Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 12, 1999
Hershey Stadium
Hershey, PA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


From: Frédéric Régent <
To: <
Subject: black sabbaths concert 12/8/99 
Date sent: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 16:45:15 +0200

Originally scheduled in August, this show was postponed because of the incredible demand in the USA at the time. I was pretty frustrated to learn that but I found the patience to wait until december. After all, I had then been waiting for more than two years to see the original Sabbath live, since I had learnt that the classic line-up was back... Two days before the Sabbath show, I had the opportunity to see Glenn Hugues live in Cologne, where he played with the Michael Schenker Group and Thin Lizzy sharing a triple package bill. During his show, he remembered his (short) time in Sabbath with a version of "No Stranger To Love". I actually dig the "Seventh Star" album and I was really pleased that he added this song to his set-list, alongside Purple classics. 48 hours later, the great day had finally arrived and I took the train from Cologne to Oberhausen. After my arrival, I stood in a giant queue in front of the arena in the cold winter night. I remember seeing a guy dressed like a member of the disco band Village People entering the hall as a V.I.P. He may have been the real Mc Coy, after all... Drain played at first, in front of a full arena, which received them well, which was not the case for Godsmack, who were booed, some people even throwing beer cans at them. The Sabbath show began with a taped intro of a medley, which I found rather disturbing. Then I could see all the band members (or at least four of them, as Geoff Nicholls was as usual hidden) and I was surprised to see Ozzy jumping and smiling. He wore a black "Clockwork Orange" t-shirt and shorts and seemed in a really good shape. His voice was clear and strong, but I kept looking at the side of the stage to see if Geoff Nichols wasn`t singing on his behalf, but the keyboard player was really well hidden. After "War Pigs", I literally received a slap from Geezer`s bass at the beginning of "N.I.B." And I stood in front of the soundboard, meters away from the stage, right in the middle of the Arena! It was the first time that I received such a schock during a concert. I always knew that the guy is an incredible bass player, but I couldn`t imagine a better proof of it. The set comprised the following songs: Intro/War Pigs N.I.B. Fairies Wear Boots After Forever Electric Funeral Sweet Leaf Into The Void Guitar Solo/Snowblind Dirty Women Tomorrow`s Dream Black Sabbath Children Of The Grave Paranoid/Outro (Changes) The two surprises (for me) were "After Forever" and "Tomorrow's Dream", but I felt a little disappointed because of the absence of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (one of their best tracks ever), the only encore with "Paranoid", the shortness of the show (less than two hours) and another tape at the end of the concert, the complete "Changes". After "Into The Void", Ozzy introduced the band (forgetting Geoff Nichols, by the way), asking the audience for a warm for Bill Ward ("You're not gonna die tonight, Bill! You're not gonna die!", he kept saying) and Bill deserved it (the applause, I mean). His playing was as good as ever; as a drummer, he is really the equal of the likes of John Bonham or Ian Paice and I think he might have been the best musician on stage during this show. Tony Iommi - also a perfect player, as ever - was left alone for a few minutes for his solo - which I didn't know -, underlined by Geoff Nichols's strong synth lines. At the end of the show, I saw a guy coming from the front row. His hair was completely wet, because he had received an entire bucket of water from Ozzy and he seemed rather proud of it! They finished on a rather humourous note, throwing black confettis in the arena with two big guns standing on each side of the soundboard. Maybe a pun on the Rolling Stones, who used this gimmick for their shows of the "Bridges To Babylon" tour? As I left the arena, I was at least satisfied to have seen them, but I wasn't enthusiastic, mainly because they had played less than two hours. A few weeks later, I read a review of the show in a German Hard-Rock magazine (Hammer, I think), where the reporter wrote he stood at the first row and clearly saw Geoff Nichols singing simultaneously with Ozzy. But the other reviews were good, so I hope that the guy was just pissed off that Ozzy threw water on him! Anyway, all I can tell now is that I hope that Black Sabbath will be induced at the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame one day. If Ozzy forgets what he said about the institution, it will be too great to see him shouting "Paranoid" at the members of this f... jury! Congratulations for your home page and... "Never say die"!

Frédéric Régent, June 2000. (I will send you in the near future a review of the Brussels show in 1995, I was also there!

From: "Stacy J. Dunkle" <>
Subject: Sabbath in Hershey, PA
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 13:07:57 -0400

Seen the Sabs at Hershey, Pennsylvania, at the HersheyPark Stadium last
night (8/12).

Overall, Great show! I had low expectations of Drain STH, as I've never
heard them before, but was really surprised; They were great, and they
gained a new fan! Godsmack, however, was the opposite. I thought I liked
them from the one or two songs I heard on the radio, but after hearing more
of their songs, they all sounded the same. The singer did do a good job of
getting the crowd going during their last song.

Then there was Sabbath. Awesome! Ozzy screwed up the lyrics near the
beginning of Iron Man, and his voice cracked a few times, but hey, he's
older, and human! I also must say, as have countless others, Ozzy does look
rough. If he does plan to do more tours, I hope he takes a long, long rest,
and does some stuff to stay in shape, health-wise.

One thing that did bug me though, was the rudeness of some of the younger
concert-goers, who were screaming "F**K YOU!" at Ozzy at certain times, and
some yelling comments about being a bunch of old f**ks. There was even
someone who yelled an obscenity at Tony Iommi when Ozzy was introducing the
band. Man, I don't care how much you might hate one particular band member
for one reason or another, this is Black Sabbath you're seeing here, metal
GODS, of whom it's amazing that they're here playing for you still after 
all these years; You don't disrespect them! And believe me when I say that 
I'm not stereotyping all young people when I say "young concert-goers", I'm 
just pointing out the ones that were being a**holes, and when I looked 
around, they all just happened to be in the 18-22 age group.

Another minor gripe I have, is that people were chanting "OZ-ZY" at times;
You should have been chanting "SAB-BATH"!

One last thing; If anyone has one of the Sabbath shirts from the tour with
the Never Say Die heads on the front and back, in a Large, and would like 
to sell it reasonably (assuming you got it for cheaper than the $30 they 
were asking inside the concert), or knows where I can get one, let me know. 
I have the white one, with the red, white, and black pictures on it, which 
I'm not totally satisfied with. Not even sure if it's authentic; got it off 
a dude in the parking lot...

Rock On!

Stacy J. Dunkle

From: "Andy Menzies" <>
Subject: Reunion Tour Report
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 13:54:34 -0400

Last night, (Aug 12) I went to the Hershey PA concert. I have one word for 
you! UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE! It started out with Drain STH and they were 
horrible. The croud barely liked them. Godsmack followed them and they 
threw an awesome show with almost 10 songs. But the most incredible thing 
was watching Ozzy and the boys in their best. They played about 14 songs 
and they were all good old favorites. Another special treat was that Tony 
Iommi gave us a 10 minute guitar solo that was absolutly insane! I am so 
happy that I got to see them before they retired. I feel so lucky!

Andy M. (17) PA

P.S. At the end of the show, Ozzy made an obvious hint that the band would 
be playing next year too! He said "drive safely, so you guys (the croud), 
can come back next year and hear them again!!!!!

From: "Chad Hallman" <>
Subject: Ozzy,Drain STH,Godsmack@Hershey,PA. 8/12/99
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:03:52 PDT

Hello everyone ! Just saw the show at Hershey stadium in Hershey,Pa. last 
saturday 8/12/99 and it kicked ass !! Drain put on a real nice show and wow 
were they ever good looking as usuall . (I got my picture taken with them 
at Ozzfest in Burgettstown,Pa. and I got to talk to them for about 10 min. 
they were really cool and autographed some stuff for me) . Godsmack was 
good . 2 of their songs were killer but the rest sounded the same . The 
lead singer of Godsmack really got the crowd going to see who can get the 
loudest and the side I was on was the winner . I was on the left side of 
the stage and the crowd seemed louder than the music at one point . But the 
best was of course BLACK SABBATH !! It was a great show !! I got it on tape 
too !! I closely watched Ozzy singing and his voice was really good that 
night no screw ups . He barely even looked at the teleprompter . He only 
had to look at it for about 3 songs . He of course also got the crowd 
soaked with the water cannons and his water gun and buckets upon buckets of 
water . Bill , Tony and Geezer played really well and something else I 
noticed . Tony Iommi was smiling an awful lot that night . More than he has 
evere done on stage or his interveiws . Ozzy did the introducing of the 
band and when he got to Bill Ward he said his name a few times just as he 
did before and someone gave Bill a few roses and Bill ran up to center 
stage threw them somewhere and on his way back to his drum kit he slipped 
and almost fell but thank God he caught himself and didn't crack his head 
or something on the fllor of the stage . At the end of Paranoid Sabbath di 
their gooodbyes and Ozzy said this " BE SURE EVERYONE GETS HOME SAFE 
what this tells me is that this may not be the Last Supper for Black 
Sabbath ?? Anyone interested in getting a copy of the show please let me 
know . I also have Ozzfest @ Coca-Cola Starlake Amp in Burgettstown,PA. 
7/12/99 if anyone is interested . SABBATH ! SABBATH !! SABBATH !!!

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 12:26:19 -0400
From: Dave Holland <>
Subject: Hershey Show Review

I'll throw in my $0.02 about the Hershey show. I'm not much of a writer,
so I'll keep it short.

Drain STH blew chunks. I saw them at Ozzyfest in 97, and they haven't
gotten any better since. They could hang it up tomorrow, and I doubt many 
would notice.

Godsmack was great. I wasn't much of a fan before the show, being only
familiar with what gets played on the radio. But they did a great job.
Terrific crowd interaction. Really getting people pumped up.

Sabbath! Well, what can I say. I'm a big fan and any Sabbath show is a
great show. This is the third time I've seen them this year(Feb at the
Spectrum, and June at Ozzyfest). But I'd have to say this was easily the
worst (if you can call it that) of the three shows. In Feb Ozzy's voice
wasn't so good and his ass was dragging a bit but the rest of the band's
enthusiasm level was high which made up for it. That plus we had 7th row
seats which were simply awesome. Ozzyfest at the E-center was the best
performance. Ozzy was in good health and was really kicking ass. This
show though his voice wasn't so good again, although he was doing a great
job of getting the crowd going. Also looked like he had put on a few
pounds. Buttttt..., quite frankly I thought they (Tony, and Geezer
especially) looked bored up on stage. They just really didn't seem to be
into it. The show in Feb Geezer's head never stopped bangin', but this
time he was pretty content to just stand there and play. The other
disappointment was the set list. Same as previous two shows minus Dirty
Women. Maybe that had something to do with their apparent lack of energy.
I really wanted to hear Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, amoung a few others. I 
guess Ozzy's voice is the reason. All in all it was a good show, but I
think they need to take a break to recoup. Ozzy especially.


Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 15:55:10 EDT
Subject: Black Sabbath - 8/12/99

I had the pleasure of attending the Black Sabbath-Godsmack-Drain HTS 
concert at Hershey {PA] Stadium on August 12,1999. I am 42 years old and 
have seen Sabbath over 25 times-but not since 1980. I took my 17 year old 
daughter Victoria-who has neverseen the GODS OF METAL-The show was 
fabulous-Drain HTS and Godsmack did a great job of warming us up for the 
main event. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my old heros launched into WAR 
PIGS. I could not believe how great Sabbath sounded-BETTER THAN 
EVER!!!!!!!!!!-I rocked like an 18 year old as they played old gems such as 
SWEET LEAF,ELECTRIC FUNERAL,SNOWBLIND and other classics. I pray I can see 
them again. P.S.- VICTORIA said they kicked ass !!!!!!!!!!

Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 16:55:10 -0500
From: Robert Emmet Connolly <>
Subject: Hershey Show

First off Black Sabbath is the only band for me. The Hershey show was
wonderful overall. The stage was recycled form one of the Ozzfest tours. 
This was the one that moved left side to right and drenched the first 
twenty or so rows with water. Ozzy's voice was so clear I wondered aloud 
if he was really singing. I can make this kind of judgment call since I 
also attended both Pittsburgh shows earlier in the year. If that wasn't 
the case then it was the best Ive heard Ozzy sound, solo or with Sabbath. 
The suprise of the night came when Ward started into Supernaut. Iommi 
glanced back laughing and went into that pounding riff. Oh but it was only 
a tease, stopping right before the vocal line was to come in. As an avid 
Sabbath fan I believe we need to all start boycotting the Rock ' n Roll 
hall of fame until they acknowledge Black Sabbath's original lineup as the 
innovators of hard rock. The Ozzfest is consistantly one of the largest 
selling shows every year. Sabbath fans are the most die hard, loyal fans 
in the world. Black Sabbath is the largest commercial successful band 
without the assistance of the media. I (Robert Emmet Connolly) personally 
will never go to that politically correct excuse for a museum until Black
Sabbath is finally inducted..