A review by Eric Perkins

On Saturday, February 26, 1994 I got my chance to see Black Sabbath for the first time. They played the Eagles Ballroom in downtown Milwaukee that holds about afew thousand people (in my mind the ballroom is the best place to see a show).The stage had great lighting and in the background was the angel from the cover of "Cross Purposes" hanging on a back curtain. The show kicked off with "Time Machine" as their first song. I stood in the front row right in front of Geezer which was a fight being that there is afew thousand people pushing on you. The set list was the usual popular material from the Ozzy, Dio and Martin years. Some songs from the set list were a real surprise like "Symptom of the Universe" (the highlight of the show!) and "The Wizard" in which Martin played an awesome harmonica just like the original! Iommi stalked the stage like a man on a mission and pleasing the crowd with his talent. Geoff Nicholls was hid in the back and not notice really by anyone. The new kid on the block, Bobby Rondinelli was very impressive and did justice to all the songs (some people thought that he was Vinny Appice). His drum solo was great and afterward he threw his sticks into the audience in which after fighting with about five people or so my brother's friend and I ended up with the stick!!! (thanks Rev. Dan). The show ended with the encore numbers of "Iron Man" and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". When Sabbath returned to the stage, Martin wearing a leather jacket and no shirt under it looking like an 80's reject. After the encore the entire band, including Geoff Nicholls came out to take a bow and said goodbye to the crowd while "Changes" was played over the PA to the exiting crowd. Overall, this being my first chance to see Black Sabbath (my hero's) will always remain will me into the "After Forever". All of the songs were played well by the entire band and nothing was left unturned. The crowd participation was excellent except for some fuck who ripped my sweatshirt and recieved a good toss from me and my brother! Black Sabbath's Grading Tony Iommi - Always an honor to see and hear. Played the songs with no flaws including all solos. Overall Grade (A+) Tony Martin - Sang all the songs as best as he could (takes alot of heat because he's not Ozzy or Dio but, deserves respect and praise for his efforts).

Overall Grade (A-) Geezer Butler - What can I say about a man who plays the bass guitar like a monster! Overall Grade (A+) Bobby Rondinelli - Before this tour I never heard of him but, he is one of the worlds best drummers. His versions of the classic's were close to the originals with his style mixed in. The original songs from "Cross Purposes" he recorded were in my opinion the best next to Bill Ward's recordings in the early days.

* Set List (not in order)
* Supertzar Intro:
* Time Machine
* Children of the Grave
* Children of the Sea
* I Witness
* Into the Void
* Mob Rules
* Neon Knights
* Psychophobia
* Immaculate Deception
* The Wizard
* Black Sabbath
* Symptom of the Universe
* Cross of Thorns
* Headless Cross
* Drum Solo
* Paranoid
* Iron Man (encore)
* Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (encore)

* "Changes" exit music

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