Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
January 25, 1999
Compaq Center
Houston, TX


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 02:11:19 -0600
From: Mark Hoffman <>
Subject: Houston Show...Phenominal

I can die a happy man now......I just saw the original Black Sabbath......Just plain Awesome. Everyone Performed perfectly- Just like previous shows, they were all smiling and having a great time. My only complaint was the camera men- there were 8 of them right up on the stage obstructing our (and many others) view. They did a good job for the video screens I must admit.....but it still pissed me off! My buddy Big Lar jotted down the set list, it was basically the same- they swapped two songs though....If no one else posts it, either he or I will. I may have some pictures too, we'll see how they turn out. Hate to say it Joe, but Ozzy told us after the second song we were a better crowd than Dallas! (Maybe you should have been on the other side of the stage to help out! You know I'm just jealous!) This concert was truly the most important , if not the best show I have ever seen to in my life- and I've seen allot (from Purple to Elvis)

Mark Hoffman

From: "Austin, William" <>
Subject: Houston Rocked!
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:34:55 -0600

God....what a night! Forget the opening bands, (Pantera had a MAJOR problem with the crowd at the Summit-it was a SABBATH kinda night, Pantera has and will continue to have their own....just not this time) Whoever said Bill Ward is not what he used to be was not in Houston. Man he looked and sounded good. The guy is standing up towards the end of Dirty Women just beating his kit to a friggin pulp! Geezer had the head slammin most of the night and played a mean intro to NIB. The Gibson Thunder (Mr. Iommi) sent shudders through everyone. This was my first time to see him live and now I wonder what in the hell was wrong with me for ever thinking Sabbath was not worth going to see post-Ozzy. Ozzy was doing the "We are not worthy" bow down at the conclusion of Children of the Grave and had everyone (well, me) joining him!

Oz was Oz - what a stage presence! Third time seeing him was a charm for me. During Black Sabbath, torches were lit around the stage, fog machines were pumping and there stood Ozzy with his arms over his head palms together singing as sinister as I've ever heard him! He even doused the stage security with a bucket of water much to the pleasure of everyone. For all you people on down the tour - GET READY FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIVES!!

From: "Andrew Ormsby" <>
Subject: Houston show review
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:01:59 CST

Many of my friends frequently give me comments like "Their 50!" "Their SO OLD!" but if they say what I saw last night, their comments would be silenced...

I did miss the opening act, and the first song from Pantera... Which were actually a bit better than I thought they'd be, they played their set, with the minor set back of Phil's annoyind burbing and spitting routine, and he constant chatter, but that was no matter the next up was Black Sabbath and I was ready for em. Soon enough I heard the sirens of War Pigs, and from the ground rose the 4 greatest musicians on the planet, the ripped through the song and I knew this was going to be the greatest show of my life. Ozzy was great, frog jumping at amazing heights, believe me I tried this morning and could get no where NEAR the height he got, the only song he really had trouble with was Children of the Grave. Geezer was, well, Geezer! He slapped the bass and thrashed his head he seemed to be having a good time, I couldn't really tell though, his hair was all flailing about. Tony was his normal self, only he was smiling in the presence of Ozzy, I was suprised to hear a bit of improvision in his solos, he was also sporting a tres chic jacket. Then there's Bill, and let me say this to all the people who say "Bill doesn't play with his heart" that is total and utter bullshit! I am a percussionist, and playing straight for an hour and a half ISN'T EASY, and I'm YOUNG, this guy's gotta be at LEAST 3 times as old as I am, and he suffered a heart attack last year, and BESIDES the fact that he's over the hill, BESIDES the fact he had a heart attack last year, he STILL went on stage, and STILL KICKED ASS!!!

Show Highlights: Ozzy said we were better than Dallas When some girl took off her shirt Ozzy said (and I do quote) "Alright!! Some Texas titties man!!!" Ozzy tossed water on a big fat security guard And the best highlight was... Well, the whole show.

Andrew Ormsby

From: "Chris Burger" <>
Subject: Reunion Tour Report - Houston
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 13:44:43 -0600


Having been a child when these guys were recording and touring, I was thrilled to to hear they were coming.Having never seen them I can give a somewhat nuetral review.Ariving later than wanting to ,missed the opening(Deftones) band, but just in time to hear a loud Pantera. The first thing I noticed that the place was packed and pleaseantly suprised to see more of a young than older crowd. Pantera went almost overboard with there homage to BS, but was impressed at the REspect.

The stage setup was kind of plain ( expected something grand) bare bones,not as many amps as Pantera but load enough. When they started we were on the side of the stage ,paralell, a great view compared to the seats we had, up and far away, I was struck w/ how skinny he was. Their energy matched the crowds, not frenzied but not mellow either, a controlled exitement. No real memorable moment in the show no bare chested women that I saw, no fights (thankfully) . A little dispointed in the video screens overhead, seemed to have lines in them, could'nt make out details, of Iomi playing guitar. I was impressed that they did'nt take a break, 90% of the songs were from the first two albums, glad to hear Snowblind , pleny of audience perticipation,(Ozzy said we were a better audience than the previous nights Dallas show )and Dirty Women wich I 've never heard,(only abum I dont have) . The show seemed to progress smoothly and seemlessly. I'm glad I went, for it could verywell be the last tour they will do.

Chris Burger