Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
June 25, 1999
Pine Knob Music Center
Detroit, MI


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards


None available - if you have any, let me know.


From: matt brim <>
Subject: Ozzfest In Detroit
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 22:55:14 PDT

Hello Hello Hello!!
I just got back from the Ozzfest show here in Detoit Rock City!! The show 
was awesome!! I mainly stayed at the main stage, because that stage had all 
of the bands worth seeing. Drain S.T.H was the only band that I wanted to 
see on the second stage. I loved all of the bands, but even though I am a 
deftones fan, I think that they could've had better sound. The crowd wasn't 
too bad on the lawn. When RoB ZombiE came out, he got the crowd a little 
excited and they started to tear up the lawn, but only a little bit. 
Sabbath of course was great. I just feel bad for Ozzy on songs like 
Snowblind, where his voice keeps cracking. It looked like that kinda pissed 
him off. As everyone else has said, they did the traditional set list, War 
Pigs, NIB, etc. I have to say one thing before I go... I found that there 
was too much security!! I could hardly even smell pot!! But yet, mabe thats 
because I'm in a damn weelchair and I wasn't exactley on the lawn. Oh 
well!! Ta-Ta for now!! 

Matt, from the hell hole of Michigan!!!!

Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 18:11:17 EDT
Subject: Ozzfest 99: June 25th, Pine Knob Music Theatre


What a day June 25TH was.! This was the first time Ive ever been to Ozzfest 
and I couldnt have chosen a better one. You cant beat a musical line up 
that Ozzfest 99 had to offer: (Rob Zombie,Primus,Slayer,and the fathers of 
Heavy Metal-Black Sabbath.....)Who Else was there..... oh well I probably 
dont like them anyway. But what I do know is that Sabbath Sounded even 
better than I heard them at both of the palace shows. Feb 14 & 15TH. Too 
Bad Pantera Couldnt have been there this time around. Sabbath just kicks 
ass outdoors. Although I was broke within about 2 hours.. (7 dollar beers, 
3 dollar waters, 5 dollar phychedelics, and lots of hot dogs..)

I still had the time of my life. I think it was about 90 degrees that day, 
and man.... I was sweatin balls. Maybe i was just trippin' but I dont think 
Primus, Slayer, & Zombie played long enough. Slayer Just blew me out. Man 
they tear it up. A real aggression releaser. During Zombies Set..(Which his 
stage set tickled my BRAIN) their was an out of control mosh pit going on 
on the steep embankments of the hill. From the top of the hill it looked 
like a swarm of bees attacking something..(Out of Control)..Blew My 
Mind..Maybe I was just Paranoid?..But I wasnt about to join them! People 
were getting tossed down the hill! 

All evening I kept trying to sneak down into the pavilion. Man security was 
tight!! But I finally made it down there(whew!) the beginning of Black 
Sabbaths Set....I found an empty seat next to this guy who looked like he 
was going to loose his cookies. There was this fat guy in another seat by 
me motioning for 1 of the security personell to come here. I though he was 
going to rat me out, be he just pointed over to the guy that looked like he 
was gonna lose it. I didnt think that he could walk at all. I think that if 
he moved he would fall!!!(haha)..........But anyway Black Sabbath never 
sounded better.. Tony Iommi Riffs tickled my innards....How the hell does 
he get that sound??? It would be disasterous if they chose not to tour or 
do anything again...Their the reason I play guitar today! They are such a 
big influence!

No band will ever compare to what they have done.