Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 20, 1999
Blossom Music Center
Cleveland, OH


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


From: "Brian Lapushansky" <>
Subject: Black Sabbath - Cleveland 8/20
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 02:17:24 EDT

Well, I made a last minute decision to go to the Sabbath show in Cleveland, 
Ohio. I bought tickets a half hour before the show started, and I got there 
in time to see Sabbath. I missed Drain, but I got to hear Godsmack for 
their last two songs. The first was good, reminding me of a band like Alice 
In Chains, but their final song was pretty bad, sounding like a Korn clone 
band with the trademark "slap bass". As for Sabbath:

Sabbath came out, looking pretty good. Bill was in great shape, along with 
Geezer and Tony. Ozzy looked okay, but when the show started, it didn't 
turn out that way. The Sab's opened with "War Pigs". Ozzy's voice was in 
bad shape. He mumbled the song, and half-way through, his voice totally 
gave out (on the first song!). Ozzy struggled on the next couple songs, 
either mumbling the lyrics or not singing at all. He didn't sing on time, 
and the result was hearing Geoff Nicholls on many occasions. As others on 
this list stated, he DID look like he was going to die on stage. He looked 
extremely ill, and he held onto the mic stand with a distressed look on his 
face. Some people in the crowd said "His voice is gone!", and they were 
right. After about 5 songs, I regretted going to the show. It was a shame 
because the rest of the band was great! Despite his troubles, Ozzy was 
still able to have fun with the crowd, by either watering down the crowd 
with hoses and buckets, or yelling "I can't fucking hear you!" and "We love 
you all" know, the usual Ozzy stuff. He apologized several times for 
his voice, and the crowd (along with myself) accepted that. He deserved a 
lot of credit, going out there in that shape and singing. I felt sorry for 
him, and clapped hoping that crowd response would cheer him up.

After around 5 songs, Ozzy, Geezer, and Bill left the stage so Tony could 
do a solo. Tony was stellar! He threw in some Tony Martin-era Sabbath stuff 
in there, playing a small part of "Anno Mundi" and a minute or so of "Feels 
Good To Me" in his solo. After about 10 (?) minutes of this solo (I 
would've liked it to last even longer!), Ozzy, Geezer, and Bill came back 
out. Surprisingly, Ozzy's voice became BETTER!!! He had a little trouble, 
but he managed to sing for the rest of the show without stopping or 
mumbling. His voice actually sounded very understandable on "Black 
Sabbath"! Playing "Snowblind", "Black Sabbath", "Iron Man", "Paranoid", and 
the closer "Children Of The Grave", my feelings of regret withered away. I 
really got into the show, and I had a blast. I hate to focus this review 
mainly on the Ozz, but I have to explain what happened. I was really glad 
Ozzy was able to pull together and get through the last songs that well. He 
did a pretty damn good job late in the show, and everyone knew it! 
Sometimes I wonder if the reason Ozzy is sick is because he soaks himself 
down when it's freezing outside? Just a thought.

'til next time,


Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 14:35:03 EDT
Subject: Reunion show on 8/20/99

Last nite i went to see Black Sabbath w/ Drain STH & Godsmack in Cleveland 
Ohio. I got there just as Drain STH (anyone have a clue what the STH 
stands for? If anything.) was starting their first song. By the time I 
got passed the security check & actually got to my seat they were just into 
their second song. The show started at about 7:30. It actually started on 
time! My seat was in the first row of the 2nd section, about 15 rows, 100 
feet back from the stage. Drain played songs off of both of thier albums. 
They were done at about 8:05. They were much better than when I saw them 
at 0zzfest 99 down in Coulumbus Ohio back in June. They should have been 
on second, not Godsmack, who were also better than when I saw them at 
0zzfest. They played from about 8:15 'till 9:15. Thier front man was 
making all of us stand up & go crazy & was telling us how great Sabbath is 
& all. Godsmack finished up w/ that. We all knew who was coming next! I 
knew I had time before Black Sabbath came on to go get some food & use the 
rest room so I did. 

I got back to my seat at about 9:30. I could see the techs seating up the 
equipment for thier majesties. 5 minutes later the air raid sirens sounded 
& Black Sabbath came out. 0zzy greeted us saying " How the fuck ya doing?" 
We responded screaming w/ joy at the top of our lungs, & they broke into 
"War Pigs"! We sung along the whole song. Then Geezer did the bass solo 
to "N.I.B." followed by the rest of the song. So far 0zzy's voice seemed 
to be in good shape. No worse then when I saw Sabbath at 0zzfest anyways. 
Next came "Fairies Wear Boots", 0zzy started spraying peolpe w/ his water 
gun at this point. Then the big hoses from on top of the stage rained down 
on the crowd. If I had been 5 seats over to the rite I'd have gotten 
soaked! They next did "After Forever". Between songs 0zzy would go back 
to the drum riser & drink something in bottles, I bet to help his voice. He 
asked us again how we were doing, & apologized for the problems w/ his 
voice. he told us he had gone to see the doctor earlier that day & the 
doctor told him he should not perform that night. But 0zzy said to the 
doctor, telling us how we were all Sabbath's people, the whole reason for 
them being here, "Fuck You"! then he asked us all to say it w/ him & We 
did. he asked us if people around here still smoke dope & w/ that came 
"Sweet Leaf"! Next he intoduced the rest of Black Sabbath saying each of 
thier names several times. They all looked great. 0zzy, Tony, Geezer & 
Bill! Then they did "Electric Funeral". 0zzy told Us again how glad they 
were to be here & all.

Next 0zzy went back stage & tony Iommi did his guitar solo, the same one he 
has been doing the whole tour. He did it at 0zzfest too. it was great! 
Does anyone know what the name of this piece is? Then 0zzy came back out & 
they did into "Into The Void". 0zzy's voice still sounded pretty good. 
Next they did thier famous cocaine anthem "Snowblind". I'm glad they did 
this song becuz they didn't at 0zzfest. Then the did "Black Sabbath". This 
was amazing! Then came "Iron Man" & "Children 0f The Grave". The also 
didn't do these at 0zzfest so I am glad they did now. Next came 
"Supernaut" (I wish! But just the intro to "Paranoid"). Words cannot 
describe my experience at the show! Sabbath was much better then at 
0zzfest. I could actually see Geoff. he was for sure singing backing 
vocals for 0zzy. If he was playing keyboards or not I couldn't tell w/ the 
rest of the band being so loud! 

I am only 16 & am very thankful I was able to see Black Sabbath 2 times 
this summer & the second time being a longer set & 0zzy's voice not being 
as bad as I heard it being. At the end 0zzy said if U have been drinking & 
or smoking dope get someone sober to drive You home so We can come back & 
kick your asses next year! hopefully this won't be the end for Sabbath but 
if not I can't complain!

Black Sabbath forever! 


From: "Kelly Thompson" <>
Subject: Black Sabbath Cleveland 8/20
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 11:47:51 -0400

My report from the Sabbath show at Blossom Music Center near Cleveland
on 8/20:

Missed Drain STH and Godsmack due to the longest traffic jam I've ever been 

The show started with War Pigs of course. Ozzy sounded great and hit every
note on this one. The band was tight, 20,000 sets of arms in the air.

During the second song, NIB, Ozzys voice went somewhat "hoarse" but Ozzy
still sounded OK. This continued into the 3rd song "Fairies" and Ozzy was
becoming deeply disappointed in himself and the crowd seemed to notice his
voice problems all at one time- the crowd went instantly "Flat"- from 
20,000 sets of arms in the air to 10 sets and it got unusually quiet. The 
crowd would not respond to Ozzys commands. I was surprised at this because 
Cleveland has a a real good Rock crowd and love Ozzy. (I wondered if they 
reacted this way because of Sabbaths absence in Cleveland during the 
Reunion tour last winter and the Ozzfest this summer- maybe they weren't 
gonna let him get off so easy?) Ozzy was really getting really frustrated & 
obviously pissed, almost begging the crowd to react. Ozzy had the saddest 
look on his face, I felt so sorry for him, I though he was going to cry
(with me) and walk off the stage. Never have a seen a crowd go so flat in 
an instant. After "Fairies" Ozzy walked back to the "medicine shop" or I 
mean the drum riser to sip his cup of whatever. Tony Iommi, noticing Ozzys 
disappointment walked over and patted Ozzy on the back a few times and gave 
him words of encouragement (like a father to a son). Ozzy apologized to the 

THE REVIVAL: During the next song "After Forever" Ozzys voice CAME BACK!!
better then ever and nobody was happier then Ozzy. He started smiling and
laughing and became full of energy (the night was saved). He was so damned 
happy that his voice recovered. Ozzy was revived and he was going to let us
know it. He exploded with energy the rest of the evening. Hell I'm 34 and I 
tried to keep my arms in the air waving as long as Ozzy and I couldn't and 
add in 200 of those signature leap frog jumps and running across the stage 
constantly- man he must have been inspired. Ozzy wailed thru every song for 
the rest of the show. It was great, He was hitting notes I didn't think he 
could anymore - even Snowblind and Sweet Leaf were crisp and clear (and 
Loud) with only a few cracks in his voice. Ozzy became a maniac and making 
everyone laugh. He stood in front of Geezer and pulled his own shirt up and
patted his belly, Geezer could hardly stand up from laughing. He was making 
gestures to Tony and Bill making them laugh. Ozzy was having a great time 
and the crowd loved it.

Near the end of the set, I think during "Iron Man" Ozzy picked a little 
girl out of the front row and put her on his shoulders while he was singing 
and jumping up and down. Wow, What a sight. He walked around with her on 
his shoulders for quite sometime.

Ozzy thanked the crowed for making him feel a whole lot better.

I was so happy for Ozzy when the show turned around. Of the 3 reunion shows
I've seen this year this one was by far the best. It was the Ozzy I 
remember from years back- so full of energy, being funny and crazy on-stage 

One little side note: The Exit music was the Robin Hood theme song instead 
of Changes - go figure??

Steve Thompson
Greenville PA


From: (Donald Grimm)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:09:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Cleveland Show

Hey Sab-heads,

After reading some of the reveiws of this show I had to write my
reveiw.Were you people at the same show that I was? Although Ozzy's Voice 
took a while to get started I thought he sounded good. This is the third 
time I have seen them on this tour and ths was by far the best .Tony's solo 
was about twice as long as the one he did for the Ozzfest. He also played 
differant solo's for Iron man and other songs.I have seen Black Sabbath 6 
times and this is definitallythe best he has sounded.I guess what I am 
saying is they are still the kings.

One more thing , if all you people would just open your eyes and ears you 
would see what this tour means to Black Sabbath and to all of us. TThere 
was a time when I thought I would never get a chance to see the "real" 
Sabbath. Now I have seen them 3 times.What I enjoyed the most was how much 
fun they were having. I am glad to see them doing so good at their 
age.Remember they are all 50 years old.I am sorry if I sound pissy but I am 
tired of every one criticizing them.If you are a member of this list and 
youhave seen them you should consider yourself lucky. Just think of how 
many people were not lucky enough to see them.I have seen them 3 times and 
i loved them every time and feel like the luckiest person in the world. 
Every one is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.LONG LIVE THE 

One more thing . The sth in Drain sth stands for Stockholm. 
Don Grimm( a true sabbath fan)


From: "Carol Hall" <>
Subject: Black Sabbath Cleveland Show Aug 20
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:13:24 -0400

I was at the Black Sabbath Cleveland Show and it was great. Ozzy did not 
look well. It was noted in the newspaper review of the show that he had 
downed 2 bottles of cough syrup. I noticed he was coughing in the 
beginning of the show. So while some are critical of him please remember 
he was feeling ill. I give him the credit to still pull out the gig in 
relative good spirit. I really enjoyed him! If I had taken 2 bottles of 
cough syrup I would be either falling asleep or getting ill. Despite that 
I think he put on an overall good show. I found him very entertaining and 
hilarious. Always doing something. His voice was not bad as some may say. 
It was good at times and a little tough at other points but never really 
what I would consider bad. 

The Cleveland Show was at Blossom which is an outdoor amphitheater. Black 
Sabbath had the sprinklers that were installed in the pavilion ceiling to 
go off throughout the show and Ozzy had the best time on stage with a hose. 
He had a hose and he was blasting everyone close to the stage. I was lucky 
to get good seats so I was one of those that was not spared. He would 
periodically pick up the hose and blast people. It was kind of fun and in 
good nature. He even was blasting the security guards that were infront of 
the stage protecting him. He seemed to get good entertainment out of this. 
Remember, this was all in good nature. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The concert was incredible. My first Black Sabbath concert and it was 
great. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan and had the wonderful chance to see 
Jimmy Page/Robert Plant last year in several concerts and they were 
phenomenal. was time to experience Black Sabbath and to my 
delight it will go down as one of the greatest concerts I have seen.

Tony Iommi is incredible. I really loved watching him. The power behind 
the music is just wonderful. I would love to learn his riffs. The sound 
is awesome. Geezer Butler, I have never seen anyone getting into playing 
bass like he does and he plays so very good. I was really thrilled and 
pleased. Bill Ward, I could not see too well because of the drums but he 
sounded good.

Tony Iommi's solo into Snowblind was really good but I wish it would of 
lasted longer. I liked it. 

Although I think all of the songs were done really good I think the 
standouts were Black Sabbath and Children of the Grave. Ozzy started 
jumping up and down in Children of the Grave. Prompted me to do the same 
and before long the other people on my isle was doing the same thing. 

The atmosphere was great. The crowd was really getting into it and really 
loved the performance.

I know Black Sabbath said this is their last tour but I hope they decide 
differently. You never can figure things out. 

That is my review.


Robert Plant said "Pagey Plays A Little Left of Heaven"


From: "Jeremy Doherty" <>
Subject: Cleveland '99 show
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 02:49:52 GMT


I saw that no one had posted any remarks about the group's Aug. 20 show in 
Cleveland, so I thought I'd send you my reaction (albeit a few weeks 

Blossom Center wasn't quite sold out, but close enough. Drain STH played 
first; the music struck me as well-played Motley Crue, though performed by 
an all-chick band. I made a mental note to look for their CDs.

Godsmack was next, playing more of the current trend of hiphop-metal. Not 
really my taste (I was there to see Sabbath, after all), but they at least 
were energetic and got the crowd pumped up for the main event.

At 9:30, almost on the dot, lights dimmed and the familiar sirens began 
blaring. Crowd jumped to its feet, screaming madly. Following the 
retrospective film clip, the group took the stage and plunged into War 

Tony's licks were clean, Ward pounded away, and Geezer was his usual self. 
All was heaven until Ozzy began singing -- or tried to sing, that is.

Good Lord, was I glad that I hadn't paid for the better seats because I 
would've been pissed. Between numbers, Ozzy weakly confessed that his 
allergies had set in, and the crowd seemed willing to overlook his shoddy 
voice. Granted, after a while, Ozzy seemed to loosen up, and his voice 
improved vastly by the show's midpoint. The downside is that it was an 
embarrassing stretch to get there, and many classic tunes -- NIB, 
Snowblind, Fairies Wear Boots -- were ruined because of Ozzy's scratchy, 
no-high-notes-tonight performance. And what a disappointment on a personal 
level: I'd seen one of Ozzy's solo shows back in '96, and he'd sounded 
great. I truly was letdown on this night in Cleveland.

Material-wise, the band stuck to tunes from the first three albums, with a 
handful of offshoots from later Ozzy-era material.

And again, aside from Ozzy, I have no complaints whatsoever with the rest 
of the group, particularly Iommi; although I've always respected his work 
on the albums, I realized that you really have to see him live to 
appreciate what a phenomenal guitarist and performer he is -- easily in the 
same league as my personal favorite, Pete Townshend.

There were the usual Ozzy theatrics: the silly leapfrog thing, spraying 
water on the crowd (though he might have skipped it this time, given the 
low-70s weather and chilly wind). He even did a Wayne's World-type bow 
before Iommi, which was quite amusing.

All in all, I don't regret going in the slightest; the music itself, still 
potent 30 years later, more than made up for the vocalist's weak 

Jeremy Doherty


From: "Kyle Watts" <>
Subject: Black Sabbath
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 20:44:30 EDT


i went to the show on the 20th in cleveland, ohio. it was the first show 
that i ever went to. (13 of course its gotta be) anyway. it was a beutiful 
night. Drain STH played first the GodSmackl. then came SABBATH. they 
played: War Pigs, N.I.B, Faries Wear Boots, After Forever, Electrics 
Funeral, Black Sabbath, Snowblind, Sweet Leaf, Iron Man, Children of the 
Grave. I think in that order, it might of been sweet leaf then snowblind, i 
cant remember. Nothing from the last 4 albums. I also wanted to say that 
your page totally kicks ass. Email me back



From: "Kyle Watts" <>
Subject: Hey Again More Info 
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 21:34:46 EDT

August 20th, 1999

Set List:

War Pigs
Faries Wear Boots
After Forever
Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath
Sweet Leaf
Into The Void
Guitar Solo
Iron Man
Children Of The Grave

Ok here I go again. I got more info. At first the Laidies of Drain STH 
played about 5 songs. Then about 15 minutes later GodSmack came on I don't 
know how many songs they played, I was wandering around looking at the 
shirts. Then I sat down, Blossem is a hill then a cover and seats and then 
the stage. They played "go away" and that got everyone pumped up. Then 
about 20 minutes later they played a video of the early sabbath years, it 
was sweet, they should sell it. Finally they started up. Everyone was on 
the feets and cheering. After every song Ozzy had it set up to shoot out 
water from above the stage. It was Excellent. During Iron Man they played a 
video of what iron man looked like people pushing him around it was cool. 
It was all over after after children of the grave. I must say I will 
remember that concert for the rest of my life. BLACK SABBATH ROCKS!!!!!