(by James Gemmell)

Yeah, Tim, Sabbath played at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a day or two after the Saginaw concert. I wanted to go, but it was too far away from where I was going to college (CMU). Some friends went. One said he didn't see the baby demon open the concert; I don't know if he was at the beer stand or if there was some reason the demon supposedly did not appear. Anyway, this chap told me he sold Ian Gillan a bag of cheap weed backstage, so it may all be BS. One thing I remember about the Sabbath show in Saginaw was I jumping up and down real high when Sabbath went into Smoke on the Water. That was my first time seeing Gillan, and I knew most of the punks in the crowd (largely there to see Quiet Riot) did not know Gillan was the former legendary front man for Deep Purple. Gillan came over to my side of the stage and pointed right at me with a big grin during Smoke on the Water. He knew I knew who he was, I could tell. I remember Iommi did a magnificent solo, as always, but I was most impressed with Geezer Butler on bass. Bev Bevan was on drums. I liked Vinny Appice on drums better during the March '82 show in Saginaw during the Mob Rules (Dio) tour. Dio and Gillan were equally great. The shows were pretty comparable to one another.

Posted by: Joe Siegler Author Profile Page at May 3, 2010 11:19 PM