Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 9, 1999
Sandstone Ampitheatre
Kansas City, MO


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 08:12:57 -0500
Subject: KC Edition

I have never contributed to this list, but after seeing the greatest band 
ever come back together and rock as I have never seen, I had to say 
something. Electric Funeral and Into the Void were incredible, but there 
were a couple other moments that I thought were even better. When Ozzy 
introduced the band, he must have screamed Bill Ward's name 15 times. And 
the crowd screamed louder every single time. And you have just not lived 
until you have seen Ozzy sing Children of the Grave with a bra on his head. 
You know he still has it when he can look evil with a bra on his head. 

Randy Lierz

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 11:46:54 EDT
Subject: K.C. Show and random babbling

Greetings Sabbath Nation!! A few thoughts on the recent Ozzfest shows at 
Bonner Springs in Kansas.If you went to the show GOOD JOB, the crowd was 
great. I have seen Ozzy 14 times and I can tell he was having a great 
time.His rib is still very sore I'm sure and he screwed up on some lyrics 
(thank God) but overall he was pretty damn good.I believe that Tonys' sound 
was better this time around (better than Jan.)Electric Funeral OH MY!!! 
They dropped Dirty Women for this show but kept Sweet Leaf and Snowblind 
very interesting since when the band trimmed the Reunion set list these 
were the ones to get the axe.Maybe they have been reading this 
list!!HaHa.Whats up with that tiny second stage?? I cant believe that 
Motorhead was forced to play there last year and its no wonder Judas Priest 
found something else to do this summer!!!! One last thing to Ozzy and 
Sharon, drop those stupid carnival booths. CLEARLY rigged and a promo 
sampler C.D. as a prize???? Get real .How about more room for the Lesbian 
Sandwich on a Harley booth!!!!!! Some other stuff,A friend of mine from San 
Diego called and told me that the marquee at the old S.D.Sports Arena read 
Black Sabbath Tonight-Sold OUT .He later found out they were filming a 
movie but could not find out the name.S.D. was the site of a mildly 
historic band "break down" (Never Say Die tour with Van Halen) so this 
might be "The Ozzy Story" film in the works.(More likely it is Waynes World 
3:The Elementary Years) Needles to say he almost drove off the side of the 

From: "Dustin Johnson"<>
Date sent: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:00:04 GMT
Subject: Concert reveiw: July 9th in KC

ok First off the years OZZfest kicked ass!! Here's a list of what I thought
about the bands.

(hed) pe - I didn't get in on time to see them

Slipknot - Saw the last half of their set their music isn't that great but they
are fuckin' crazy!! My friend got like 4 of their autographs on their set list
that he caught. They have one hell of a rythme section, 3 drummers!!

Flashpoint - missed them

Puya - They have a song that's played regularly on the radio here. They were
actually pretty decent they played a couple guitar solo's too! My friend caught
one of their drum sticks.

Static X - I only heard a couple of their songs then went to the main stage,
but from what I heard they were ok.

Godsmack - They were ok I only knew like 2 of their songs. They were pretty
good with the crowd!

Apartment 26 - I was looking forward to these guys 'cause Geezers son was the
singer, but they weren't that impresive. Just like every other band a lot of

Primus - I really liked these guys! I only knew a couple songs "Those Damned 
Blue Collard Tweekers" & "My name is Mud". In the middle of one of their songs 
("Too Many Puppies") they started playing the "Crazy Train" intro I wanted 'em 
to do the whole thing but they stoped when it was time for the verse.

Drain STH - I think this was the best band on the 2nd stage! They actually
almost had some talent!! *LOL*

Slayer - They were pretty cool I don't really know any of their songs though.
They were kinda boring it might help if they walk around or try to get the
crowd into it.

Fear Factory - The pit was fucking crazy I stayed for about 3 or 4 songs then I 
got sick of getting my ass kicked so I left.

Deftones - Missed them, damn that really killed me too {sarcasticly}

Rob Zombie - he was crazy as hell! He had pyro for about every song! He kicked
ass!! Here's the set list from what I can remember: Super Beast, More Human
than Human, Meet the Creeper, Super Charger Heaven, Demenoid Phenominon(sp?),
Living Dead Girl, Thunder Kiss 65, Dragula. I think that's pretty close to the

Then up next the great Black Sabbath!! Ozzy did a lot of those frog jumps
surprised me a bit! Here's the set list.
War Pigs
Faries Wear Boots
Sweet Leaf
Eletric Funeral
After Forever
Into the Void
Guitar solo/Snowblind
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Embryo/Children of the Grave
Supernaut tease/Paranoid

I think that's in the right order. During Sweet Leaf sombody threw a joint on
the stage & Ozzy caught it & took a drag off of it! During "Black Sabbath" I
couldn't beleive it during the verse riff Tony actually hit a wrong note. Me & 
my friend looked at each other in shock. Last year at the OZZfest everybody
threw mud & shit so this year they put down a carpet or somthing over the grass
so you couldn't throw mud, but during "Black Sabbath" at the "Big black shape
with eyes of fire" part the people in the lawn caught the carpet on fire so
there like this big bon fire in the lawn!! They also had big torches on the
side of the stage for that song. During "Children of the Grave" some chick
threw her bra on stage & Ozzy tied it around his head for the whole song, it 
was funny as hell!! Nothing really cool happened during "Paranoid" just after 
that song a shit load of fireworks went off on the stage. Oh yeah & when Ozzy 
was introducing the band he said Mr. Bill Ward about 10 times. Ozzy's voice was 
ok you could barely hear him at times & others it was just fine. The only 
disapointment was they didn't play Dirty Women!! That's one of my favorite
songs. I'd say the best song of the night was "Black Sabbath". Sorry this is so 

Can you say Mr. Tinkertrain?