Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 20, 1999
Shoreline Ampitheatre
San Francisco, CA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


Subject: Ozzfest at Sunnyvale, CA-July 20, 1999
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 19:50:39 -0700

I attended the Ozzfest Festival in Sunnyvale, CA. The crowd was a little 
odd. Maybe it had something to do with the Christians posted at the gates 
with signs telling people they would go to Hell if they attended. The 
people were subdued though. Several bands commented on the lack of 
enthusiam shown by the audience. Alot of people were more interested in 
drinking and pounding down garlic fries than getting into the music. They 
acted alot like they were watching T.V. Some people threw water bottles at 
the groups. GodSmack spoke to the audience about the lack of energy and 
the bottle throwing, Rob Zombie also let the audience know what lazy asses 
they were. There were alot of good groups there. Alot of groups working 
hard to please the crowds, but you need to get something back from the 
crowds. We were very lucky Ozzfest came to our area. I wouldn't be 
surprised if Sunnyvale, Ca never had a concert again of that size and with 
that much talent again.

From: "Mark Preader" <>
Subject: July 20 Ozzfest show at Shoreline, Mountain View
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 20:50:10 PDT

I have had two chances to see Sabbath this year, once in January and this 
last time at Ozzfest. One way to describe both events: MOTHER FUCKING 

The January show was good, but the Ozzfest show was definitely the best. I 
was a wreck all day, waiting for all the other bands to play so I could 
hear my beloved Sabbath. Drain STH was pretty cool, as was Rob Zombie. The 
rest of the bands didn't spark my interest.

Finally, at around 9pm, anticipation at it's highest, they played a Last 
Supper promotional video, and the crowd freaked. A few minutes later, the 
Sabbath intro came on and more people freaked. And then the siren for War 
Pigs wailed, and everyone in the fucking amphitheater, (including me) just 
lost it. The band sounded totally incredible. Just phenomenal. Tony 
crunched his hooks like the master he is. Geezer's bass rumbled like a bat 
out of hell. Bill was beating the skins intensely, and he had this big ass 
gong next to his drum kit that he just went fucking ballistic on at the end 
of N.I.B.

And of course there was Ozzy. You know, I see all these negative posts 
saying all kinds of shit about Ozzy's voice, and how he sucks and this and 
that. Well, this night, his voice, as well as his whole physical stature 
were in TIPTOP shape! He was a madman! He was doing his signature leapfrogs 
and clapping hands, and running around the stage with the endurance of an 
18-year-old. Simply put: Fuckin' killer!

Long Live Sabbath, and of course, Long Live Ozzy!

Peace out,

Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 22:00:39 -0700
From: Robert <>
Subject: ozzfest 99

I was at the Ozzfest 99 at the shoreline amphitheatre in Mountain
View,CA.,my hometown.When I first got in,I went straight to one of the
souvenir booths.I purchased three cool Sabbath t-shirts,and a(last
supper)poster,which I framed,and now have proudly hanging on my bedroom
wall.The first band,Puya,was great.The second,System of a Down,kicked
ass,loved them.I cant remember the order.Primus was cool,special
guest,Buckethead.Buckethead shredded,and did some roboting,real
cool.Slayer,blew my mind!!great performance!I missed Godsmack.sorry.Rob
Zombie,pretty cool.Finally!!Black Sabbath,they just kick ass,what can I
say.Tony did a quick solo!Bill was great!Geezer thumped away!Ozzy
christened everyone with water!!GREAT F_CKIN SHOW!!I paid $75.00 for my
seat.I personally would have paid $500.00.I purchased the video(The Last
Supper)recently,for $30.00, at Tower records.It is 2 hours of
bliss!!goodbye to all faithful Sabbath fans!!