Review by Don Brosnahan


I was at the Nov. 1, 1983 Black Sabbath concert in Providence, Rhode Island.

Quiet Riot opened the show, and honestly, they were nothing worth remembering.

Sabbath came on with a barrage of smoke, eerie green lighting and the crushing opening riff to Children of the Grave.

The set was Stonehenge, and was very impressive, as was the accompanying lightshow. The sound however, was earth shaking. By far the heaviest live show I have ever seen. Iommi and Butler pounded out Sabbaths riffs with purpose that night. No Sabbath album has ever has captured the true power of Black Sabbath live.

Ian Gillan on the other hand, he sang well, and did the usual shrieks and howls, but something just felt, well, off.
He played bongos during a few songs, which again, just felt, off.

Standing out in my mind is the song Black Sabbath. Gillans voice simply did not fit with the dark mood of the song. Supernaut however, was a different story, and was a pleasure to see/hear it performed live.

Sabbaths rendition of Smoke on the Water was a surprise, was much heavier than any version Deep Purple ever did. Still, it sounded like a cover band, and in my opinion, wouldn't have been missed if left out of the set.

Overall the show was great, the staging, lights, and the brutal sound of Iommi and Butler will make that show one I will never forget.
Unfortunately, Gillan, his bongos will also remain with me forever.

Posted by: Joe Siegler Author Profile Page at May 3, 2010 11:26 PM