14.HTM) 14. Content of the different SABBATH songs (FAQ14.HTM)

15. Chart Positions

Highest chart positions of BLACK SABBATH albums:


year album UK Germany USA others


1970 PARANOID 1 2 12
1972 VOLUME 4 8 13
1975 SABOTAGE 7 28

1980 PARANOID (re-issue) 54

1981 MOB RULES 12 29

1983 LIVE EVIL 13 37

1983 BORN AGAIN 4 39


1987 The ETERNAL IDOL 66

1989 HEADLESS CROSS 31 Top 20

1990 Tyr 24 12



1994 NATIVITY IN BLACK 50 35 (Finland)

Highest chart positions of BLACK SABBATH singles:


year single UK Germany USA others


1970 PARANOID 4 61


1980 PARANOID (re-issue) TOP 30

1980 Die Young TOP 30

1980 Neon Knights TOP 30


and HEAVEN AND HELL has sold over 1.000.000 units in the USA. MOB RULES has

sold over 500.000 units in the USA.


4 BLACK SABBATH BLACK SABBATH - VOL. 4 10/13/86 Platinum
11 BLACK SABBATH PARANOID 10/13/86 Multi Platinum 3.00
12 BLACK SABBATH PARANOID 10/13/86 Platinum
13 BLACK SABBATH PARANOID 1/31/95 Multi Platinum 4.00

16. BLACK SABBATH songs not played in concert

From an interview with Tony Iommi in "BLACK SABBATH Appreciation Society Newsletter

VOLUME 4" these songs were never played live between 1968 and 1990:

Planet Caravan
St. Vitus Dance
Am I Going Insane (Radio)
She's Gone
Wishing Well
Over And Over
Ancient Warrior
Lost Forever
Kill In The Spirit World
Who Are You
It's Alright
Air Dance
Swinging The Chain
Walk Away
In Memory
Hard Life To Love
Scarlet Pimpernel
The Eternal Idol
Black Moon
Cloak And Dagger.

E5051 and The Gates Of Hell are only heard at live shows on tape.

In the last tours since 1990 they haven't played from current albums:

Virtual Death
Dying For Love
Back To Eden
Cardinal Sin
Evil Eye
What's The Use
Letters From Earth
Sins Of The Father
Too Late
Buried Alive
The Battle Of Tyr
Odin's Court
Feels Good to Me
Heaven in Black.

17. Famous Quotes

"What happened to TECHNICAL ECSTASY sales wise?"
"I think it entered the Mongolian chart at 301" Ozzy - 1978

"Yeah, I was with Jethro Tull for three weeks, so what?" Tony - 1971

"Why shouldn't I tamper around with SABBATH songs. I'm the
singer now, and forgive me for saying so, I'll do things
my own damn way." Dio - 1980

"Well I quite like him really. But Tony has nicked all my
Sinatra albums. Where do you think he gets all his riffs
from?" Geezer - 1975

"What was your worst nightmare?"
"When Ozzy was in the band -uups- sorry, joking about." Tony - 1990

"We were starving, literally starving. If it hadn't been for
Tony's mum, I don't think we would have survived at all. She
used to make up all the sandwiches and give us cigs." Ozzy - 1985

"People keep calling us a teenybop band, thinking that we only
appeal to people below the age of twenty. It's not true, we
get a lot of heads at our concerts these days. " Geezer - 1972

"I joined the band to travel, not to become a rock and roll
star. I didn't even think about making a record when we made
the first album. I was just pleased to be able to say: 'look
mum, look what I've made - my voice on a piece of plastic
forever'." Ozzy - 1974

When asked what the most outstanding moment in SABBATH's ten
year history was, Geezer replied: "When Villa won the League Cup". 1978

"Geezer's only decision he made was in a restaurant between a

sandwich or a beer." Dio - 1983

"We're never going to split. We couldn't be more together now,
because we love each other and because we dig each others
music both individually and as a group." Bill - 1973

"They say we're a hard band. It makes you sick." Ozzy - 1973

"Geezer's got an incredible mind, he can say things for
everybody that we can't say. Y'know like the words of the
songs - he say's everything for the band." Tony - 1974

"You've got to be a commando to play the States." Bill - 1973

"I've been visiting a psychiatrist for some time now. He plays
mind games. He asks things like 'do you masturbate'? and I say
'do you breathe?'." Ozzy - 1975

"Musically, they are completely uncompromising, and would
rather starve than sell out to more commercial forms of music."
Vertigo Press Release - 1970

Apparently Ozzy once referred to SABBATH Mk.3 as "Geezer Butler
and the three Italians".

Allan Jones a former Melody Maker journalist who once deservedly
left the full weight of a shattering hook from Iommi for
continually slagging SABBATH, once described Tony as looking like
a "gypsy violinist in an Earls Court pizza parlour, or more
accurately, like the Italian contestant in next years Eurovision
Song Contest". No wonder Tony thumped him!

"BLACK SABBATH 1994? Better known as 'Electric SABBATH Orchestra'
or BLACK Purple." Dio - 1983

"So it's great to be able to do this [playing 'SABBATH BLOODY
Sabbabth' live]. I mean even he [Tony Martin] can't sing!" Tony - 1994

"My favorite place to be is in my house. It's what I work for.... I
watch TV a lot and adore my dogs. Over in England I like to take them
out and sit on an old log."
- Ozzy Osbourne
formerly outrageous rocker, in Rolling Stone

18. Band Stories






Famous story that happened during the recordings for 'SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH'
was when BLACK SABBATH went to an old English castle where they planned to
perform and maybe to record a little bit.

Strange things happened in the first night. Ozzy felt asleep in a room with
a fireplace. A piece of burning coal felt off the fireplace and the whole room
starts to burn. Ozzy escaped in the last minute. Later on they saw an unknown
person which walked in a room. They followed him but the room was empty and
only door out was locked from the inside. The Ozzy, Geezer, Bill and Tony
started to tell each other horrifiying stories.

In the end all were so scared that they had to leave the castle the same night.

Reference BLACK SABBATH The Story vol 1 video


The mystical side of BLACK SABBATH often centered around the presence of Geezer
Butler. From a child, Geezer had psychic abilities and many of his dreams would
become reality the next day.

On one occasion during the early '70s when Geezer was heavily into the occult,
Ozzy gave him a hand written book some 400 years old. When Geezer took the
ancient book home he had the most frightening experience of his life. A black cat
just appeared in front of him. As he turned back to the book, he found that it had
simply disappeared. Geezer said "It freaked me out, I knew it wasn't a cat - I knew
what it was".

Reference BSAS Vol 4 p 14.


After a drunken night out, Ian Gillen decided to race a brand new Granada, belonging
to Paul, the then SABBATH tour manager, around a grand prix go-kart track. After
umpteen laps he struck a rock and flipped the machine over leaving it upside down,
completely written off.

Ian left a note on the message board saying "Dear Paul, I've left the Granada down
on the go-kart track and the keys are in it!" Paul was so angry when he discovered
his pride and joy wrecked that he poured petrol over Ian's boat, set it alight and
torched it in true Hawaiin funeral tradition down a nearby canal!

Reference BSAS Vol 4 p 14.


Derby suffered several times from the plague, perhaps being worst
affected in 1592 when 464 people perished. Local farmers refused to
trade with the townspeople and it is said that grass grew in the Market
Place from lack of people and business. As the plague continued, it was
feared that there would be a famine until, at last, farmers in the
surrounding countryside agreed to trade with the people of the town
under the condition that money for the payment of provisions was left in
bowls of vinegar at the Headless Cross on Nun's Green. The farmers
returned later to collect their money.


This also from Pete Scott
From: Peter Scott

Subject: Headless Cross

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 08:24:45 +0100

>What the hell is a "headless cross," anyway? Is it this: T or this: I

It's a town in the West Midlands (near Redditch... near Birmingham) nothing
more sinister than that - sorry!

I went there once (one Saturday afternoon when I had nothing else better to
do). There's nothing there!

We did go to a public library and found out where the name comes from. It
comes from a mispronunciation of Headley's Cross - Headley being a Saxon
land owner of that area in the distant past.

Tony Martin wrote the lyrics to that song, he wrote it about a plague that
wiped out the population of Alvechurch (near Redditch... near Birmingham)
but poetic license decided that using Headless Cross instead sounded more

Pete. (Pete Scott)

In addition to Pete's answer, there is a picture of the cross on the front of the Headless Cross
album and a picture of the cross now headless on the back

19. Bands who have opened for BLACK SABBATH

1973 SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH Tour USA: Montrose, Mahogany Rush, Bedlam, and Necromandus

1975 SABOTAGE Tour USA : Kiss, Target (?)

1977 TECHNICAL ECSTASY Tour : Ramones, also Reo Speedwagon and


1978/ NEVER SAY DIE Tour : Van Halen, (In LA both Van Halen and

1979 BLACK SABBATH opened for Boston at the

Hard Rock Festival)

1980 BLACK'n'Blue Tour USA : Blue Oyster Cult (co-Headline), Molly

Hatchet and Riot

1981 MOB RULES Tour USA : Alvin Lee (Largo Maryland), Outlaws

(Longbeach, CA, '82)

1983 BORN AGAIN Tour USA : Lita Ford, Quiet Riot (Portland)

1986 SEVENTH STAR Tour USA : Anthrax (first part), W.A.S.P. (second


1989 HEADLESS CROSS tour USSR : Girlschool

1989 HEADLESS CROSS Tour Europe : Axxis

1989 HEADLESS CROSS Tour USA : Metal Church, Kingdom Come, Silent Rage

1990 TYR Tour Europe : Circus Of Power

1992 DEHUMANIZER Tour Europe : Testament (not on every gig)

1992 DEHUMANIZER Tour USA : Skew Siskin, Exodus, some gigs also

included Danzig (Chicago, IL) or Prong

(Boston; New York City), Slik Toxik

1992 Superrock In Mannheim : Helloween, Slayer, Testament, W.A.S.P.,

The Almighty

1992 Costa Mesa Shows : Sepultura

1994 CROSS PURPOSES Tour Europe : Cathedral, Godspeed

1994 CROSS PURPOSES Tour USA : Morbid Angel, Motoerhead

1994 South America, supporting

Kiss : Slayer

1994 Provinssi Rock (June 11th 1994): Scottish Sex Pistols, Andy McCoy

20. Important dates in history of BLACK SABBATH

Friday, 13th February 1970 - release date of their self-titled debut.

Original Black Sabbath reform for Live Aid JFK Stadium July 13, 1985

Mob Rule Black Sabbath reform for Dehumanizer and tour in 1992

Original Black Sabbath reform for Ozzy's last concert of his Farewell tour
in Costa Mesa, Los Angeles november 15, 1992.

Original Black Sabbath play two dates in home town Birmingham on December 4 & 5 1998.

21. BLACK SABBATH equipment info

Iommi's early setup consisted of: A Rangemaster (preamp tube distortion device),Wah wah(Vox),

Laney amp with four speaker cabinets. Reference unknown.

Tony Iommi's rack contained 1994:

Korg DT-1 (Tuner), Aris-Power-Conditioner, Pete-Cornish-Switching-System,

2 x Marshall 9001 (Roehren Preamps), DigiTech IPS-33B (Pitch Shifter),

Alesis-Quadra Verb, Boss RCE-10 (Chorus-Ensemble) BOSS RGE-110 (Equalizer),

3 x Korg SDD-1000 (Digital Delays), DigiTech MEQ Dual-14 (programable


On 'CROSS PURPOSES' he used:

Jay Dee, Gibson, Washburn, Fender, Guild, Godin, Steinberger, guitar strings

by La Bella. Guitar amps by: Laney, Marshall, Peavey. Effects by DigiTech.

Geezer Butler used:

Vigier, Status, Spector, bass strings by La Bella. Bass amps by Marshall,

Ampeg, EV Speakers. Effects by DigiTech.

Geoff Nicholls used:

Peavey and Korg keyboards.

Bobby Rondinelli used:

Yamaha Drums, Paiste Cymbols & Gongs, Remo Drum Heads, Capella sticks.

In 1996 he was using an Eggle guitar on the Forbidden album. Later Tony struck a deal with Gibson for signature pickups. And early in 1999 it was announced that Gibson would release a Tony Iommi signature SG.

22. BLACK SABBATH music transcriptions


(Hal Leonard Guitar RECORDED VERSIONS with Notes & Tabs)

HP Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

7777 West Bluemond Road, P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213

Contains the transcriptions for:

Am I Going Insane (Radio), BLACK SABBATH, Changes, Children Of The

Grave, Fairies Wear Boots, IRON MAN, Laguna Sunrise, N.I.B., PARANOID,

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH, Snowblind, Sweet Leaf, Tommorow's Dream,

War Pigs, Warning, The Wizard.

Released in 1989. Available in two different versions.


Contains the transcriptions for:

A National Acrobat, BLACK SABBATH, Fairies wear Boots, Hard Road,

Junior`s Eyes, Looking for Today, NEVER SAY DIE, PARANOID, Planet

Caravan, SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH, Sleeping Village, Snowblind, Supernaut,

Sweet Leaf, Under the Sun, War Pigs, Wheels of Confusion, The Wizard

The Great Rock Songs of the Sixties and Seventies Vol. 1: BLACK SABBATH

Contains the transcriptions for:

After Forever, A National Acrobat, Behind The Wall Of Sleep, BLACK

SABBATH, Changes, CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE, Electric Funeral, Every Day

Comes And Goes, Fairies Wear Boots, Fluff, Hand Of Doom, I don`t know

If I`m Up Or Down, Into the Void, IRON MAN, Laguna Sunrise, Looking For

Today, Lord of the World, N.I.B., PARANOID, Planet Caravan, Rat Salad,

Sabra Cadabra, Sleeping Village, Snowblind, Solitude, Supernaut, Sweat

Leaf, The Straightener, The Wizard, Tomorrow`s Dream, Under the Sun,

War Pigs

'Original BLACK SABBATH' by Steve Tarshis

An annotated guide to the guitar techniques of BLACK SABBATH

Contains the transcriptions for:


Supernaut, Under the Sun, Hard Road, A National Acrobat, Looking For

Today, NEVER SAY DIE, Sweat Leaf, The Wizard, War Pigs, PARANOID,

Fairies Wear Boots, Sleeping Village, Planet Caravan, Wheels Of


Also see

23. Official books about BLACK SABBATH or related



Wheels Of Confusion

BLACK SABBATH an Oral History

Ozzy Osbourne

Diary Of A Madman

Child In Time

Future Dio biography

BLACK SABBATH by Chris Welch:
written by Chris Welch and released as a paperback book and also together with
the Box "The SABBATH Collection". Now sold out. It had 96 pages and was published
by Proteus Books 1982 originally then again by Bobcat Books 1988. Out of print.

BLACK SABBATH #1, February 1994. Published by Rock-It Comix, Malibu Comics
Entertainment, Inc. 5321 Sterling Center Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91361.
$ 3.95 US and $ 5.25 in Canada.

Content the story of BLACK SABBATH between 1970-1979, Tony Iommi and Geezer
Butler Interview, Discography and Rock-Itorial.
Contact Address: Rock-It Comix, 5321 Sterling Center Drive, Westlake Village,
CA 91361-4613.

Wheels Of Confusion by Steven Rosen:
written by Steven Rosen and released as a paperback book. It has 186 pages.
Should be available but was published by Castle Communications and eventually will become scarce.
That company was up for sale in the spring of 1998 and was purchased by a company that plans
to do compilations.

BLACK SABBATH an Oral History by Dave Marsh
written by Michael Stark - publisher Avon Books - total pages 115 also released as a
paperback book. Still available and awaiting a second printing as of the summer of 1998.
The quotes are taken from actual interviews of band members.

Ozzy Osbourne
written by Garry Johnson and out of print.

Diary Of A Madman
written by Mick Wall and out of print.

Child In Time by Ian Gillan:
Autobiography of Ian Gillan. Has small amount of info about his Black Sabbath stint.

A NAME=faq2308>

Future Dio biography by Dio:
Work in progress. About half way done as of December 1998.

The Great Rock Songs of the 60's and 70's vol.1:
The Great Rock Songs of the 60's and 70's vol.1: Black Sabbath. Out of print.

Black Sabbath Shattering Sounds From 4 Albums:
Paranoid Master Of Reality Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Vol 4.
After Forever is credited to all four members though it seems that it was Iommi's song.
Published by T.R.O.

Black Sabbath We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll
Essentially the same transcriptions as Shattering sounds but is only the songs from the compilation album.
Two songs that it has that were not included in Shattering Sounds are Warning and Am I Going Insane?
Warning was the song by Ansley's Dunbar Retaliation.
Am I Going Insane?, though they admitted it was Ozzy's song is indeed credited to all four members.
Published by T.R.O.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Includes the intro to Spiral Architect - Prelude to A Project along with the other interpolations
I Don't Know If I'm Up Or Down and You Think that I'm Crazy from Killing Yourself To Live.
Published by T.R.O.

Black Sabbath Anthology
Includes more detail than the Shattering Sounds transcriptions but while they included parts like Jack The Stripper they still left out
the cool intro solo that comes between Jack and Fairies.
Published by Amsco.

24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List

To subscribe -

Please visit

the list signup page or send email to


to get on the list.

For submissions,

CONTRIBUTE A POST 1) To contribute to the next issue, please send email to: (**NOT**

NEWSLETTER BACK ISSUES 2) Back issues of the newsletter are available here: k/bsfcd.html

UNSUBSCRIBE 3) To unsubscribe, send a message to list-request@black-S with

the text "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

25. Why differences between european and US releases

Evil Woman is on "foreign" (non-US) releases of BLACK SABBATH but not
"domestic" (US) releases, where it is replaced by Wicked World.
The band did not write Evil Woman, an American band named Crow did.
Speculative reasons from the news group for not releasing Evil Woman in the states include
Jim Simpson's decision or the band's decision, business, and copyright considerations.
The names like 'Luke's Wall', 'Jack the Stripper', 'The Straightener', and
'Every Day Just Comes and Goes' on US releases are the band's name for
instrumental portions of songs. Much like a Beethoven Symphony will have
movements, BLACK SABBATH songs have movements, each with a different name.
Bassically is Geezer's solo before N.I.B., 'Wasp' is the guitar intro to
'Behind the Wall of Sleep', etc.
See faq 33 for more info on interpolated songs.

26. BLACK SABBATH on 'ftp' sites

Here are two sites that are current(1999):
1. The Eternal Idol's Black Sabbath Tablature 1. The Eternal Idol's Black Sabbath Tablature

2. Mike Alexander Sabbath tabs 2. Mike Alexander Sabbath tabs

You can get the following tabs with 'ftp':



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planet_caravan.lyr.Z 533 1327 930 603

warpigs.crd.Z 3122 3293 755

other BLACK SABBATH related stuff:



black.sabbath 4611

born.again 9231

cross.purposes 10512

duhumanizer. 13168

eternal.idol 9120

greatest.hits 5908

hand_of_doom 1439

headless.cross 9056

heaven.and.hell 8179

letters_from_earth 1116

master.of.reality 4917

mob.rules 8143

never.say.die 8799

paranoid. 4163

sabbath.bloody.sabbath 6820

sabbath.vol4 5475

sabotage. 7922 6342

technical.ecstasy 10482

tv_crimes 1492

tyr. 7655

walk_away 941

war_pigs 860


bs01.jpg 35539

dehuman.jpg 58888

Tablature Book

"Black Sabbath Anthology"
c 1986. Amsco Publications.
Order number: AM 62019
US international standard book munber: 0.8256.1084.2
UK international standard book number: 0.7119.0846.x
Covers 28 songs from 1970 to 1981, including "Dirty Women," "Under the Sun," "A National Acrobat," and "Looking For Today."

Note: According to a member of the list, a lot of the tablature is not correct.


Music Sales Corporation (USA)
257 Park Avenue South
NY,NY 10010

Music Sales Limited (UK)
8/9 Fifth street
London W1V 5TZ

Music Sales Pty.Limited (AUS)
120 Rothschild street
Rosebury,Sydney NSW 2018

27. Tony Iommi Profile

Date Of Birth - 19th February 1948
Place Of Birth - Aston, Birmingham, England
Starsign - Aquarius
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 13.5 stone
Colour Of Hair - BLACK
Colour Of Eyes - Green
Place Of Residence - Warwickshire, England
Cars Owned - Mercedes
Pets - Two Rottweiler Dogs
Hobbies - Cars, Watching Films, Walking
Likes - Having Peace Of Mind
Dislikes - Smoking And Arguing
Favourite Food - Japanese, Indian And Curry
Favorite Drinks - Guinnes, Lager, Vodka and Orange
Favorite Countries - USA & Hawaii for visiting & UK for residing
Favorite Cities - Los Angeles
Favorite TV Programmers - Get Smart & Rockford Files
Favorite Films - The Exorcist and most good horror films
Favorite Actor - Roger Moore and Clint Eastwood
Favorite Actress - No one in particular
Favorite Cars - Ferrari and Lamborghini
Favorite Form Of Travelling - Driving myself otherwise flying
Favorite Sports - Boxing and Wrestling
Favorite Books - Lob San Rampa and Nostradamus
Favorite Animal - Elephant
Favorite DJ's - Alan Freeman and Tommy Vance
Happiest Moments - When I'm getting the communication and feedback from fans at concerts, it's difficult to describe exactly.
Worst Moments - The problems with my ex-management and the divorce from my last wife.
Pet Hates - Getting up too early and having to travel.
If you weren't a Guitarist
what would you have been - Boxer or Wrestler
Early Influences - The Shadows & later on Django Reinhardt
Favorite Bands - Most good 70's bands like Zeppelin, Purple and The Moody Blues etc.
Favorite 80's Bands - No particular Favorites although there are some good ones around

Favorite Guitarists - Brian May, Eddie Van Halen & Joe Pass
Favorite Drummers - Cozy Powell & John Bonham
Favorite Male Singes - Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin
Favorite Female Singers - Anne Wilson of Heart & Barbara Streisand
Favorite Rock Singers - Tony Martin, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan & David Coverdale
Favorite Instrument other
than Guitar - Piano
3 All Time Favorite
Favorite Acoustic
SABBATH Song - Laguna Sunrise
Favorite News SABBATH Songs - Devil & Daughter and HEADLESS CROSS
3 All Time Favorite
Favorite Own Guitar Solos - Heart Like A Wheel and at the time Lonely Is The Word
Favorite Riffs - Too many to name
Favorite SABBATH Album
Favorite Country to
Perform In - Most Countries

Most Memorable Years for
SABBATH so far - 1973 and 1980
Why - '73 because of the general vibes at the time
and it saw us at a good peak
'80 because it was a new beginning. However,
this excludes the present situation which
is very exciting.
Remaining Goals To Archive - For the band to be back where it should be which is in the top bracket.
Tony Iommi in "BLACK SABBATH Appreciation Society Newsletter Volume 2, 1989".

28. Mysterious track on SABOTAGE

The song appears at the end of "The Writ" on the album 'SABOTAGE'. The Song
is about 20 seconds long and a little Sgt.Pepper like. The text is:
Last one

Blow on the Jug

Everybody come on blow on a jug

Be like me and blow on a jug

I want you to blow on a jug

Everybody dig it blow on the jug tonight

If you are blowin' on the jug you are the jug love man

oh yeah heh heh oh yeah heh heh

Sadly enough the song doesn't appear on every 'SABOTAGE' version. You can hear
him only on the US and UK vinyl version! Mark Jones (the secretary of Bill Ward)
wrote the following: "Blowing On A Jug" was a little bit that was added to the
end of one of the albums ['SABOTAGE']. It was Bill singing and playing the piano
and was just something that the engineer caught during a session and it was
put into the album. I'm not sure if it was the first time Bill had been caught
singing on an album. He has sung "Swinging The Chain" and "It's Alright".
Ozzy also sings on Blow On a Jug. The song is originally done by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
This from BSAS vol 4 p. 18: [The story behind it relates to the Hollywood festival
SABBATH played at in 1970 where an amusing incident occurred while Mungo Jerry were
playing. Apparently all of the other name acts like Free, Family and Traffic were,
along with SABBATH, desperately trying to blow each other away by borrowing amps to
outstrip one another. But who went down the best that day? Fucking Mungo Jerry!
Ozzy said "He was playing fucking jugs and he stole the day! So it just shows you
it doesn't matter what anybody thinks...after Mungo Jerry we didn't have a hope.
Blowing on fucking jugs!"]

29. Who is doing the singing/playing?









Eternal Idol album Bass and drums


On Planet Caravan, Ozzy is the vocalist. This reference from BSAS vol 3.
The effect used on the vocal is best known as the "Leslie" rotating speaker effect.


On Solitude, Ozzy is the vocalist. Reference BSAS vol. 2 p. 21.

Listen to the song "Journey To The Center Of Eternity" from

Bark At The Moon to hear Ozzy sing in this style.


The vocals on "SWINGING THE CHAIN" ('NEVER SAY DIE', 1978) are definitely
done by Bill Ward. That is mentioned by Mark Jones (the secretary of Bill
Ward) in a french BLACK SABBATH Fanzine "Thanks God It's SABBATH Volume 6"
and by Tony Iommi in "Guitar World", Volume 13 No.8, August 1992 (look at
'Prime Cuts With Tony Iommi'). This was the second time Bill was featured
on a full track as the vocalist. Reference BSAS Vol. 2 p.21

, BSAS vol. 4 p.18

Here is an additional post about this song.
This is what I got from Bill Ward manager after questioning him who was singing at the end
of the song Swinging The Chains. It's now clear that Ozzy did sing during the faded part (not alone, but still).
Thanks for getting in touch. Bill sang most of the vocals for Swinging The Chain, and at the end of it, it was Ozzy and Bill doing harmony.


For many years Geezer Butler has been credited with singing backup on Hard Road.
This source of information was from the BSAS 1990.

In a relatively recent interview (1998) Tony Iommi confessed to also singing backup
with Geezer on this track. This interview might be found at Joe Seigler's Black Sabbath page.


It's Alright was Bill Ward's first full track on a SABBATH album as vocalist not counting the
inner groove outtake "Blow On A Jug". One source for this information is BSAS vol 2.



Ozzy sings this one and a drum machine was used instead of Bill Ward.
This choice may have been due to Bill's heart attack, but it is also suggested that
they wanted better time keeping for the song. It has also been suggested that Vinny Appice
plays on this track, but there is no confirmation.


Note about the bagpipes:
When later(1990) interviewed by Pete Sarfas about the bagpipes, Tony Iommi admitted that there are no bagpipes on Spiral Architect because he couldn't actually get anything musical out of them despite several attempts. Pete also mentions: No Geezer did not really play his nose either!

-It seems that Rick Wakeman played piano on "Sabra Cadabra," and Tony Iommi on "Fluff"
-It seems that Tony played a harpsichord on "Fluff"
-Tony plays flute on "Looking For Today"
Interesting note:
A member of the list says he saw Ozzy played the keyboards live on "Sabbra Cadabra" during 1974.

Eternal Idol Eternal Idol

[Who plays what on "the Eternal Idol"?]
I talked to Bob (Bob Daisley) about "The Eternal Idol" album. He said that Eric Singer
played all the drums on that album and that he played all of the bass parts on the entire album.
The other bass player(Dave Spitz) was just "in the band" so they put his credit on the album as well but he didn't play a note.
I forgot to ask about Bev Bevan, but I've always been under the impression that Bev was there only
for the final cleanup stuff anyway, and that he didn't have any "real" drum bits there, anyway.

(post from Joe Seigler)


When Tony Iommi used to work in a factory of some kind, his job was to pass
hunks of metal to someone who used a machine to punch holes in the metal
or cut it up or something like that... One day when the other guy didn't
turn up, Tony tried to use the machine and cut the ends off his fingers -
he took the bits to hospital where they said they couldn't do anything for
him. The possibility that he would not ever play guitar again was very real.
Tony may have tried switching to playing right handed, but it wasn't working out.
Then a friend of his gave him a Django Rheinhardt album. This was a gypsy guitarist
who only had two fingers. This inspired Tony to go home and repair his fingers with molten
plastic from an old washing-up liquid bottle, in true Blue Peter spirit.
He had to do so because playing without the ends of his fingers was too

31. Side projects and guest appearances of BLACK SABBATH members


Tony Iommi does some guitar work on this besides producing it.


Tony Iommi plays a guitar solo on track three.
Mathew Hopkins is also a very good track on this cd.


Tony Iommi plays a guitar on two tracks.


Tony Iommi plays a guitar solo on the first track.


Tony Iommi plays the third track WONDERFUL LAND.

FORCEFIELD - FORCEFIELD (1987, Vemsa, VLP-267 [E-30.1479], President)

Drums: Cozy Powell, Guitar: Ray Fenwick, Lead Vocals: Pete Prescott,
Bass: Mo Foster, Keyboards: Nick Magnus and Ray Fenwick, Backing Vocals: Barry St. John
Guest appearance: Neil Murray (bass) and Chris Cozens (keyboards)

FORCEFIELD II - The TALISMAN (1988, Vemsa, VLP-330 [E-30.1756], President)

Drums: Cozy Powell, Guitar: Ray Fenwick and Jan Akkerman, Keyboards:
Chris Cozens, Bass: Lawrence Cottle, Vocals: Tony Martin and Barry St. John

GUITAR SPEAK II ('No Speak' Label, Cat No EIRSA 1025)

An instrumental sampler only with guitarists. Tony Iommi appears with
one track called 'MIRANHA' which means 'Goddess Of Death'.


Ozzy Osbourne recorded together with Miss Piggy the classic Steppenwolf
track 'BORN TO BE WILD' for that sampler.


Lita Fords comeback album from 1988 includes a duet with Ozzy Osbourne
and the beautiful ballad 'CLOSE MY EYES FOREVER'. This song was also
released as single which reach the US Top 10 Single Charts.


Lemmy and Ozzy Osbourne are singing together the track 'AIN'T NO NICE GUY'.

BILL WARD worked with a project called Blue Thunder but there is no official release.
He also appears in a video by the rock group Trouble.


Bill Wards first solo album includes guest appearance by Ozzy Osbourne
on two tracks. It also includes Jack Bruce ex-Cream on two tracks.


Bill Wards second solo album.


Geezer Butler's first released solo album. Has Burton C. Bell,
Pedro House on guitar and Castrono on drums.


Geezer Butler's second released solo album. Has Clark Brown on vocals,
Pedro House on guitar and Castrono on drums.


The video for that song shows Bill Ward together with Biohazard.


Tony Iommi had a small guest appearance on that concert. He played the
main riff for one song.

32. SABBATH influences

>Has anyone from BS ever explained where they got their groundbreaking sound
>from? Nothing was as heavy before they came out. Were there other bands, or
>was the harsh reality of Birmingham and bad drugs?
>Stay high,
Geezer Butler: The Beatles, Mothers of Invention (any more than these?)
Tony Iommi: See
Ozzy Osbourne: the Beatles were and still are his favourite band (his favourite
album of all time is Sgt. Pepper). He also liked Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin.
Bill Ward: Elvis, jazz, big band swing

Geezer Butler: The stuff we had when we first started was all 12-bar blues.
We used to do a lot of Willie Dixon songs, Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Muddy Waters.
We learned them from listening to the records. They were easy to play.
When we first came together we formed in one day and had a gig a week later!
We never had played together so we learned 18 12-bar blues numbers in a week.
Geezer: Ten Years After were one of our heroes. Alvin Lee was billed
as "the fastest guitar in Britain." One of our big breaks was when we
did a gig with him. We supported Ten Years After and they really liked
what we were doing. Alvin Lee got us a gig at the Marquee in London.
That sort of started the ball rolling for us.
[source ISSUE 118 Interview by John Stix From Guitar for the Practicing Musician, May 1994.(excellent interview!)]

They of course deserve the credit for coming up with heavy metal, but when
asked about who they were inspired by they will point to Cream, The Beatles,
The Shadows(Hank Marvin), Django Rheinhardt, Joe Pass, Alvin Lee,
Count Basie's Orchestra, and Buddy Holly.
Of all of these influences only Cream and maybe Alvin Lee could said to be heavy.
They also covered Jimmy Rushing , Crow, Ansley Dunbar's Retatliation and
ex-Locomotive Norman Haines (who wrote "The Rebel").
[pages 17, 50, 55 ect. Welch]

33. Extra/Missing Song Titles

One question many new comers ask is about extra songs that seem to be missing from their Import albums versus the U.S. versions.
According to most Sabbath music books these extra titles are interpolated SABBATH songs. Interpolate means inserted or introduced
between other parts. In these cases the extra song titles are the names of the inserted song parts.


- "Wasp" is the introduction of "Behind the Wall of Sleep" and repeated. "Wasp" "Behind the Wall of Sleep"

- "Bassically" is the bass introduction to "N.I.B.". "Bassically" "N.I.B."

- "A Bit Of Finger" is the instrumental between "Sleeping Village" and "Warning". "A Bit Of Finger" "Sleeping Village" "Warning"

This instrumental consists of two parts. The introduction is from 0:54 to 1:36 on the remaster.
The second part is a progression of D A C power chords and features 28 measures of guitar solo.


- "Luke's Wall" is the ending of "War Pigs" "Luke's Wall" "War Pigs"

- "Jack the Stripper" is the introduction of "Fairies Wear Boots" and repeated. "Jack the Stripper" "Fairies Wear Boots"


- "The Elegy" is the introduction and repeated in "After Forever". "The Elegy" "After Forever"
- "The Haunting" is the music concrete ending of "CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE". "The Haunting" "CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE"
- "Step Up" is the introduction to "Lord of This World". "Step Up" "Lord of This World"
- "Deathmask" is the introduction to "Into The Void". "Deathmask" "Into The Void"
- "The Straightener" is the ending of "Wheels of Confusion" "The Straightener" "Wheels of Confusion"
- "Every Day Comes and Goes" is the middle of "Under the Sun" "Every Day Comes and Goes" "Under the Sun"

- "You Think That I'm Crazy" is the 1st interpolation in "Killing Yourself To Live" "You Think That I'm Crazy" "Killing Yourself To Live"
- "I Don't Know If I'm Up Or Down" is the 2nd interpolation in "Killing Yourself To Live" "I Don't Know If I'm Up Or Down" "Killing Yourself To Live"
- "Prelude to a Project" is the acoustic introduction to "Spiral Architect". "Prelude to a Project" "Spiral Architect"

34. Guest Musicians on SABBATH albums 34. Guest Musicians on SABBATH albums

Roger Bain -Their one time producer played Jews Harp in the opening to SLEEPING VILLAGE SLEEPING VILLAGE
from the band's first self titled album. Reference BSAS Vol. 1 page 6.

unknown single note horn -At the start of Evil Woman.


Gerald Woodruffe - played on TECHNICAL ECSTASY

Don Airey - played on NEVER SAY DIE

unknown sax player on NEVER SAY DIE

Geoff Nicholls - not really a guest, but on every album starting from HEAVEN AND HELL

Gordon Copley - played bass on No Stranger To Love from the SEVENTH STAR album.

Brian May - played guitar towards the end of the track When Death Calls from When Death Calls

Eddie Van Halen - co-writer on the track "Evil Eye" on "CROSS PURPOSES".

Ice T - Cameo rap on the song Illusion Of Power from the FORBIDDEN album.

35. BLACK SABBATH and the occult 35. BLACK SABBATH and the occult

Tony Iommi:People are bringing us down saying we are a Black Magic group.
I think they must be getting us mixed up with Black Widow. We don't do any
sacrifices on stage, and we're not on a black magic kick. Reference BSAS

Tony Iommi:Admittedly, we were involved with the head witch in England,
in the early days of the band. He used to come to shows and try to get us
to attend his meetings. We checked into some of it out of natural curiosity,
but none of us were ever seriously involved with witchcraft or the occult.
Reference Guitar World August 1992 p.79

Geezer Butler:We only do two numbers about black magic in fact, and they
are both warnings against it.

Perhaps the best way of getting BLACK SABBATH's involvement with
black magic and witchcraft into perspective is to consider the answer
Ozzy gave when the question was put to him during an interview he
gave in the mid 80's.
"Were BLACK SABBATH really into all that stuff?" the interviewer asks.
"Are the Rolling Stones into avalanches?" Ozzy quips. Reference BSAS vol. 3 p.11

36. What is the meaning of E5150? 36. What is the meaning of E5150?

This excerpt from BSAS vol 4 p.19:

Another question raised in Vol 3 concerned the meaning of E5150 and I
was unable to provide the exact answer despite asking Tony.
Since then several people have written to me about it, offering possible
explanations, most common of which was that it stood for an American police
code for the criminally insane.

However as far as I know, that is 5150, without the E.
But what does it indicate with the E as a prefix? Well, I think Geezer had
something a little more sinister in mind when he came up with the title. Cop
this. It could well be that it is to do with Roman numerals. I'll explain. The
letter E just stands for itself, next is 5, which in Roman numerals is V, then
we have I which is itself, leaving 50 which is L. So, what do you get, yeah that's right
EVIL. Clever stuff Geezer

37. Is this record real -The Magic Lanterns /w Ozzy? 37. Is this record real -The Magic Lanterns /w Ozzy?

It's real but Ozzy Osbourne isn't on it and was never in the Magic Lanterns.
The guy's name was MIKE OSBORNE. Also, he is from Warrington, not Birmingham,
plus he plays the bass. Chris Welch mentions the Magic Lanterns in his book BLACK SABBATH,
but Welch was mistaken about Ozzy being in that band.
Interestingly this wasn't the only band with an Osbourne.
There was another band with an Oz Osbourne bass player, Coven with albums called
'Witchcraft', 'Blood On The Snow', and 'Coven'. It was suggested by Pete Sarfas that
this band was into witchcraft.

38.BLACK SABBATH not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Is this true? 38.BLACK SABBATH not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Is this true?

Yes, as of 03-16-1999 they are not in there, although they were nominated but choose
instead was the incredible talent of the Bee Gees.
Here is the Hollywood Rock Walk link that SABBATH were inducted to.

39.Who is John Birch? 39.Who is John Birch?

Tony Iommi: ...So I put the money up and bought my own guitar company. I hired a fellow
named John Birch to design whatever I needed. John, incidentally, made my first 24-fret
guitar. I had approached Gibson, and they said, "We can't make a 24-fret instrument,
we're not interested." As soon as they said "can't," I said, "That's it, I'm going to do
it." So I got John, who was a bit eccentric, and he said, "I'll have a go at that."
So he made this guitar, which I've still got at home. Next I said, "This is great!
Now we've got to design our own pickup." So we went through a period of trying
different pickups. John would wind each one differently. And when we found a
pickup we really liked, we'd make a few that were very similar. They were never
exactly the same, but similar.
GW: Tony, tell James what happened to Mr. Birch.
Iommi: Oh, he's in jail now. He poisoned his wife to death. He was very eccentric.
reference Guitar World August 1992 p. 70
Also see

40.What does N.I.B. stand for? 40.What does N.I.B. stand for?

Ronnie James Dio popularized this in 1980 by saying at concerts,
"Many of you might think this stands for Nativity In Black, but what it
really stands for is N-I-B."

From on the ng:
Erm.. I have no evidence at all for this opinion, but I thought NIB
stood for Name In Blood, nib being the quill pen you were signing with.

Geezer finally cleared this up in THE
BLACK SABBATH STORY VOL I, saying that Bill Ward had a beard that looked like
a pen nib. So they started calling him Nibby and somehow the name got attached
to the song. The name had nothing to do with the song - Geezer

41. Live Evil video? 41. Live Evil video?

In the live album "Live Evil" Dio mentions that the concert is not only being recorded but they are filming it as well. Does anyone know if that video does exist or is it forever lost in some vault somewhere? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 17:39:35 +0200 (EET)
Subject: Live Evil video, Vinny
From: Tapio Keihanen

> Subject: Live Evil TV Broadcast
> Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 19:47:46 PST
> Fellow SABHEADS, Does anyone know if the LIVE EVIL CONCERT was shown on
> MTV? I'm trying to find someone who has that MOB RULES TOUR on video. I
> remember Dio saying, "Not only are we filming this but this will also be a
> live album from BLACK SABBATH". What ever happened to that filming? (SAB-HEAD PETE)

I don't think those tapes ever saw the light. I'm fairly sure they were
going to release a live video along with the live album, but as Ronnie and
Vinny left the band, those plans were scrapped.

-- There was no one Live Evil concert as the album is a compilation of three different concerts.
Another question that is being asked is when will the Birmingham video be released?
The standard answer is there are no plans to do so. With the 1999 concert tour started
it would not be a smart business move to release it until after the tour was over.
Additionally most of the reunion tour was being recorded on video, possibly for inclusion with the Birmingham video.
So don't expect to see it until after the tour, if at all.

42. any audio/video exist w/sabbath and Dave Donato? 42. any audio/video exist w/sabbath and Dave Donato?

Dave Donato was in Sabbath just long enough to get a promotional picture taken which can be seen
in one of the volumes of the BSAS. The lineup would have been all original Sabbath except for the singer position.
Dave gave an interview to Kerrang which cut his chance to be the singer
The answer to this question is no, but there is another recording available(Not with Sabbath) with Dave Donato, see below.

From: "Maciej"
Subject: Re: tapes w/dd
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 09:45:13 +0200

They(Dave Donato and other musicians) did a demo produced by Spencer Proffer. haven't seen it up for trade

43. When was "Live at Last" recorded? 43. When was "Live at Last" recorded?

-On the back of the CD, it says "All tracks published by Westminster Music, Ltd. 1970 & composed by Iommi, Ward, Butler, Osbourne except track 3 by Black Sabbath." The date, 1970, has to be wrong because on the recording, right before "Snowblind", Ozzy says that they are going to play a song off their "Volume 4" album (released in 1972.) I also assume that the reason track 3 ("Killing Yourself to Live") was listed as produced by Sabbath is either because the lyrics differ from the recorded version or the recording is from right after "Volume 4" was released, which means that "Killing Yourself to Live" wasn't even published yet. -"Live at Last" , if I get it right from the repackaged edition, was recorded in 1973 and I quote "Recorded live in Manchester and at The Rainbow, London". The live version of "Killing yourself to live" from "live at last" was recorded before the song was released on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". The album was originally released on NEMS, it was later released by Castle.
The album cover is normally a satelite over the surface of the moon.

The recordings are

Sun 03-11-1973 Manchester (Hard Rock) tracks 1-5
Fri 03-16-1973 London (The Rainbow) tracks 6-9
Source: Necromancer - Orexis of Death with Black Sabbath tour poster inner sleeve.

44. The Artwork 44. The Artwork

"I never thought of the artwork being named before, does anyone know if the
other covers have names etc Also on the subject of cover artwork, do any of
the covers share the same artists?"
The first three albums all had some artwork by Marcus Keef.
BLACK SABBATH - The Witch cover picture.
PARANOID - The War Pig cover picture.
MASTER OF REALITY - The "bonus" Poster which was dropped from later pressings.
Keef employed false colour landscape photography.
Keef's other legendary LP covers include those by Affinity, Zior, Beggar's Opera, Robin Lent and Assagai.

MASTER OF REALITY and VOL 4 covers were both done by The Bloomsbury Group.

Album cover of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

The Painting

The album cover for "SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH" is entitled "The Rape of Christ" -
It was painted by Drew Struzen who later painted the movie ad painting for the original Star Wars.

Many points and opinions from the news letter about the album cover (including Ozzy's comments):

"The front of the cover represents a man dying on his deathbed," explained Ozzy. "there are all these distorted figures bending over him and gloating as he lies there. These figures are actually him at different stages of his life. He's a man of greed, a man who's wanted everything all his life and done all this evil stuff. But flip the album over, and the back represents the good side of life. The person dying on the bed has been really good to people. He's got all these beautiful people crying over him as he's dying. At the bottom of the bed, he has two tame lions guarding him. All in all, this represents the good and bad of everything." - Ozzy on Circus Raves, January 1974

The following points are extracted from the news letter:
-This cover was done by Drew Struzan for Pacific Eye and Ear. Drew Struzen was a movie release poster artist. -According to a list member, the reverse side of the cover represents the awakening after the nightmare. -According to another, it's the two sides of the story.the front is the man's point of view, he's being tormented by demons. Meanwhile, the back is the point of view of his loved ones, who are the ones unconsciously tormenting him (it could be pro-euthanasia, but that's very unlikely due to the year) -On the back of the first poster it said that the man was awakening. -Maybe the man on the back has just recovered from a serious illness. -Maybe the man on the back is already dead or is going to die, which is why a woman turns her face away. -Things are connected between the front and back: *On the front the sexes are opposite from the back. On the front there are only 2 female demons and the rest male. On the back there are only 2 male and the rest are female. *On the back are two lions which become two rats on the front *Unsure how the snake ties into the back. * the clawed talons on the front could be interpreted 2 ways. One so strong they are making scoops in metal balls. Two, they are ripping into flesh. -Both front and back are escaping into and out of the frame for an attempt at a three dimensional look.

Interesting version of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:
I saw an original press in a collector's shop with a gatefold sleeve!It had a photo of the band standing in an old study or library,yet they were somewhat transparent,like apparitions or ghosts haunting the place!
note: The Castle remasters contain the original artwork mentioned here.

-I don't own the original album, but SBS CD by Castle (1986) has a three-piece folding cover with the demonic image in front, peaceful image in back and the picture described in the fold.
- I picked up an import copy of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath about 15 years ago and it has the mentioned. The album is on the NEMS label, based out of London -You can get that on the Japanese remaster of SBS. The cover is however more reddish in appearance than the Warner Brothers which is more yellowish -There's a copy that opens and shows them standing in a room looking very transparent. The inside gatefold is a picture of the band superimposed on a picture of a large bedroom. the room is dominated by a large four-poster bed, with a bookcase to the left. -for those who haven't already lost interest, it is an English pressing (although i bought it in south africa, in 1974.) on the WWA label catalogue number WWA 005. They are in what appears to be an "18th" century bedroom. All the band member faces are covered by their arms crossed below their noses, except Ozzy. They are "transparent" or ghostly in appearance. The curtains at the head of the bed are open, with bright "sun" light coming through. On the left wall is a picture, maybe a 16th century, apparently a family or religious (more than likely religious). A lyric sheet was included with the record in the original release. On an album's inner sleeve, the credits are as follows: Tony plays flute and organ on Looking For Today, piano on Sabbra Cadabra and bagpipes on Spiral Architect. Geezer is credited with mellotron on Who Are You. Beside the orchestra on Spiral Architect, the only credited guest is Rick Wakeman, who plays piano and synthesizer on Sabbra Cadabra.

SABOTAGE artwork was conceived by Graham Wright and directed by Cream.

TECHNICAL ECTASCY by Hypnosis, a painting of two robots screwing.

NEVER SAY DIE was also done by Hypnosis the company who was did the famous Pink Floyd album covers (excluding The Wall). The characters on the cover of Never Say Die

Can anyone tell me who the two characters on the cover of Never Say Die are?

Opinions: - Fighter pilots -Two US airforce airmen standing around their craft,looking rather alien and sinister,in their full gear, going off to,or coming back from,war....with ghostly images of the fallen faintly visible in the sky -Ghosts, pilots who were shot dead at the war and whose spirits remain inside the machine - The pilots are either dead or not even in the suits, but the suits are still carrying on without them - Additionally the suits are of the chemical/bio hazard protection type which is also the the indicated weapon of the plane. What about the hidden images in the background? Are these images related to the album? I saw a child, and I think a grim reaper and some people. The grim reaper is on the front above the airman in yellow and is looking toward the title. There is something behind the reaper with more detail. There appear to be three to four more of these type images on the back cover. Two other interesting tidbits of information: - Sabbath were given a choice of the existing Never Say Die cover of the pilots and another choice of surgeons looking at the camera (as if the camera were a patient) The members took the plane cover, and the other cover wound up being used years later by Rainbow, on the Difficult to Cure album -The album cover art for Never Say Die! was done by Hipgnosis, the same group that did the cover art for the Led Zeppelin album "Presence," several Pink Floyd albums, and several UFO albums (among others).

Cover illustration by Lynn Curlee. Liner Illustration by Harry Carmean.

Illustration: Greg Hildebrandt.
Art direction: Richard Seireeni.
Apparently it contains Satan's head in the middle and a text that says "Kill Ozzy" (supposedly, the word "Kill" can be found below the bloody sheet and "Ozzy" a little bit on the right from the sheet, below the two guys. By the way, the devil's face painted on the bloody sheets resembles Murray, the creature from Dio album covers. According to Ronnie, it is not intentional, Murray is Ronnie's and Wendy's creation.
Joe Siegler may still have a web page up about this subject.

Album cover of LIVE EVIL
Album cover concept by Paul Clark.
Art direction and design Jay Vigon.
Illustration by Stan Watts.
Photography by Mark Weiss, Pat Harbron.
It portraits the characters mentioned in their greatest songs.
Also see faq #62 "subliminal" image
Cover design and artwork: Steve Joule.
Artwork assistant: Steve Barrett.
About the cover, Ian Gillan saw it and puked.

The Seventh Star
Art Direction/design Steve J. Gerdes. Photography by Kevin Stapleton. The original wood engraving was by Albrecht Durer.

Art direction and design Shoot The Tiger Photography by Cindy Palmano. Based on the sculpture by Rodin of the same name.

Cover design and drawings by Kevin Wimlett

Artwork/design: Satori. Photography: Andie Airfix

Cover illustration: Wil Rees.
Photography: Mark "Weissguy" Weiss.

Design: Matt Curtis.
Photography: Peter Mountain.

Illustration by: Paul Sample.

Cover design and Photo Illustration: Glenn Wexler.

45. Black Sabbath and the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal"? 45. Black Sabbath and the cartoon movie "Heavy Metal"?

Can anyone tell me anything about the cartoon "Heavy Metal"?
How Long are the Mob Rules and E5150. Are they full versions?

E5150 is just about the full version, Mob Rules is played maybe about 30 seconds.
However, on the soundtrack there is different version of Mob Rules song than what can be heard on Mob Rules album.
The song E5150 plays about one minute. "The Mob Rules" just about 45 seconds. But E5150 is not part of the soundtrack.

46. Tony's "Tony Iommi Signature" Gibson humbucking pickups 46. Tony's "Tony Iommi Signature" Gibson humbucking pickups

In 1996 Iommi : Now I've got an Eggle guitar. It's a different sort of design. I've been in the factory working to get the shape and feel right. It will be called the Iommi Legend. I wanted them to do an SG originally. We came up with more of a contoured and bigger body so it's similar to a Paul Reed Smith, I suppose. I've got my own JD pickups, which are going to be put on the production model as well.

The pickups specially wound for Tony by John Birch were finally duplicated successfully by Gibson
after being approached by Tony at the 1996 International Music Fair (Musik Messe) in Frankfurt.
They are Gibson pick-ups with the "Patent Applied For" decal and were originally available at
Authorized Gibson Dealers for $145.95 USD (I don't know how much they cost now).
The price of the pickups in 1999 range from $189.99 U.S. List to $94.99 U.S. special Sale price, with $145.95 being the average price as stated.
The pickups are fully wax-potted against feedback, have a four-conductor lead for all wiring variations,
have a closed chrome cover, were backed by
Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 60 day "Guaranteed Gibson Quality" exchange program.
FEB 1999 Gibson to come out with Tony Iommi model SG
See for more info.

47. Who wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath"? 47. Who wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath"?

In the magazine Seconds, Geezer said " Ozzy came up with those lyrics about some of the experiences that I'd had.
I'd sort of dabbled in Black Magic, not practicing it, but I was interested in it. All these horrible things kept happening to me
-- a lot of my aunts and uncles started dying and I was seeing all these bloody things visiting me during the night.
I told Ozzy about all that and he wrote those lyrics as a warning about Satanism." (Seconds, #39, pg 63-64)

It was also mentioned that Bill Ward helped Ozzy write Black Sabbath. (no source)
Ozzy's first song he wrote was Who Are You?. He also wrote Am I Going Insane?. Ozzy was responsible for the majority of the melody lines of the songs. Tony Iommi wrote the song After Forever as credited on the MASTER OF REALITY album, though most Sabbath transcriptions credit all four of the original members.

48. Iommi's guitar column 48. Iommi's guitar column

Tony Iommi has a regular column in Guitar World, starting with the latest issue, August 1997 (with Foo Fighters on the cover). In the first installment, he explained about his fingers, and then the proper way to play the intro riff to "Paranoid," emphasizing that it is played at the 12th fret, not the 7th.

49. What does the full version of "Technical Ecstasy" include? 49. What does the full version of "Technical Ecstasy" include?

Blueprints of robots

50. What are the alternate lyrics to "War Pigs"? 50. What are the alternate lyrics to "War Pigs"?

These can be found on Alex Rack's web page ck/lyrics.htm

51. "Mob Rules" and drug abuse? 51. "Mob Rules" and drug abuse?

Iommi said in an interview about Sabbath's albums that the band and the producer(Birch again) were all heavily into drugs during the recording of this album and the mix suffered as a result.

52. The mix of "Born Again"? 52. The mix of "Born Again"?

Iommi said in a Guitar World interview that "something happened the mix after we sent it off".
Ian Gillan wrote in his biography that he reckoned Geezer Butler tampered with the master tapes
The following is Ian Gillan's response to Morten from the Ian Gillan web site.
Name: Morten
Age: 25
Country: Sweden

When you were in Black Sabbath, did you take big part in the song writing?
I've read somewhere that you're ashamed of the "Born Again" album.
Are you? You Shouldn't be. Your singing on the song "Born Again" is
wonderful, and the album is the best BS album since the Ozzy and Dio days.

Yes I did, in fact I wrote the bits I sing, i.e. the words and tunes.

I want to correct what appears to be widely misunderstood.
I loved every minute with Sabbath and
I'm very proud of the songs and music on Born Again.
What pissed me off was Geezer's 're-mix'.
Never leave any bass player on his own with a 'mix', it breaks every
natural law. I've got the original mixes at home...

53. The movie "Black Sabbath"? 53. The movie "Black Sabbath"?

The movie BLACK

I Tre Volti Della Paura (1964)
A classic horror thriller comprised of three separate tales. Karloff hosts the program.
Mario Bava (most famous for the movie Black Sunday(1961))
Black Sunday was also renamed Black Sabbath in some places,
so there were actually two different movies by this name by the same director.
Boris Karloff (famous horror actor from the 30's to the 60's)
Mark Damon
Suzy Anderson
Jacqueline Pierruex
Michele Mercier
1964 I Tre Volti Della Paura (US title Black Sabbath) (Italian) -- as himself, introducing three separate stories
- The Drop of Water -
- The Telephone -
- The Wurdalaks -
, and as the vampire Gorca in "The Wurdalak" segment
1964 horror film with Boris Karloff was a trilogy, each story lasted about half an hour. At the very beginning of the the film,Karloff says "welcome to Black Sabbath",in his typically sinister voice.

54. Percussions on "Children of the Grave"? 54. Percussions on "Children of the Grave"?

You know that "sound" that plays for most of the main riff in sounds like someone hitting the lid of a trash can with a stick. My question is...what exactly is it? Timbales according to Bill Ward on page 62 of Rosen's book.

55. Who did the cover/liner artwork for "Seventh Star"? 55. Who did the cover/liner artwork for "Seventh Star"?

On Seventh Star on the Castle remaster the original Albrecht Durer engraving is included.

56. Does Geezer use a pick or his fingers? 56. Does Geezer use a pick or his fingers?

He used his fingers, most of the time. Exceptions include "Children of the Grave", and the finish of "Iron Man", when he grabs a pick to do the fast part. More recently, such as on Cross Purposes and on his G//Z/R work, he's used a pick. (personal note: I'll have to watch when I see them this Tuesday to see if Geezer is using a pick on the Reunion Tour.) [from the newsletter]

57. Is Geezer part of a band called Six Feet Under? 57. Is Geezer part of a band called Six Feet Under?

No. The bassist Terry Butler who has been part of Florida-based death metal bands like Six Feet Under, Massacre and the "super group" Death, is a totally different person.

58. What are "The Rebel", "Song For Jim", and the "Black Zeppelin" jam, and can I get them? 58. What are "The Rebel", "Song For Jim", and the "Black Zeppelin" jam, and can I get them?

"The Rebel" and "Song For Jim" are a couple of ultra-rare 1969 songs from the days of when the band was called Earth, the latter song being named after their manager Jim Simpson. You can hear a short snippet of "The Rebel" on the Black Sabbath Story Volume I video (personal note: did I get these last couple sentences right? I haven't watched the video in a while). Conventional wisdom is that the Sab Four, Pete Sarfas and Jim Simpson are the only ones with copies of these songs. The other "Holy Grail" of Black Sabbath material is the "Black Zeppelin" jam, a supposed recording of members of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath playing together (which did happen - they were friends with each other, especially Bill Ward and John Bonham). This recording can't be found in trading circles either, if it even exists at all. One more bit of "legendary" recordings are demos with Dave Walker during his short time with the band in late 1977-early '78. According to Bill Ward if there are any of these in existence, Spock Wall would have them.

59. What did Ray Gillen die of? 59. What did Ray Gillen die of?

When he died on December 1, 1993, the official word was stomach cancer. This has been verified more than once on the news group and news letters.

60. What is the name of that song imbedded in "Wicked World" on the "Live At Last" album? 60. What is the name of that song imbedded in "Wicked World" on the "Live At Last" album?

There is no known title to this song that appeared in live shows during 1970-74.

61. Who is that figure on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album? 61. Who is that figure on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album?

It's an unknown woman. It is not Ozzy, and there's no evidence that it's Bill Ward's first wife in front of their cottage as some have also claimed. According to Pete Sarfas, she was an actor who was hired for the photos. After the album had been released she met the band. There was supposedly an interesting story about her, but the Black Sabbath Appreciation Society folded before that story made it to print. There is no information on who the person who was on the Paranoid album cover.

62. Is that a "subliminal" image on the ____ cover? 62. Is that a "subliminal" image on the ____ cover?

- There are images in the clouds on Never Say Die. - There's a devil's face on the cloth in the middle of the "Mob Rules" cover. - The lightning forms a horned head on the "Live Evil" cover. - Geezer has confirmed that the "Mob Rules" cover is a satanic inversion of the Shroud of Turin. He said he doesn't know anything about the hidden "Ozzy" word in there. (Benjamin de Waal - - on the back cover of "Live Evil", the astrological sign of the Southern Cross can be seen in the sky. - There appears to be the word "Ozzy" on the "Mob Rules" cover along the bottom near the right-hand corner [You might be able to see this on Joe Siegler's web page.) 24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List 24. The BLACK SABBATH Mailing List

Also see faq #44 The Artwork.

63. Are the Castle Remasters worth getting? 63. Are the Castle Remasters worth getting?

In the Spring of 1996 the entire Sabbath catalogue up to "Eternal Idol" was remastered by Castle Communications in the U.K, including "Live At Last". All of the original packaging is restored and lyrics provided as well, although there are a lot of mistakes (from War Pigs: treating people just like PORNS in chess....!). Check out the lyrics on Alex Rack's web page ck/lyrics.htm

Each CD booklet also includes extra photos of the band from around that time, and an essay by Hugh Gilmour (but the essays are not always 100% percent accurate either). There were no bonus tracks either, except for the "Wicked World" B-side added to the first album. For more information about the remasters by Leonid Makarovsky,
Please visit this SLEEPING VILLAGE web page

64. What's _____'s real name? 64. What's _____'s real name?

Geezer Butler - Terrence Butler
Ronnie James Dio - Ronald James Padovona
Tony Iommi - Frank Anthony Iommi
Ozzy Osbourne - John Osbourne
Cozy Powell - Colin Flooks
Bill Ward - William Ward
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 11:42:08 -0500 (EST)
From: (Mark Devere Davis)
Subject: Cat Martin

Tony got the nickname "Cat" Martin because he looked sort of like a cartoon
character named Cat Weasle.

65. What work has Tony Iommi done outside of the Black Sabbath name? 65. What work has Tony Iommi done outside of the Black Sabbath name?

- "Smoke on the Water" from the Armenian relief thing
- Necromandus
- "Miranha" Guitar No Speak vol II
- He was in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992
- Iommi provides additional guitars on the track "Starcrossed", on the
1993 Diamond Head album "Death and Progress" (Bronze label).
- Iommi performs the solo on "Utopian Blaster" on Cathedral's 1995
"The Carnival Bizarre" album on Earache.
- "Wonderland" - a cover of the Shadows song from the 1996
"Twang! A Tribute to Hank Marvin and the Shadows". Bev Bevan on drums, Neil Murray on bass,
Don Airey on keyboard, and Gordon Giltrap on acoustic guitar.

66. Get A Grip video? 66. Get A Grip video?

From: (Alexander Rack) Subject: Various News! Date: Mon Jul 3 18:22:28 1996 - Black Sabbath will do an animated video of 'Get A Grip' which is being created by Oscar award-winning British animator Bob Godfrey, the cover artwork has been designed by Paul Sample, creator of the british cult cartoon character 'Ogri'

Note: I.R.S. was having financial difficulties and Sabbath's contract expired. Sabbath knew about the problems and did not renew their contract. After Sabbath was dropped from I.R.S. 1 year later the label went in the red and I suspect this video was never contracted.

67. King Biscuit Disks? 67. King Biscuit Disks?

From: Mark H. <"">
Subject: King Biscuit Disks?
Well just this last weekend I found one of the King Biscuit Flour Hour
releases. It was a two disk set of Deep Purple w/Tommy Bolin. But now I'm
wondering if there was ever a Sabbath set on the KBFH and if so has
anyone seen it released on disk yet?

Answer:King Biscuit posted to the news group that the Black Sabbath managment had not
signed the releases for any King Biscuit shows, so we probably won't see them
released. Three known shows of Black Sabbath on the Biscuit are Pittsburgh 1978,
London 1977, and Hartford in October of '80.
Three Pittsburgh '78 tracks can be heard on Archangel Rides Again cd.
The entire Hartford '80 concert is on a vinyl boot called Bloody Sabbath.
Hartford '80 cd boots called Live in the USA '80 on Karma and Neon Knights on Live Line also exist.

68. Sabbath Fonts? 68. Sabbath Fonts?

What unique and specialized fonts from Black Sabbath album covers are out there? ------ Paranoid - very similar to the "Dark Black" font, available at
. Volume 4 - the "Balta" font available at
. Live Evil - the "Bard" font available at
. Born Again - close to the popular "Frankenstein" font also available at

69. Forbidden Faces? 69. Forbidden Faces?

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95
From: Sam Naugler
Subject: Forbidden

Hey, can anybody tell me about the faces on the "Forbidden" album cover?
Of course I recognize Iommi, Nicholls, Powell, Martin, and
Murray, but who are some of those other guys?

Iommi (with guitar) Murray (with bass) Nicholls (with keyboard) Martin (with Cat, what else?) and Cozy (on motorcycle)
Ice T (bandana) and Ernie C (shades and backward ballcap),
The Unknown
1 _____Unknown guy with glasses (behind Nicholls)
2 _____Unknown Woman (in business suit with sword and bat wings)
3 _____Unknown Man (above Ice T)
4 _____Unknown man (showing teeth to the left of Ice T and Cozy)
5 _____Unknown man (above #4)
6 _____Unknown man (above woman)
7 _____Unknown woman (to the left of Ice T and Cozy)
8 _____Unknown man below Cozy and drums
9 _____Unknown man on another motorcycle (to left of #7)
10 ____Unknown being eaten by Serpent
11 ____Unknown face between Murray and Cozy above Ernie C

70. When was LIVE EVIL released? 70. When was LIVE EVIL released?

In an interesting thread pitting LIVE EVIL against Speak Of The Devil
the question was raised of when was Live Evil released because some
though 1983 and others thought 1982. Chris Jackson came through with the definitive
answer which supported Tapio and Joe Seigler's answers.
From: "Chris Jackson"
Subject: LE release dates and Top of the Pops
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 22:30:31 -0400

>I've been trying to find out when Live Evil actually came out. It was
>definitely meant to be released in 1982, but I've got a feeling it didn't
>make it and it was released in early 1983. Tony Iommi's web site say the
>release date was December 1st, 1982, though. I got yesterday the Warner
>Bros press release concerning Live Evil forthcoming release, but it didn't
>mention the release date! The thing was written in late 1982, but it was
>sent out before the LE was released Some copies of the Live Evil album
>have copyright date of 1982, some 1983 - without any signs of being a
>reissue. (from Tapio Keihanen)

OK, according to my well-worn copy of M.C. Strongs "The Great Rock
Discography: Third Edition", Canongate Books, 1995, the album "Live Evil"
was released in the U.S. and U.K. in JANUARY 1983. This is also backed up
by the essay found in the remastered edition of the CD (and yes, that
source is not always accurate, but it backs up the Strong book.)

71. Didn't Craig Gruber play bass on the Heaven And Hell album? 71. Didn't Craig Gruber play bass on the Heaven And Hell album?

Craig Gruber did not record the bass lines to "Heaven And Hell" or any other Sabbath songs.
Geoff Nicholls wrote them, having been inspired by a similar bass line on the quartz song "Mainline Riders".
Geezer Butler then recorded these ideas of Geoff's for the title track, after telling him that if it had been
left to him he wouldn't have composed such a simple arrangement!
BSAS Vol 4 p.18

72. Does anybody know what bass Geezer has? 72. Does anybody know what bass Geezer has?

From: "Pentti Näpänkangas"
Subject: Geezer
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:37:32 +0200

Does anybody know what bass Geezer has?

From: "Michael Cullen"
Subject: Re: Geezer
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 09:05:57 -0800

at this point he is using a french made Vigier bass (they play wonderfully).
I believe he has an excess model as well as a passion. You can reach their
web site at

Early pictures show Geezer playing a Fender with Tony playing a white three pickup SG Custom.
The clear plastic bass pictured in Volume 4 insert is supposed to be an Armstrong.
The striped bass Geezer used in 1978 looks like a Gibson but has cross inlays so
it must be a specially built one, possibly by John Birch.

73. The News Group 73. The News Group

With a news reader you can subscribe to and read what other fans have to say or after lurking you may feel up to posting a message of your own. See BSNG Did You Know? (FAQAD.HTM) for more info.
Other news groups of interest:

74. Was Jeff Fenholt ever the singer for Black Sabbath? 74. Was Jeff Fenholt ever the singer for Black Sabbath?

No, but he did audition. See Michael Stark's web page for more information.
Additionally there exists a sound clip (82 seconds length) of Fenholt singing different lyrics to the
backing tracks of the song Seventh Star, possibly from the audition.
Whether this is evidence or not is beyond the scope of the FAQ.
Eric Singer was asked about this and Mr. Singer WAS in the band at the time.
Singer said that Fenholt auditioned for the vocal position. Fenholt failed the audition, because
he was not able to ad lib when the rest of the band started jamming.
When Tony Iommi was asked about Fenholt during the autograph tour of 1998, his reply was to laugh.
Originally Seventh Star was to be a solo album.