Hi Joe...Black Sabbath played at the Saginaw Civic Center in October 1983. No, I do not have the ticket stub. I know you'd like that, but I assure you my memory is extremely accurate when it comes to concert months/years. Quiet Riot opened for Sabbath, and a lot of teeny boppers were geeked for the show. When Sabbath came on, the crowd was somewhat taken aback by Ian Gillan, because many of the youths in the crowd were not old enough to know about Deep Purple at that time. Anyway, I remember the baby demon with green laser eyes came crawling across the amplifiers amidst a whole bunch of smoke to begin the show. There was a stonehenge-type stage setup. Gillan did a tremendous version of Supernaut. They encored with Smoke on the Water, and Gillan was having a blast. He came over stage left and pointed right at me, because i was jumping up and down. Probably one of the few in the crowd who knew this was the former singer for Deep Purple. It was a helluva show.

I also recall seeing Sabbath at the Civic Center (Michigan) in March 1982 on the Mob Rules tour. Dio was on vocals, and that, too, was a great show. Jam-packed house, a giant lighted cross on the ceiling. Snowing like an S.O.B. outside. I understand this show was on March 8th, according to information I have on file (not a stub). Anyway, while you may not be able to post undocumented data, having the venue information should at least allow you to document what I have written. The Saginaw Civic Center, the Saginaw (MI). News (newspaper) are a couple potential documentation sources.


James Gemmell
Grand Rapids, MI.

Posted by: Joe Siegler Author Profile Page at May 3, 2010 11:12 PM