Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
July 23, 2005
Post Gazette Pavilion
Pittsburgh, PA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


  1. N.I.B.
  2. After Forever
  3. War Pigs
  4. Dirty Women
  5. Fairies Wear Boots
  6. Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Electric Funeral
  7. Iron Man
  8. Into The Void
  9. Black Sabbath
  10. The Wizard
  11. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid
  12. Encore: Children Of The Grave
  13. Outro: Changes


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From: Kirsch <>
Subject: Ozzfest 2005 Post Gazette Pavilion
Date sent: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 16:37:40 -0700 (PDT)

My two friends and I went to see the main stage, mainly Maiden and Sabbath. We got there around 2. Ate burgers. Then went in. We sat there for In Flames and Black Label Society, then went to piss and get a drink. After that we came back midway through Mudvaynes set. I don't like them very much at all. Then they went of and Maiden began setting up. When they were testing the instruments the one guitar played the intro to "I Don't Know". They did a good job. Excellent stage show. At the end there were guitars being swung around, drug across the stage, thrown in the air. It was awesome. Then they came back for an encore and did it again.

Then, the big red curtain with the black Master Of Reality Black Sabbath was pulled. Every started yelling, even though sabbath wasn't to come on for a half hour. As the half hour passed it got darker. Finally, the lights went out. The studio version of Black Sabbath began a big medley as old Sabbath photos were shown on the screens. A The MC announced Sabbath and curtain was drawn. There was Geezer, Bill, Ozzy, and Tony. The blew into N.I.B. Ozzy was hoppin around and bangin' his head. They ended and out came Ozzys "I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU!!" "ALRIGHT, WE'RE GONNA DO A SONG CALLED, AFTER FOREVER!" And they went into, of course, After Forever, one of my favorites. After they finished that song, the bombing raid sirens sounded, and the opening chord of War Pigs rung out. The visuals on the screens were pretty awesome, it was a giant white peace sign that turned into an american flag peace sign. Then after War Pigs, Ozzy introduced the band starting with "MR GEEZER BUTLER!! MR GEEZER BUTLER!! MR GEEZER BUTLER!!" Then he moved on to Bill Ward and before he could introduce them he just laughed and Bill grinned and shrugged. Then Ozzy continued with "MR BILL WARD!! MR BILL WARD!! MR BILL WARD!!" Then he moved on over to "MR TONY IOMMI" and said "This next song features Mr Tony Iommi, its a song called Dirty Women". And they played an awesome version of that with alot of jamming. The next song they did was Fairies Wear Boots. This song was excellent too. Right as Faires Wear Boots ended, Tony hammered out the opening E chords of Symptom of the Universe. They played this right up to where the vocals start and a Ozzy screamed "This is Sweet Leaf" and they went on and play that to till the chorus. Then they played a more drudgy version of Electric Funeral.

Then, the signature opening bass drum of Iron Man began to beat as some roadies swabbed Bill Wards sweat off.  Ozzy started a choir type chant to the opening guitar riff. After they ended Iron Man, Ozzy told the crowd to get their lighters out. Then the sound of hard rain was heard, and the tubular bells, then a loud crack of thunder, then the heaviest G chord rock and roll has ever known. The whole place was glowing from people lighters, it was amazing. After they finished up Black Sabbath, they played the intro to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and flew right into Paranoid. Then they all walked to the center of the stage after the roadies too their insturments and they all bowed and walked off. We stuck around to see if there was an encore but then roadies began tearing down Bill Wards drum set. So we made our way back to the car and left. Good times.