Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 22, 1999
Desert Sky Ampitheatre
Phoenix, AZ


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:01:10 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Review 7/22/99 Desert Sky Pavillion

Black Sabbath OzzFest 1999 Phoenix, AZ

The show was good, and no one should have been dissapointed with Sabbath's

Iommi did an extended guitar solo, it was flavorful! Iommi, for me, was the
highlight of the event as he played with much passion and strength. He 
looked very confident and sure of himself,and quite content. I was 

Geezer did an extended Bassically solo with some heavy wah wah. Geezer
thrashed about and punished his bass, fingers flying, crashing into his 
four strings. Amazing dexterity!

The Mighty Bill Ward played his heart out (no pun intended), however he was
quite amazing and on top of his chops. He looked much better than he did in
January. Real solid throughout the entire show and sounded as amazing as he
does on the albums. Bill is the heart of Sabbath.

Ozzy, well just plain Ozzy. Nothing new, except that I heard more effects 
on his voice than ever before. It was so blatantly obvious. But it didnt 
sound bad it just sounded like some heavyduty effects. Lots of reverb, 
echo, etc...I was expecting him to really suck after what I have been 
hearing on the mailing list. Ozzy was fine, just like any other time I had 
seen him. Just plain Ozzy, no frills.

Overall the band was much tighter and comfortable than any other time I 
have seen them. My favorite tunes of the night:Children of the Grave, 
Electric Funeral, Into the Void, and After Forever. I wish they would play 
more tunes. The Last Supper was fulfilling! An onslaught of pure evil; a 
wall of sound! Still, of all the times I have seen Black Sabbath my 
favorite show was January 2, 1999 Las Vegas, Nevada! Someone has a tape of 
that one I bet. I guess thats it, The Last Supper. Looking forward to 
seeing Iommi on his solo tour or Sabbath again seeing as though they are 
adding more and more shows. They should call it the Last Last Supper! 

joseph rheaume

Thanks again to Anders Hedman for the shirt and the archive tape & Mike
Alexander for the Portland Oregon Reunion tape (I do like the filler Mike).