Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 11, 2005
White River Amphitheatre
Auburn, WA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


  1. N.I.B.
  2. After Forever
  3. War Pigs
  4. Dirty Women
  5. Fairies Wear Boots
  6. Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Electric Funeral
  7. Iron Man
  8. Into The Void
  9. Black Sabbath
  10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid
  11. Encore: Sleeping Village / Children Of The Grave
  12. Outro: Changes


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From: David Rostowsky <>
Subject: Review Aug 11, Auburn WA
Date sent: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 22:00:51 -0700 (PDT)

I was at the Aug 11th Ozzfest in Auburn, WA. It was interesting to say the least. I've seen all the many incarnations of vocalists live over many moons (I feel old), and I dont recall a worse performance. Its a shame really. I was embarrassed for Sabbath when I saw Tony and the 3 Stooges play the Forbidden Tour to a crowd of about 100+ people. I figured they were reduced to a common bar band. However, they played tight. Last night was pretty embarrassing from a performance standpoint. It had some really good points though, but not up to Sabbath's usual live standard. Ill try to breakdown each song.

They started out great. Having been off for 4-5 days, I figured Id video this just to see if Ozzy "recovered" at all while he tests his pipes for the first time. They played really well. Loads of confidence everywhere. Ozzy typically cracks in this song, but he sang really well. You could tell he felt good about himself starting out.

After Forever
I love hearing this song live! They really kicked butt on this! Ozzy was dead on.

War Pigs
Chinks start forming in the performance. Whoever was running the vocal effects board is probably getting an earful. There was a really bizarre 3-5 second delay put on Ozzy when he sang the verse. It was like this, "Generals gathered in their masses!" DA-DA " their masses!" I think it started in the 2nd verse actually. The first time threw Ozzys timing off a bit on the next line. It was really strange, but it kept going on for the whole verse. You could tell it bothered Ozzy, but he smiled and sang his way around it. The band was really tight otherwise.

Dirty Women
Oh boy! I didnt really Ozzy voice cracking much on War Pigs, but his voice went to hell in Dirty Women. You couldnt make your voice sound this bad! Im not exaggerating much when I say Peter Brady's infamous voice cracking singing on the Brady Bunch sounded like Pavarotti compared to Ozzy on this. It was so bad, and completely embarrassing. I turned on the video camera and caught his last line. It was actually laughable. Ozzy then slams the mic to the ground and storms off stage!!!! Fortunately, it was the last line before Tony's solo. I was thinking, "Well, shows over." I was waiting for the rest of the band to walk off. It was a TENSE moment. However, Tony struck up his solo that went on for many awkward and confused minutes. When he finished his solo, the band went into a little slow jam. I think they were half wondering what to do. At that point, Ozzy walked on stage again and Tony struck up a solo again for another couple of minutes while Ozzy screamed into the mic. He went into his usual crowd routines, and the band finished out the song. Afterwards, Ozzy says something like, "Ok, my voice is blown out again, but heres the deal. Ill keep croaking away if you want to keep listening. What do you say?" Of course, the crowd cheers.

Fairies Wear Boots
Ozzy's confidence was completely shot in this song. He did reasonably well, but screeched many times. You could tell he was mentally gone out of the building (not that that is a big stretch :) ). The band seemed to follow suit a bit too at this point. Confidence was gone. I thought the tempo was sluggish for this song. Im used to it being played a bit faster live. It sounded good, but a little lackluster.

Medley: Symptom Of The Universe [instrumental] / Sweet Leaf [instrumental] / Electric Funeral
I dont like the instrumental teases, so Ill only really comment on Electric Funeral (not that they played the full song of this either). Ozzy was completely off time still shook up and cringing as he sang. The lyrics started to get confused and messed up. You could just tell he and the rest of the band just wanted to go home. It seemed sluggish too.

Iron Man
Ozzy started to almost find his voice again, but then screwed up the up tempo part to Tony's solo. They got about 4 notes into the up tempo, and Ozzy started singing the next verse! The really impressive part was the band recovered in complete unison back into the verse. Very cool. Shows a band that all knows exactly what to do! Ozzy finishes the verse and they go into the solo at that point.

Black Sabbath
This song kicked ass. Got a video of it as its my personal favorite song. Ozzy got a 2nd wind (or 2nd voice). Perfection! I thought they might finish strongly.

They blew threw this song. No extended edition for Ozzy to work the crowd. They saw the light at the end of the tunnel and were rushing it just to finish. Ozzy's voice pretty much cracked and he started to "Shatner" a bit where he spoke more than sang.

Children of the Grave
They barely walked off stage before they came right back on and plowed into Children of the Grave. No huge curtain call. Usually Ozzy would let the crowd get all wriled up before marching back on stage. He was really croaking through this and pretty much talked his way through the song. When they finished, they quickly bowed and got the hell off stage. Usually, they would take a much longer curtain call, but they almost ran off stage. However, the band all walked together and walked with arms around each other.

I couldnt help but think that Ive definitely seen the last of Black Sabbath after this. I cant imagine why theyd want to rush off into a studio and record a new album anytime soon. It was certain that their time on Ozzfest was doomed (shock Ozzy retires the next day from Ozzfest). Ozzy looked old and tired. Him taking his shirt off didnt help that image either. Good grief! Its my grandpa with tattoos! Ive read people said he was in shape (is potato a shape?). Expect lots of solo albums the next few years! BOOO! Im screaming for new Sabbath as much as anybody, but I think theyll be dividing up for a good long time.


From: Rob Swystun <>
Subject: Ozzfest 2005 Tour Stuff August 11 concert review
Date sent: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:14:57 -0700

First of all, let me correct your set list for this show; it's all good except that "The Wizard" was not played and the encore was started with "Sleeping Village".

Also, I have a question: My buddy recently told me of a couple of times throughout Tony Iommi's life when his guitar was stolen and the person who stole it suffered some kind of ill fate or bad luck or something. Is there any truth to this?

And now, the review:

You know when you're watching your child or younger sibling out on the baseball diamond and the kid is trying his/her best to hit the ball but he/she just can't connect? You're automatic response is to go "Awww...". Well, at the Sabbath gig on August 11 several thousand people made that same patronizing sound when Ozz hurled the mic onto the stage and stormed (actually it was more of a loping shuffle) off stage after his voice dropped out on "Dirty Women". This wasn't, after all, Axl Rose getting all pissy because someone snapped his picture, this was a man who has dedicated his whole life to giving his fans the best possible show he can. We all felt for the guy. And we all knew that we had just witnessed the moment that Ozzy realized that he just can't keep up his current touring schedule anymore. His retirement from Ozzfest was announced the next day. The rest of the band stayed cool and extended their jam on "Dirty Women" to compensate for the singer's absence until he was escorted back out onstage to offer apologies and make a deal with the crowd that he would continue if we were willing to listen. I didn't hear anyone say no.

Besides "Dirty Women" (which I'll never be able to listen to the same again) and a tiny bit of "Fairies Wear Boots" where his voice cracked again, the show was what I've always imagined classic Sabbath to be; a simple stage setup, and a whole lot of loud, crunchy music pounding the crowd. The sing along favourite "War Pigs" could've come straight off the Reunion cd and the anticipation for "Iron Man" when the classic intro started was nothing less than electrifying. We all got to connect with our inner soccer hooligan while whoa whoa whoaing along with Tony's riff.

True, it was hard to watch Ozz grimace throughout the set as his voice obviously pained him and to see him creak and groan as he performed an old man's version of headbanging but it made the crowd cheer even louder.

Bill, who was the focus of the health problems years ago, looked in fine form, if a little unshaven, and Geezer, weirding out the crowd on the encore by switching from the requisite black bass to a light aqua Fender J-bass (which stood out like a pair of real breasts in Playboy) was all hair and hands. Tony oversaw the whole show in a dapper long coat, the epitome of guitar lord class.

In the annals of Sabbath performances, this one will probably go down as sub-standard, exacerbated by the incendiary performance that Iron Maiden gave just previous to them, but like the woman who "looks good for her age" Sabbath put on a show that was a little too short and possibly a little too predictable (what I would have loved to see is Sabbath bring out "Never Say Die", a rocking little anthem that belongs up there with "Paranoid" in Sabbath lore) but overall it was satiating...for their age.

From: "ryan ???" <>
Subject: review for aug.11 sabbath show in auburn wa
Date sent: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 22:14:15 -0700

what a show, weather was absolutely perfect (about 80 degrees) Got to meet Tony Iommi, wow what a surreal experience that was!!!! anyway, just before Sabbaths set started, Ozzy started to get the crowd chanting and cheering like 5 min before they even went on stage, N.I.B was a great way to open, After forever was wicked, as was War Pigs!! Poor Ozzy, his Voice cracked towards the end of Dirty Women, so much that Ozzy, out of frustration threw the mic. on the floor and ran off stage, the whole crowd took a deep breath and most of us were worried ozzy would be done for the nite after 4 songs, but Tony Iommi saved the day and pulled the most amazing guitar solo i have ever heard with an extended solo at the end of Dirty Women, and the song ended with Ozzy gracefully returning to the stage. He apologized to the crowd and said "my voice keeps fucking up on me, but as long as you people will listen to me ill stand up here and sing for you" THE CROWD WENT NUTS!!!! and Ozzy musve taken something for his throat because he nailed every note for the rest of the set, absolutely amazing!!!! Children of the Grave at the end was amazing!!!!! unbelievable, 1st time ive ever seen ozzy with sabbath and hopefully not the last

From: "Joey Ramone" <>
Subject: Review
Date sent: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 07:30:31 -0300

Hello Joe,

I wasnt to sure what to do with my review of ozzfest 2005 auburn washington. so I am emailing it to you in hopes that it will be placed on the site.

The night of augest 11th changed my life. I never dreamed of seeing sabbath until it actually happened. I arrived at my hotel in auburn a couple days early after a pain staking 17 hour drive for the one the only black sabbath. Upon my arrival at the hotel the hostess asks If I am going to ozzfest? I said of course. She then replied you better not be going for sabbath because I man came in here saying they werent going on due to an illness with in the band. I rushed to the nearest computer and sure enough the one in the hotel had already been used to check the ozzfest website thus my hopes fading away as the site loads. Sure enough the site stated that sabbath was still ago for the 11th. By the time sabbath was setting up I was on the verge of dying. I just recently had to get surgory due to a work related accident so I was obviously in alot of pain.

The curtain came down after maidens set all in red velvet with the words black sabbath in the master of reality font. Ozzy then started teasing the crowd with a yelling contest. The curtain is removed only to reveal the band going into N.I.B skipping the bass solo. The guys were on the mark with this one followed by After Forever. Then came the War Pigs sing along. nuff said. The guitar solos are even more incredible live. This is where things got scary during Dirty Women just before the guitar solo Ozzys voice started to crack bad due to his illness. He tried to push the notes through but finally chucked the microphone on the ground and walked off the stage. Tony went into an extended guitar solo and him and the guys acted as if nothing had even happened. the solo was something special. Using only a portion of his effort mr iommi let out a hurricane.Ozzy came back on stage as soon as the song ended stating " I'll keep croaking up hear if you guys will stay and listen. Fairies Wear Boots was then played, with out error wich was good. Ozzys voice didnt crack again that night. Tony then went into an instrumental of symptom of the universe playing the first couple riffs then a good transition into sweet leaf where ozzy sang the lines all right now , wont you listen. This lead into electric funeral. Iron man was something special . the solos in this are some of mine and my brothers favorite.wich where perfect. the first solo was palm muted at the start tho. but still amazing. Into the void was not played. Black sabbath opening notes hit and ozzy called for the lighters . He was shocked at how many people pulled them out and said something to the effect of "jesus christ". Such a dark song. Ozzy says one more .. tony plays the first riff of sabbath bloody sabbath then goes into the classic paranoid. Ozzy really gets the buckets of water now. After the song was done the band left the stage. But the crowd hadnt left the band. Everyone in the ampitheater were standing and shouting for more. A screen shows ozzy in the back behind the curtains yelling for the crowd to put some balls into it. They came back out and played the beginging of sleeping village and then children of the grave wich was a really good encore. I was truly blessed to have seen the band and to have met tony at the fye tent. Geezer did not sign even tho I bought his cd and got a wrist band after being told he would sign.