Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 16, 1999
Thunderbird Stadium
Vancouver, BC Canada


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


From: "Jim & Lorr McDonald" <>
Subject: Sabbath in Vancouver
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 20:18:25 -0700

I witnessed the spectacle that is Sabbath last night, and I was not 
disappointed. Being a huge fan for 15 years, I was looking forward to the 
evening, although I had my doubts about Ozzy's health. The stories about 
the Dallas show had me nervous, but Ozzy was at his recent best. He seemed 
to be enjoying himself, and was particularily entertaining when he bowed 
and worshiped Tony after introducing him. Tony motioned for him to stop, 
but Oz kept on bowing to him, which caused Tony to laugh. Their sound was 
incredible, and the crowd really enjoyed them. I was standing on Tony's 
side of the stage, and he seemed genuinely pleased with the response, and 
thanked the crowd every chance he got by nodding and smiling with respect. 
The whole show was a class act from start to fininsh. Thanks to the Sabs 
for making my one-and-only live experience with them one that I will never 

If this tour is indeed Sabbath's swan-song, I wish the boys nothing but the 
best, and look forward to years of solo work, especially from Geezer and 

Remember the Sabbath...


From: "Led Zeppelin" <>
Subject: Perfection in Vancouver
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 10:28:22 PDT

Black Sabbath was absolutely perfect in Vancouver. Best show I have ever 
heard!! (couldnt see very well because the stadium sucked) Anyway, I will 
be flying to phoenix from seattle next week to see that show although I 
wont be coming early to see any other bands. It seems that all they do is 
scream not sing. Anyway, Ozzy and the boys were right on.

From: "david" <>
Subject: vancouver show (ozzfest 99)
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 23:44:35 -0600

Drove about 1600km ,Freind from winnipeg drove 2400km for this one .Worth 
every metre.first sniffing police dog at gate had to take 4grams of shrooms 
at 10am then went in ,Asked what i could bring in no this no that no beer 
gardens.But you could bring a bag and herb was healthy in the air all 
day.Strobed all day til close to sab still comining down at sab- the blue 
tops(mushrooms) were a wild buzz all day.set list as best as i can remeber 
(not out of it) just the excitment .I couldn't keep track kept getting 
blown away part by part song after song.-warpigs-wizard-nib(bassically 
solo)-elec funeral-faries wear boots-sweat leaf(ozzy said he could smell 
it)-into the viod-snow blind-sab bloody sab(very powerful)-black 
sab(tourches around stage were cool)-iron man(this jazzed up version was 
unlike any sab ive ever heard totally hot and unique strobe lites on this 
and b.s. at the end were great touch)-"last song"cildren of the grave(lite 
show and simultanious pyro at the end were wild-"encore"supernaut intro 
into pariniod(thunderbird stadium went ballistic lites and pyros at the end 
incredible,the explosoins could be felt in the stands as they!).HIGHlights-video's ive never seen before at start on the video 
screen.- geezer and tony were performing at there peak on everthing they 
played too much to list.-bill ward played better than anyone ive ever seen 
or heard ,man did he pound those drums!Yes ozzy squeeked a couple notes but 
he also yelled go crazy you fuckers every second and constantly hosed down 
the crowd with a flourecent? fire hose, he talked to the crowd about sab 
between songs ,payed tribute and bowwed to the band members (tony's took a 
good two minutes),he was dressed in black with black hair/white down the 
part/white makeup(i think he got into zombie's makeup)he was the ultimate 
start to finnish.-final bow's's's were overwhelming.-primus with some crazy 
looking guy in a mine mask long black hair and kentucky fried chicken 
bucket on his head (known only as buckethead)during one of there originals 
they broke into the thrashist crazy trian with bucket head doing wild feed 
back on his vee(everyone went nuts over it, nice one primus).- zombies 
dragula with twenty foot flame pods and burning x was cool .- 
deftones,godsmack and plush?put on great performances.-fearfactory and 
slayer got great crowd response(the kids loved em).-thunderbird stadium is 
a big football feild pit you enter the top of the stadium at ground level 
(totally cool lookin concert)there is midway between the stadium entrance 
and a practice feild inside the grounds ,the practice feild was second 
stage ,the midway and floor of the stadium were loaded with vendors (fender 
trailer,strap on your favorite+headphones and jam,a rock climbing wall 
,painted lightbulbs/t shirts+many more).-t shirts went fast and missed 
apartment 13 and the rest.-the pink psycodellic sab 99 tour shirts were the 
nicest and primus 2112(rush copy)get one if you can .-spectacular shows 
,beautiful vancouver and a very well run concert.-only compliant i heard 
sets to short.-i loved every minute ,if any band or bands can beat it i'd 
love to see it and good luck .LASTLY ozzy mentioned (at the concert on 
friday july 16th) this was the first and only(canadian) and last (north 
american) ozzfest show.whats this about more shows and montreal confirmed 
with tickets giong on sale on thursday july 15?anybody know forsure or is 
this bs (and i don't mean black sab)