Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 3, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


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From: "Thomas Wallin" <>
To: <>
Subject: Concert review_Stockholm Sweden_ 3.7.2005
Date sent: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 22:43:04 +0200


I must say I was slightly suprised to see Sabbath and Ozzy in such a great shape!

The concert in The Globe Areana in Stockholm july 3, had the same setlist as they've had

for the whole European Tour, no suprises but nevertheless a fantastic concert!!!!!

Ozzy's microphone fucked up, for half a minute or so, during the middle part of "The Wizard" wich made him a bit annoyed, but no one else cared :-)

And the responce from the crowd was great! Screaming,claping hands and singing along all the time!!

I saw Black Sabbath in Stockholm 12-14-1999 and eventhoug that was a incredible magic evening (first time I saw Sabbath, seen Ozzy solo a couple of times before that), the concert last night felt in spite of the fact that it was extreamly well rehearsed, more down to earth, pure and simpel.

Heavy rock performed by the undefeatable masters!

Best Regards,

Thomas Wallin

From: "bengt" <>
To: <>
Subject: Ozzfest 2005 Tour Stuff
Date sent: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 01:07:29 +0200

Hi Joe

Saw Black Sabbath at Roskilde, front row. As far as I know and heard, the hole 60´000 something crowd went crazy and followed Ozzys every order. Became especially clear with "Ironman". People were shouting and humming those lyrics and chords for the rest of the festival.  The concert lasted for 90 minutes quite sharply. Spending more then 360$ just to get to Roskilde for Black Sabbath was definitely worth every dime even though we had to spend an hour listening to Snoop Dog while queing for the concert.

As for the setlist, I´m not so sure about the order of the tracks but the setist locks pretty much the same as those at the other venues. But I know for sure the first two songs were:

1 N.I.B.
2 After Forever

Best regards
Alexander Falck

From: "Thomas Ekstrand" <>
Subject: review from Stockholm, 3 July
Date sent: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 11:52:30 +0000

Hi Joe!

Here is a review I wrote about Sabbaths concert in Stockholm. Feel free to use it on your website:

BLACK SABBATH, Stockholm, Globe Arena, Sunday 3 July 2005

I was just entering the completely sold out arena (and I mean SOLD OUT ? like the seats behind the open stage being used) when special guests Soulfly kicked off the evening. This kind of death metal music isn?t exactly my cup of tea, and I must admit I was a little disappointed when I found out beforehand who were warming up the crowd for Sabbath. Looking around the less than half full Globe Arena it seems most others agreed with me ? not many were caring about what happened on stage. The ideal band for this job in my book would be Mercyful Fate! Then you?d have two classic and influential heavy metal bands on the same bill complementing each other nicely.

Despite this the atmosphere was great when finally a medley of Sabbath riffs were played in the sound system and Ozzy's voice was heard from backstage. Unfortunately I couldn?t get a standing ticket and participate in the action like I wanted, but in this situation with the show being sold out within in no time and first-hand tickets nearly impossible to get, I was extremely lucky to get a ticket due to a cancellation, and it turned out to be a seat with a great view. The crowd was with Ozzy from the first second and gave him great response throughout the entire show. It honestly seemed to affect him and the rest of the band how much the fans cheered.

The ?Big 5? (Iron Man, War Pigs, Children on the Grave, Paranoid, Black Sabbath) got the most feedback, with the song Black Sabbath maybe being the highlight of the night. Other songs that I personally enjoyed the most were The Wizard, Electric Funeral and Dirty Women. A couple of technical errors happened, like Ozzy's microphone not working properly during the first part of Paranoid, but were taken care of quite smoothly. These guys are professionals.

Not counting the short medleys fact is that only four of Sabb's eight albums with Ozzy were represented in the setlist, with all but one song from their first three. If anything should be added to the set I think Symptom of the Universe and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath would make a great setlist fantastic. Or why not Never Say Die, or a more unexpected song like Behind the Wall of Sleep or Hole in the Sky? I could go on, but I guess we all have our favourites and we can?t have it all every night. However, after the show a few others seemed to agree with me that if anything should be added or replaced one or two faster songs like Symptom.. would give the concert even more of a spark.

That being said I think the band made a great effort, especially Ozzy. These guys are closer to 60 than 50 years old! Now think of the people in your surrounding that are about that age. Then imagine putting them in this kind of environment ? playing heavy metal in front of 15 000 people. Yes, it?s silly to even think about it, but these four gentlemen from Birmingham not only pull it off, but they kick ass doing it! I?ve been a huge Ozzy-fan for over 15 years now and this was the first time I actually saw him live. After seeing a, how should I put it, ?a not so vital? Ozzy on The Osbournes on MTV it was amazing to see him ruling that stage giving nothing short of 100 % for us and urging us to do the same. A live show is first and foremost about the music, yes, but the bond between the band and the crowd is just as important and Black Sabbath with Ozzy as the ultimate frontman does this perfectly. I think he not only still has a great voice (after 30 years in the service of heavy metal!!), but also the most charisma and this great contact with the fans - PLUS the energy to do his trademark frog-jumps, keep his waterboy busy (was that his assistant Tony, as seen on The Osbournes bringing the endless buckets of water?) and generally dominate the stage.

It really warms my heart to see and hear Ozzy and the rest of Sabbath in this shape, and like after anything this good the first feeling I had when I woke up this morning was: I want to do this again tonight!

Thomas Ekstrand, Mariehamn, Åland Islands, 4 July 2005

From: "Albin Jarnroth" <>
To: <>
Subject: Ozzfest 2005 Tour Stuff
Date sent: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 23:29:07 +0200

A review of mine (The Sweden show, 06/03), written almost right after the concert so I was well tired and a bit dizzy - but I corrected it as much as possible today... I'm not too sure about the setlist, but I believe it was as I wrote.

Anyway, here it is:

Black Sabbath live in Sweden, the 3rd of July 2005 - I was there.

I queued from 13:30 and they had arranged so that the one's that queued the longest got in before all others. Good for Me! It was well worth it.

We entered the Globe into a part of the parquet that was withdrawed from the rest; I guess it was because it would be too much pressure for us at front if not. We had to sit down until the first act played, and that was for about 1½ hour. It was very uncomfortable. I sat at the second "sitrow" but it was easy to make it to the front as soon the lights tuned down.

19:30, the first act Soulfly entered the stage. I haven't heard so much from them before, just a few songs that my mate has played for me. I recognized "[i]Roots Bloody Roots[/i]" and "[i]Eye for An Eye[/i]", but the best was when they took up some Brazilian guy who sang some kind of reggae and that played the trumpet, he could scream bloody good too.

Enough about Soulfly.

Soulfly left the stage 20:XX sometime and only the big moment was approaching. Black Sabbath.

They took Soulfly's instruments off the stage, and they took up Mr. BILL WARDS! Drums on the stage - the crowd cheered loudly - and the sound check took about 20 minutes.

Then a sound came from the speakers "Ooohoo ooohohohoho" (the melody from "[i]We are the champs[/i]", you know) and of course it was Ozzy, and we all sang along, and we did so a few times, then he came running out on the stage and the lights was tuned down. The crowd roared!

Ozzy looked older than I thought he would, but I didn't care as he rocked harder than I thought!

Ozzy did some of his standard phrases, "Let me fucking hear you, c'mon!," and so forth, and it's a whole other thing to hear it live than to hear it on a CD or a bootleg. You yelled along and he got the crowd started real well. It was a whole other pressure than on Soulfly, but we were all there to see Sabbath anyway so that was expected.

And so it began. "This is a song called N.I.B.". It was a delight to finally, finally, finally hear the fucking awesomenessfull superb music live! I rocked my friggin' neck off! The hair flew around, the stench of sweat was everywhere!

I can't remember in which order the set was except the first four songs or so, butI guess it was the same as all the other shows, except that I'm a bit unsure about if War Pigs was before or after Dirty Women... Anyway;

N.I.B - Well... I told you about that.

After Forever - I had a lot of energy these first songs, so I headbanged hard and a lot.

Dirty Women - One of the big moments of the night, where Iommi showed us his skills on guitar, and I got a whole damn bucket of water over my face/torso! YEAH!!!

War Pigs - One of the songs I've always longed to hear live, under a few moments of the songs I started to shake and tears came running through my eyes. Now I can't remember the order really well anymore, except that they finished the whole thing with Children of The Grave - but I will write what I remember from the songs anyway.

Fairies Wear Boots - How could I friggin' forget that they played this song! One of my all time favourite Sabbath songs. Anyway it kicked ass, a little more than all the others too. A pure classic. I really enjoyed hearing it live, was one of all the songs (Well... that's about all Sabbath with Ozzy that have been done) I've always longed to hear live! We at the frontrow rocked out.

Symptom of the Universe/Sweet Leaf/Electric Funeral - I mixed up the lines as I sang a long in Electric Funeral, but I did pretty well anyway, very good and heavy.. The others was just the intros, a bit lengthed though.

Iron Man - See my words on "Paranoid".

Into the Void - How I've longed to hear this. Fuckin hell! One of Sabbaths heaviest songs from "Master of Reality", sounds a lot better and heavier live than on the thin, yet dirty-sweet sound from the CD/LP.

Black Sabbath - This one was played as one of the last songs, so I thought I didn't have much energy left, but I was wrong. I just had to bang my head to such a heavy tune as this, to the heavy riffs between the verses. The ground to all Doom-metal and one of Sabbaths all time best songs.

The Wizard - Another song I had longed to hear live, though I was tired and I doubt I could last much more. There seemed to be a few problems with Tony's guitar, it was a bit too disted, and Ozzy's harmonica didn't sound high enough. But it was bloody good anyway! Some fucktard tried to squeeze in next to me which destroyed the song pretty much, it really hurt so I tried to press him back a few times. If he wanted to get to the front he could have queued a little longer, ey?

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(intro)/Paranoid - A classic, yet a little overplayed but I really didn't care. There was some problems with Ozzy's mic, so they played the intro, quit playing and Ozzy cheered at the crowd and kept us going, then they started playing again but there was still some problems, but finally he got a new one!

Sleeping Village/Children of the Grave - The last song, I barely had any energy left but I had to give it all as it was the last song. Yet another classic live! [/list]

They played a few musical parts too, like the intro of Symptom of the Universe, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and so. You know.

They came on the stage and bowed and so forth, and we cheered, they cheered, Tony did the "\../" thing, all of them with smiles which cracked all over the faces! (Which they did through the whole gig too, they really seemed to enjoy it - and so did I.)

Then when they left the stage they played "Changes" in the background, the original of course, and many of us, including me, sang along. "[i]She was my woman! I loved her sooooo! I'M GOOOIIING THROUGH CHAANGEEE-HEEEES![/i]".

Then I left, wet, tired, and euphorically gone in my own world.

My company, which was one guy I had met on the net whom is a big Iommi fan, parted. I had no money, but he had, so when I discovered that some guys were selling T-shirts I tried to contact him so I could borrow money, but I couldn't get to him. Bah. I will get a t-shirt somehow anyway!

Now I'm sitting here. Still tired, my neck hurts more than after any other concert, it shouts in my ears and I think my hearing have decreased on my left ear. I smell of sweat, my stomach hurts as I got squeezed against the fence and I think my calf's got stretched out. But I'm happy and satisfied.