Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 22, 1999
Molson Center
Montreal Canada


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


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From: "michaelb" <>
To: <>
Subject: Review of Montreal show 8/22/99
Date sent: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:11:55 -0400

War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
After Forever
Electric Funeral
Sweet Leaf
Into The Void
-Guitar Solo
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children Of The Grave
-Supernaut intro

This show was originally supposed to be in February 1999 but didn't come through. I was afraid the tour wouldn't stop here, despite Montreal always being a strong metal town (stronger than Toronto even on a bad day!). But the time finally came and the place was packed.

Only Drain STH opened the show. It seems Godsmack got stuck at the border: no loss for me, it only means Sabbath hit the stage earlier. Drain STH played very good and showed they had chops. The crowd treated them good, but you could tell what they really wanted.

The site of seeing Ozzy walk onstage was golden. Big, mischievous smile on his face, taking in the crowd's adulation, it was great. But it was obvious early on that he was either sick or tired. He didn't move much onstage and at times looked weary. Later in the show he confessed he was having throat problems and apologized for it. Still, he got the job done like a pro. I reminded myself afterwards about Axl Rose's voice problems during the 1992 Olympic Stadium show, and how him cutting the show off led to a massive riot which made news all over the world. I take my hat off to Ozzy for going ahead with the show, a real trooper.

The rest of the band were in fine form, especially Bill who was quite energetic. Tony and Geezer were their usual selves. When it was all done, everyone seemed happy. I'm sure some people will complain about the show not being good 'cause of Ozzy's voice, but I'm a positive person and like I explained in the previous paragraph, better a full show with Ozzy at 70% than only half a show with a cop-out like Axl Rose.

Here's hoping there's more Sabbath to come!!


Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 14:26:07 +0000
From: Guillaume Lessard <>
Subject: Reunion Tour Report

Montreal, Forum

The fans were crazy, the show begin with Drain sth, a group of 4 chicks and 
its sound good .... the second group was cancelled ...why ??? dunno. 
Finnaly at 9:00 the Sab enter the scene and begins the show.Its was great, 
they play all the songs exept Dirty women. All the member perform like pro 
... Ozzy's voice was good but he was sick.

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:24:05 -0400
From: Jean-Pierre Larouche <>
Subject: Reunion Tour Report

I'm Jean-Pierre Larouche, 17 years old, I listen Black Sabbath since 5
years old... I love it on the first time.... The first album I have heard 
is Cross Purposes I bought all with ozzy.... and my goal is to buy all the 
discography. I' have seen the Sabbath'show on Montreal (August 22) It is 
very good show

Exept... Ozzy... he suffer :( it's very... great deception for me....
his voice is... finished :(
Bill Ward is...very suffered too,
Iommi is very good and G/Z/R too
The show was great! exept Ozzy... I have broken tears when I've return
to my home... :(..

The sond was very good played,the sound is darkness ....yeah! :) Sabbath 
must survive after this show...

N.B. I've like the black paper down all in the Molson center in thw show

This is my appreciation: 9.5/10

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:36:05 -0400
From: Paul Nijjar <>
Subject: Ozzy stuff

I'd like to start by addressing the dude that said Ozzy didn't sing good in
Montreal. I was there too, and he was amazing. His voice was excellent,
absolutely no difference than on the "Reunion" cd, if not better. He was 
in great shape, jumping like 20 times in the air per song, head banging by 
the mic stand, chucking buckets of water at people, and then throwing the 
empty buckets like 50 feet in the air towards the amps. He didn't let the 
audience stop cheering for a second. From start to finish he just got us 
to go nuts, non stop.

As for not being able to hit high notes anymore, like someone suggested, is
something I have yet to see. As far as I remember he hit the notes just
fine, and in between some songs he just screams real high pitch for no 
reason, much to the crowds delight.

And from what I've read, on Sabbath's Aug. 20th show, Ozzy was in bad 
shape, and on Sabbath's Aug. 24th show he wasn't that great, but it's odd 
how on the 22nd he was perfect. I think it all comes down to what you're 
doing at the show. If you're just standing there, with the intention to 
criticize everything, then it's your own fault you didn't enjoy it. But if 
you participate, and sing along, and go crazy when Ozzy says so, and clap 
your hands, and put your hands in the air, you'll have the best time.

And for the few days he is off (Dallas....), just remember Ozzy says it 
himself: "Although you think I can, I'm just a man, and I don't walk on 


Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:38:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pierre Gauthier <>
Subject: Montreal Show, August 22

Just seen the mighty Sab's live at the Molson Center last sunday and boy, 
it rocked.... Tony, geezer, Bill: they were absolutely perfect!!!!!! what 
incredible musician they are, they played all the songs perfectly, it was 
so fucking amazing to hear them, i've raised my fist at the opening of War 
Pigs and bring it down after the last seconds of Paranoid, incredible Show!

As for ozzy, well... He seemed REALLY sick, barely moving on stage, holding 
to his mic but shit, his voice didn't crack one time and he played all the 
song perfectly even if it was clear that he was suffering... Boy, i'm so 
fucking proud of him, a real metal trooper!!!! this guy will never give up, 
and he proved this at the show... but damn, he seemed real fat and big and 
that bothered me... he must do a diet, take so time off to heal himself so 
sabbath can come kick our ass again!

Hail Sabbath, I can now die for i've seen them live!!


Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:30:33 -0500
From: Michel Desnoyers <>
Subject: <aucun objet>

Just some words from a 39 years old fan from the first (almost) days.

I saw the Montreal concert and here is my report:

Opening act:
Drain STH,
Great looks (all chicks)
Great sound (between Sabbath and Metallica)
Not a lot of ingenuity regarding melody and riffs but great to listen in the
We didn¹t have a second opening act, it was cancelled.
This was OK, after all, i was there for my four long time friends.

At last Sabbath hit the stage after a short vintage movie montage and then
what a shock !!! Ozzy was barely capable to walk (looked like an old sick 
granny) his face bloated by pain, his nose running, a roadie bringing him 
his medecine in front of Ward´¹s kit. I was devastated. Poor guy !

For the first half of the show he was barely capable of singing, taking
breaks between songs to take his medecine and then after IOmmy´s solo, he 
seemed to regain his voice a bit. At this moment the time warp began. 
Sabbath was back!

The other guys played very well, the sound was good supported by a very
conservative lightshow. We were all concerned about Ward¹s ability to
finish the show but he played like a young lion.

After a couple of excuses from Ozzy the show finished earlier than 
scheduled for obvious reasons. 

It was great to saw them in flesh and blood but it was sad at the same 
time. But i¹m still an hardcore fan.

Michel Desnoyers
Montreal, Canada

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 15:58:19 -0700
From: Stephen Flood <>
Subject: monteal concert review

Hey sabbath fans!!My name is Mike Flood from Pittsfield,MA.I traveled 5
hours to see this show with no tickets hoping to find a scalper and boy did 
I!!I got to view this show from about ten ft from stage awesome seats for 
110$ a ticket well worth it for any sabbath worshiper!!!Alright this is how 
it started Drain played about 10 songs was not really counting.Wow!!these 
metal chicks jam and every one of them is tasty. I made sure to tell my 
girlfriend that she gave me a loving slap but anyway the atmosphere was 
that of a rock n roll party these french fuckers sure like to drink at 
these shows beer flying everywhere not to mention the aroma of weed.Drain 
came off the stage with a farewell and the lead singer was screaming are 
you all ready for fucking Black Sabbath!!!!The half filled massive arena 
went mental along with myself of course.It's my second original Black 
Sabbath concert of my life probably because they broke up when I was 
five.Now the stage is all set Bill Wards drum kit is just staring at me and 
I'm anticipating those thundering bass drums deafening me.All of a sudden
the big screens light up with footage of sabbath back in the day and
various sabbath tunes.Then I hear those air sirens and Ozzy scream
ALRIGHT!in his trademark fashion my goose bumps were intense I new I was in 
for some serious fucking Sabbath.Ozzy comes out along with the bunch by 
then I'm freaking out Ozzy looks great and so does everyone else IT'S ON he 
stalks the stage back and fourth letting this crazy crowd sing with 
him.N.I.B was the next tune it sounded just as it did thirty years ago.He 
went though all of the classics Children of the grave,Iron
man,Snowblind,Sweetleaf,and of course his encore was Paranoid.he played
eleven sets mostly all the material off Masters of reality.The song Black 
Sabbath was Awsome as flames lit all around the stage soon as Tony hit his 
first chord.I even got to see Ozzys son (a.k.a Jack Sabbath) off to the 
side of the stage he was amuzingly slow dancing to the song Black Sabbath 
with crew member I got a kick out of that.Ozzy apolgized to the crowd just 
before he sang Children of the grave for his singing he said he was sick 
and management said he should cancel Ozzy said "Go fuck yourself"the crowd 
erupted!All in all it was an awsome show the band was awsome Ozzy was great 
and hopefully I will see them again!!!!Long live Black Sabbath!!!

From: "Stephan Pigeon" <>
Subject: Monteal Canada, August 22nd, Reunion Review
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 21:54:21 -0700

Black Sabbath
Sunday August 22, 1999
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Molson Center

Having seen the reunion tour in Toronto earlier this year, I was expecting
lots from the fab four. Well I was not disappointed. They came back in
full force.

It was early afternoon and I was pacing the floor for the clock to run so
that I could get our of the house and head to Montreal. I live in Ottawa
therefore it is approximately an hour and a half ride.

I met my friend Danny at his place along with my friends John and Sean
around 3pm with a few beers. Up to Montreal we go. The week before I
recorded two 90 minute tapes of all Sabbath with Ozzy material. We rocked
all the way up and reminisced about the past times that we saw Ozzy 
perform. My friends had never seen Sabbath live before. I saw Reunion 
(2X), Mob Rules and Born Again. The ride was relatively painless…. 
Finally, the Molson Center (Mecca).

The show was sold out. About 23 000 fans started to fill the Molson 
Center. We had awesome seats. 7th row from the stage almost right in the 
middle. I didn’t really care for Godsmack but really wanted to see Drain. 
I was impressed. They rocked pretty good for four chicks.

But THE Moment. I knew what was going to happen. Like I said, I saw the
show before. But when the lights went down and the old footage started, I
was in a trance. Chills ran along my body. I knew that on this faithful
Sunday, I was in for a good ride. They didn’t come from beneath the stage
like the previous show but ran out from the sides. Sirens go off! War 
Pigs start…blew me away…what a crowd. Montreal is known for their Sabbath 
fans. They didn’t disappoint. The crowd went wild and stood on it’s feet 
for the whole show.

I don’t think that I have to go through the set list. It is the same
classics that they play at every reunion show. They cranked them
flawlessly. What a tight ship they run. Tony always a big smile on his
face ripping his licks. Geezer, well…he must have strong neck muscles
because he didn’t stop head banging all night long. Bill…he sounded much
better than in Toronto. He reminded me of the Bill of old. Some of the
beats he pulled out really freaked me out. It was nice to see him back in
shape (musically). The Oz, well he did mention that he had a cold that
night. But I don’t agree with anyone that say that his voice was bad. We
all know that Ozzy does not have the voice he had in the 80’s but that 
night maybe the cold helped because he really kicked. He was kind of 
sluggish with his movements but his voice did not crack. I think that most 
of you that were there that night will agree. The desert…BLACK 
SABBATH…Flames come out and Ozzy the freak that he is, really gets into it. 
It almost brought a tear down my cheek to just imagine that this song is 
where my love for Sabbath all started. It was loud, it was heavy it was 
Sabbath in it’s glory. What a band. What an era. What a show.

They did close out with the usual Paranoid. It was only 10:30pm. When 
they got off stage, no one in the whole Molson Center moved. They kept 
screaming and screaming. I was sure that they would come out again. I 
know that they didn’t do it anywhere else but that night I had faith. 
Unfortunately it didn’t happen. They did skip Dirty Women and I figured 
that they could play it then and there. But mission was accomplished. I 
can now die in peace for sure. But I don’t want to die. I want to see 
another Black Sabbath concert. I have to see The Wizard live some day. 
Think I will? Doubtful.. But I had a dream when I was 12 years old (I am 
now 29). And it was to see the original Black Sabbath line-up in my 
lifetime. My dream came through…twice. Maybe The Wizard could come 
thought also. Everyone is allowed to dream.

Until then... God bless those guys.
Stephan Pigeon

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 19:24:14 -0400
From: Martin Venne & Sylvette Arseneau <>
Subject: Review of Montreal show 8/22/99

I was looking forward to see this show since the first time I listened to
Speak of the Devil when I was a teenager. I have seen Ozzy on the Bark at
the Moon tour, and Sabbath on Born Again (really bad show), Seventh Star
(first ever show with Ray Gillen - fair), Dehumaniser (good remake of what
it must have been like on the Mob Rules tour).

Fortunalty the place was nearly sold out, but until I entered the Molson
Center, I was apprehensive that the show might be canceled due to Ozzy's
voice problems, or any management reasons. When the show started, I was
skeptical that Ozzy would make it through: he looked tired and in bad 
shape. But it did not last, while they were playing War Pigs the magic came 

Geezer was more quiet and did not move around his head like he used to do,
but he played well. Iommi was up to is reputation on stage: smooth, but he
seemed happier than in the previous show I saw him. He was solid. But to me
the happening was, more than anything else, the fact that Ozzy was back 
with THE band.

Ozzy performed is famous frog leap, walking accross the stage with water
buckets that he poured on himself at first, and after he threw them to
security guards and in the crowd, it was cool : he really seemed happy and
like having fun. In fact, he looked like a fiftysomething kid throwing 
water balloon to his pal.

His voice was ok for most of the show, but for some songs he was having
trouble. He was really professional, he apologised several times for it and
was drinking water (sic) and using breath pump to help. With this kind of
attitude we all forgave his voice problems.

I was expecting Hole in the sky and The writ, but knew it was next to
impossible they would play it. My deception is that they did not play
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Symptom of the Universe (due to voice problems I
guess), but I had a compensation : they played After Forever.

A fact is interesting : the first time I listened Master of Reality, 20
years ago, I really liked After Forever and Into the Void, but my friends 
of the time disliked those songs. I guess that as time passes by, people 
get to appreciate those songs.

Too bad they did not make it ten years ago, when Ozzy was in better shape
and Geezer still energic. I was dreaming of that show for so many years and
it was up to my expectation.

Martin Venne