Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 5, 1999
The World
Chicago, IL


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 23:43:33 EDT
Subject: Reunion Tour Report


I just happened to be in chicago on last night to see the Reunion show. And
let me tell you some thing. If you dont go to this reunion tour your 
missing out BIG TIME! When we got in (@ 6), i bought a shirt and a program 
yada yada yada we went to go check out our seats. And they SUCKED. the view 
was obstructed and every thing. But that didnt matter to us, because we 
moved up to the front row! They didnt sell the front row for safty sakes 
(ie and emergancy, pyro, ect). Incubus went on, and oh my god did they 
suck!! FINALY after 30 minuets (exactly) they were off YAYA. It took like 
10 or more minuets to set for pantera. then FINALY pantera is ON!! they 
opened with domination. And the audiance raised to there feet and screamed. 
They started to play. And Rex look in the section i was in alot (more than 
anyone else at the whole concert). And we were in the front row for 
pantera. But dime and phill didnt look at our secion a lot. Vinnie didnt 
throw one goddamn thing in our direction. Man we were so close i didnt even 
have to look at the moniter. The they played the ending part of Hallow. 
that was awsome. A New Level!!! of confidance and power. such power sang 
all of the fans. This was a great live song. Then it was walk, same 
responce. Becoming, god size GREAT song. As soon as Becoming was when the 
rosemont realy smelled like weed (at lease near me). Use my third arm, i 
have never herd this song live, or seen it in a set list (a great agressive 
song. i love it).Then it was primal concrete sledge, fucking hostile (one 
of the best song ever writen). This love (good song). And the 
grandfannaly.... Cowboys From Hell. My neck was broken in half on this
song. So pantera so far is the HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE (no exaggeration). Now 
the time is around 9. Time to set up for sabbath that took 15 min. Now it 
is 9:15 the lights fade to black. Recorded shit started to play. Then the 
stage was lit-up and full of fog. And they were raised from the fog. The 
croud (all ready on there feet) screams our heads off! To roll in with War 
Pigs. With the war sirens started to roar with the band. And i couldnt hear 
my own screams. By the end of the song my voice was shot and sour. Then my 
favorite sabbath song came on... N.I.B., Fairy Wear Boots, and after 
forever (notin realy specile). Then another on of my favs. Electric 
Funeral. Next was Sweet leave, i have not seen anyother setlist wich 
includes this song (great song). Into the Void (GREAT song), snowblind, 
dirty woman. Oh my god, then Black Sabbath. During this song the arena was 
dark and there were a total count of 4 tourches and 2 big tourches at the 
end of the side of the stage. 

Here is what the layout was 0 = 2 big tourches o = regular tourches 0 
0 o drums o

o o

and they were lit through out the WHOLE song. it was so evil, it was so
goddamn cool. Ozzy's evil laugh durin the song set the crowd wild. I was so
close i could feel the heat from the tourches!!!!!! I could not belive i 
was there, with the kings of HEAVY METAL. Then iron man, children of the 
grave, then paraniod. This concludes this review. I hope i can make you 
relise on what you missed out on. And for those who went know what im 
talking about

From: "Jack C Velut" <>
Subject: Ozzfest July 5, 1999 Chicago
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 22:15:38 -0500

Well I saw the Ozzfest as it came into Chicago on July 5. I have to say
that the show was great although I arrived late in the day. When I got
there Slayer was on stage and that got me in the mood to rock. By the time
that Rob Zombie left the stage I was clearly ready for Sabbath. Then the
time came and it hit me like a rock War Pigs had begun!! The heat must of
gotten to Ozzy or he was a little sick because he looked tired. At one
point in the show he trip and fell by Geezer. I can image the heat that
the stage generates. Tony's guitar work was great, very crisp and clean. 
At the end of the show the guitar seemed to get louder and louder as Ozzy's
voice wore out. As for the rest Geezer and Bill very tight! I have to say 
the show was great and the I really enjoyed it. As they left the stage I 
thought to myself this is the last time I will see them together on the 
same stage.

Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 21:22:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sabbath at The World, Chicago

Hey all...
Just got back from Ozzfest in Chicago (Tinley Park) at The World. 20+ hours 
of travelling was worth it!

We got there just as Puya was taking the small stage. They were the first 
band. The Never Never Land was much bigger with more stuff and vendors than 
in Philly. It was VERY hot. Our seats were in the covered pavilion area... 
even in the shade we were sweating like pigs.

Lots of freaks, as you would expect, so we fit right in with the 18,000 or 
so other misfits of society. They did not sell beer until after 3 p.m., 
where as in Philly they sold it all day - which explains why people where 
wandering around in a drunken state early on in the day in Philly.

Enjoyed all the bands. Met the singer from Drain. Saw Christian from Fear 
Factory posing for pictures.

I just wanted to add the Fear Factory was incredible. Singer Burton Bell 
had jumped up on the stage during Apartment 26's set to lend some vocals. 
But anyway, Fear Factory ruled. Very impressive. Why are they on the small 

So did Slayer. They had a HUGE pit going stirring up a huge dust cloud out 
on the hill.

Zombie was great as usual. Great show.

Sabbath was great as usual too. Ozzy struggled, though I think we have come 
to accept that from him... he is still the best at getting a crowd going!

The only bad thing I can say is the sound really could have been a bit 
better. And our seats, though only half the way back, limited our view as 
it was hard to see Bill, and Tony at times.

Again... if you have a chance to see Ozzfest DO IT!

Anyone who says metal is dead has not seen the Ozzfest '99... a celebration 
of heavy metal music in every sense of the word.

Make sure you check out

Joe Karavis

From: "Derek Smalls" <>
Subject: Sabbath in Chicago/Dio VH1
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 02:31:51 GMT

This is my first message on this list so I hope you like it. I saw Sabbath 
last week in Chicago. They put a great show on, but it was only a little 
over an hour. I saw them in January in Chicago, and that concert kicked 
some major metal ass. Anyway, as I read with the other reviews that people 
wrote, Ozzy was hurtin out there. Well it looked like it. He forgot a 
couple of lines from some songs, and by the end of the show, he was holdin 
that mike for dear life. I love Ozzy, and would die for him, but the truth 
is the truth. He has a big heart, but I thnik with all the drugs that he's 
done, well.....he should really take it easy and not kill himself.

The show ruled. Tony was as cool as a cucumber. That solo was awesome. So 
Iommish. Bill was on the mark. As a bassplayer myself, Geezer was 
jawdropping incredible. He's my man, along with Steve Harris. The 
pyrotechnics were awesome too. Zombie put a hell of a show on too. Slayer 
rocks but I thought the sound was shit. If anyone else went to that 
concert, let me know what you think too. The show was done by 10:00. Kinda 
early, but the bars were still there.

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 20:52:20 EDT
Subject: july 5th ozzfest

well ive waited several months to send this review only because i really 
havent had the time to do it before.

so let me start by saying that the day spent at ozzfest has to got to be 
HANDS DOWN the HOTTEST day ive ever had in my life (im sure many would 
agree) i cant tell you how happy i was to have pavilion and not lawn seats 
that day cuz i would probably STILL be sunburned so please keep in mind 
while reading my review that it was just ungodly hot that day

first off HATS OFF to the road crew on this tour i had my list of bands 
and thier start times for the show and every single one was right on time 
and i mean not even 2 minutes late -- fans dont tend to thank the road 
crews or even mention them but they HAVE to be mentioned because they did a 

now i must admit im not into alot of the bands that played at ozzfest in 
fact the only reason i went was to see ozzy with sabbath for the last time 
(hopefully not though)

so i will not even begin to comment on the bands that played for that 
reason other than to say i was impressed with godsmack--im not into them 
and i dont know thier music but i thought they put on a excellent show and 
thier frontman is really good---- really knew how to work the crowd -- even 
in the heat

so on to the sabbath review

all i can say is i hope this wasnt the last time to see the original 
sabbath perform beacause if it was what a disappointing memory it will be

im sorry to say that the sabbath performance sucked especially ozzy now i 
know a bunch of people just went GASP!!!!!!!! and believe me ive been a 
sabbath freak since i was about 5 and picked up from my older brothers (im 
31 now) but i have to be truthful the performance was awful except that 
bill ward really seemed to be into it but ozzy was OUT OF IT--- if he is 
clean like he claims well then id have to say he really cooked his brain 
with all the years of abuse cuz he was trashed----now granted its was just 
extemely hot and the guys were sweating thier asses off b4 the opening song 
started-- so ill give em that one and ozzy did complain about the heat a 
couple of times ("is it always this fucking hot in chicago") good ole ozz

but he never even really moved around the stage just held that mike stand 
like he would collapse without it -- i know he does that alot but this was 
to the extreme and the other disappointment about this show was that as i 
stated earlier i had a list of who was playing and at what time beginning 
to end sabbath was supposed to play from 845 till 1030 at nite well at 
845 the show began but at 1030 i was already in my car leaving the lot 
because the show was long over------we only got a 45 minute show from 
sabbath-- now when i think that i dropped $55 a ticket and just scorched 
int he heat the least i could do was get the full show---ok its too hot to 
play then fine play the 45 minutes but reschedule another show to make up 
for it ---- like it or hate admit it or not the guys in sabbath are age 50+ 
so sure they have to be careful especially ward as to not suffer a heart 
attack or heat stroke and i can accept that but i really think another show 
should have been played at a later date to make up for this one----like i 
said im a die hard sabbath fan and havent missed a ozzy show here since 86 
i really looked forward to a huge fairwell show but in reality its a 
dissapointing last memory----- if anyone from the sabbath or the sabbath 
organization is reading PLEASE consider doing ONE MORE show in 
chicago---when i went back in january that show was just incredible------ 
so to all the sabbath fans out there im sorry for ripping on sabbath and 
ozzy for this particular gig but i gotta call it like i saw it

on a final note when the band came out for the encore i heard a very 
familar intro by ward on the hi hat and low and behold they did it they 
went into supernaut which is by far one of my alltime sabbath favs but 
they only played it up to when ozzy would start singing and then went into 
paranoid but thats ok my dream was that someday i would witness the 
original sabbath play supernaut and at least i got part of it 

well thanks for the time people and i hope sabbath gives chicago one more 
show to make up for this one but i doubt it