Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
January 17, 1999
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


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From: "mark skaar" <>
Subject: The Masters in Minneapolis
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:40:20 PST

First of all, what a thrill to finally see all four original members of my
favorite band on the planet finally on one state together!!! Let's get the
set list out of the way first...

War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
After Forever
Electric Funeral
Into The Void
Dirty Women
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children Of The Grave

Ozzy Geezer and Tony came up from the bottom of the stage to begin the show-very cool!! Ozzy sounded amazingly good throughout, I'm sure having a  few days off helped. The only song he struggled with was Snowblind, but  otherwise, very commendable. Tony played note-perfect and when Ozzy  introduced Tony, Ozzy dropped to his knees and bowed as if to say "I'm not  worthy!!!" Geezer Butler is my favorite bass player and was amazing, as  was Bill Ward, who I was the most happy to see on this tour. Having seen  Sabbath with four different vocalists over the years (I love all of  Sabbaths' different line-ups) I now feel like the circle is complete having   finally seen the original line-up in person. One other thing, both War  Pigs and Iron Man were played with a dropped tuning (tuned lower than on  "Reunion) And the song "Black Sabbath" was cool-lots of fog and fire coming  from the huge "torches" on stage. And the confetti at the end of the show  was cool too. Even though I was seated in the upper deck, I went  downstairs and got some. By the way, if you do have upper deck seats,  there is a large screen above the stage so you can see everything even if  you're not as close to the stage as you'd like. The camera work is very  good with alot of cool video-morphing going on throughout. Also, for those  wondering about merchandise, I bought a program for $15. The program is   full-color and is very well put together. T-shirts ranged from $30-50 with   the hooded sweatshirt for $85 being the most expensive item I saw. If you   can't afford a T-shirt at the show, there is a Black Sabbath merchandise catalog you can pick up at the merch booth and take home with you. If you  have a chance to go to one of the shows, please do. Being a longtime  Sabbath fan, I was very emotionally moved thoughout and it was very much a  relegious-type experience that I'll never forget. Thank you and God bless  Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill.

Mark Skaar-1/18/99

Subject: minneapolis
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:04:04 PST

holy fuckin shit, man. i never figured that i would ever live to witness something so fuckin SPIRITUAL as the original BLACK FUCKING SABBATH. this  was definitely the best concert ive ever seen. incubus was alright, not  exactly my bag, but the crowd seemed to like them. pantera came on next,  played almost a full set. i noticed that during their set, a couple of  little mosh pits broke out in the aisles, and security came promptly to  most of them and broke them up, dragging people in headlocks out of the   building. when they went off and the lights came on, there, in the middle  of the floor was a HUGE pile of folding chairs that were originally on the  floor that had been trown aside to make room for the pits. after  everything got situated, and the chairs put back in what almost resembled  straight rows, BLACK FUCKING SABBATH eventually came on. everyone knows  about them rising from the floor, the fog, the videos, the song list  (pretty much the same, minus sweet leaf), the band all dressed in black  (except for bill, who was actually wearing a red shirt, but promptly took   it off after war pigs), so i wont go into any of that. the point was, the   whole concert was total sensory overload, so much to see, not enough eyes  in one skull to catch it all. the place was totally packed, people totally  filling the very top rows of the top balcony. the atmosphere was just  totally mind numbing, like some spiritual mecca, thousands of people  flocking from all over to witness the beginning of ARMAGEDDON! ozzy did  his normal stage antics, bill played fucking flawless, and did a lot of  inprov fills and whatnot, which was totally refreshing (hey, if you want it  perfect, fuckin listen to the cd), geezer was all over the fuckin place,  came across loud and clear, and tony, what can i say, tony was,   well...exactly what you would expect from a god. tour shit was expensive,  as can be expected at pretty much any concert, but there were a lot of cool  bootleg t-shirts being sold in the various parking garages (especially the  purple tie-dye shirts), so for those of you like me that have no money,  that is always a very attractive option. basically, all in all, if anybody  has any chance to attend any shows on the rest of the tour, no matter if  theyre restricted view seats, fuckin take advantage of the opportunity, it  is well worth it.


From: "Perkins" <>
Subject: Reunion Tour Report
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:49:04 -0600

Jan. 18,1999

Last night I saw Black Sabbath (the greatest band of all time) in concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis. I' ve seen Sabbath a number of times and this one by far the best. The show opened by Geezer, Ozzy and Tony rising from under-neath the stage and into a sea of fog. The set list was pretty much the same as the reunion album except a few songs were left out like "behind the wall of sleep", "sweet leaf", "spiral architect" "sabbaht bloody sabbath" and "lord of this world". I really wished that they would have played "symptom of the universe" and "never say die" but you can't win them all. During the song "black sabbath" giant torches were lit to add an  evil aspect and the pyro effects were great. Not to kiss ass or anything  but you have the best Sabbath web site in the world and i'm on it every  day! I'm going to the Chicago show on tuesday the 19th and if the set  list changes i'll let you know. Here was the set list and remember to keep  the "Sabbath" holy.

Eric Perkins

Set list for Jan.17,1999
War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots
Electric Funeral
Into the Void
After Forever
Dirty Women
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children of the Grave
Paranoid (encore)

From: ("Harold Andmaude")
Subject: Here is a Minneapolis review! :)

Hello, it's Nathan in Fargo, North Dakota.

Some comments from last night's performance:

Incubus. I read my program ($15). The program is very well done, but  there are a couple of things in there that bother me. Perhaps I'll post  about that later.

Pantera: Played a very fan-friendly set comprised
of the following:
Hollow (not complete)
A New Level
Use My Third Arm
Primal Concrete Sledge
This Love
Fucking Hostile
Cowboys From Hell

I lost interest in Pantera after "Far Beyond Driven", but seeing Darrell   play is always a pleasure. Also, note to Phil: It's obvious you love to  talk. How about keeping the prattle in-between numbers to a minimum, and  mapping out your own spoken word tour, like Rollins does? This will extend  your set by at least two songs.


Ozzy: Was in tremedous spirits. I didn't hear him cough all night, though  as is per the usual, his voice cracked several times and he was off  key, most noticeably during the intro to "War Pigs". (I still get a  chuckle out of that, though :)) I will always love the guy.

Geezer: Seemed a little subdued. Still, he played his ass off and shared  some smiles with Ozzy. Something was definitely being joked about onstage during "Dirty Women". I don't care for the FX before  "N.I.B." That's just my opinion.

Bill: "I don't play time as drummer. I play orchestration." How did he play last night? That is open to debate, I'm sure. I happen to think he was in fine form, and obviously, there's no one else I'd  rather see behind the kit. I was watching him very closely during the intro to "FWB".

Tony: His riffs will be heard when the real Armageddon comes. Call me  fucked, but I really believe this. I think it's best you go back and reread JCRYIAD's brilliant San Jose review concerning Tony's  playing. I echo everything he typed. Concerning his attitude last  night, he was having a GREAT time up there- walked around quite a   bit, acknowledged the crowd several times, and smiled more than once  :)

Other comments:

Probably the best SOUNDING show I have heard in the Target Center. The TC  is strictly hit or miss when it comes to sound quality. I give Sab's sound  crew much credit for doing a great job of assessing that damn place. The  set list was the same as Seattle. Personally I think eleven songs  definitely is cutting things short. Don't be surprised if this does not  change for the rest of thr tour. Would be so awesome to hear "Wizard", "KYTL", "Supernaut", "Sprial Architect", "SOTU", etc. "FWB" and "Into The   Void" were particularly ferocious tonight IMO. I loved Ozzy's grimaces   during FWB and BS was also a highlight too. I don't think there is a scarier song on this planet. Certainly the type of song Metallica couldn't  write to save their lives. (Sorry, had to jab ;)) Things kind of seemed to  almost fall apart towards the end of "After Forever". It was also a hoot  to see Ozzy remember some lyrics, running around the stage, and then  keeping his eyes on the teleprompter for all his "I'm going to feel"'s for  NIB. Lots of laughs. :) Also, I did not see Geoff Nicholls but I definitely  heard him on the quadruple "'lectric fune-ral"... From all of my Twin  Cities concert experiences, I have found the Minny/St. Paul crowds to be  VERY appreciative. Last night the crowd was real good, but I think the  loudest and greatest crowd participation came during Pantera's set. There  were a lot of younger people who were mostly quiet after "NIB" and didn't  get revved up again until "Black Sabbath". And so it goes.

Anyone else who was there please comment and add on to these poorly  executed comments. I'm not very good at articulating my thoughts. :)

The bottom line is, the four horsemen are alive and well and in good health  again, so get ready Chicago and prepare East Coast! :)


From: "Rahul Bandra" <>
Subject: Woooooooooooooooooow
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 19:38:50 PST

Hello Everybody,

Well like i wrote earlier, was headed for the Sabbath concert in  Minneapolis. Through the snow and sleet i did make it.

I wasn't too impressed with Pantera. They've got a long way to go before i  will mention them in the same breath as Sabbath. Two different types of  music let me tell you.

I had excellent seats, about 50 feet away from Mr. Iommi.

As I saw the stage setup, i was thinking that it would be neat to have them  rise up from under the stage.......and that's exactly what  happened........right up through the smoke. Unfortunately they surprised  me and my camera.

You can definitely tell that they know what the hell they're doing. No one  can play like them that's for sure. You can close your eyes and know it's  Tony, Geezer, Bill, and Ozzy.

I was basically beside myself, i just couldn't get over seeing Tony Iommi  right there....before my eyes.....playing for me.

Geezer and Tony were bang on.......and Bill was leading the way....still  got the thunder foot and sticks going, but man he looks old......a lot  older then the others look. I appreciate very much what they can do for  men of their age. Amazing!!!!!!

Ozzy is sure the man in charge. Drill sargeant i should say. I couldn't  get over him bouncing around and doing his 'frog' jumps. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I know they must have shortened their song list.......cus there was a few i  thought they were supposed to play. But none the less.....they were very   impressive.......and certainly didn't let me down. I just hope that the   younger crowd (the panters head-bangers) will someday appreciate what they   witnessed. It took me 20 years to finally see them.....some kids, maybe 15  or 16 were there at the concert....must be nice.

I thought about buying a T-shirt as a souvenir.......but i got what i  wanted.......i don't need a T-shirt to prove or show that i was at a  Sabbath concert or prove that i'm a fan. I know i am. Always will be.

I will write more later......once i absorb what i witnessed at the  concert.

chow for now


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:18:30 -0600 (CST)
From: Colin <>
Subject: ReunionTourReport

I travelled 14 hours from my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to Minneapolis, MN to see the almighty Sabs play at the Target Center.Everyone else who's posted a review has given pretty much all the details,except for one: I could see Geoff Nicholls off to the left of the stage, sohe was definitely there. For most of the show, he was not playing, justgrooving, waiting for his next little bit of punctuation to come up. Now it makes sense why he's not would look silly because he doesn't play the whole time. Anyway, my own personal thoughts on the night: Incubus was kind of cool, Pantera was totally tight and solid, and Black Sabbath was truly a religious experience. Bill was at his best, Tony and Geezer were their usual unparalleled selves, and Ozzy was, well, Ozzy, complete with the "Go Fucking Crazy!"'s and the "LOUDER!"'s, and the monster faces. When it was over, and the lights came up while "Changes" played softly, a lot of people (myself included) just kind of sat there, stunned, for a few minutes before collecting themselves and leaving. Unreal. Ozzy teased us with the prospect of the band coming back at a later date. If it happens, I'll definitely be there again. The band looked to be enjoying playing together so much, it just seems that the studio thing HAS to happen at some point. But even if it doesn't, I have an  experience that I'll keep with me always.

- Colin Reid