Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 20, 2005
Hyundai Pavilion @ Glen Helen
San Bernadino, CA


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


  1. N.I.B.
  2. After Forever
  3. War Pigs
  4. Dirty Women
  5. Fairies Wear Boots
  6. Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Electric Funeral
  7. Iron Man
  8. Black Sabbath
  9. The Wizard
  10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid
  11. Encore: Children Of The Grave
  12. Outro: Changes


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From: "Nicole Susan" <>
Subject: Review for August 20th show
Date sent: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 08:44:49 -0700

I'm on a Mac, so I decided I'd spare you the weird attatchment. I copy and pasted instead. Thanks for a great site Joe. --- GodDAMN! Where to start...

Ok, well, since I got seats this year, I didn't wanna get there at the butt crack of dawn to watch a bunch of lame bands, so I didn't. I showed up way later than I wanted to because of traffic and stuff like that. I missed Zombie's set (which I was dying to see), In Flames (who I could care less about), and caught the last song Zakk and BLS did (which was also sad for me).

Zakk did have the Randy Rhoads PDV (black with white dots) with him and he got down in the mosh pit and shredded next to the fans. It was pretty cool.

Shadows Fall did there thing and I liked them a lot. Their lead singer is super rad and has some insanely long dred locks. My friends and I went out to explore after their set and we RAN INTO HIM. He's a very nice guy, willing to pose with the zillions of people who wanted a picture. All smiles. Very cool and non rock starish.

Then came Mudvayne....or Slipknot. They both played the show last night (Slipknot was a special guest). I don't remember much of their set because I was out and about for most of it. I stayed for maybe 3 songs from each of their sets...not much to say there. They're great at what they do, just not might cup o' tea.

Then Iron Maiden came on. A great band...but someone in the crowd was a real jerk to Bruce and the gang through out the whole set, throwing eggs, bottles, etc at him. Then some guy came onstage during the Trooper with an American flag and with "Ozzy rules" or something like that painted on his back and he was running around. Security nabbed him eventually. Their set was interuppted by 3 or 4 power outages and the crowd was livid for the most part. Aside from that, they were pretty solid. They still are kinda trapped in the 80s with their silly poses and such...I would they'd be able to grow a little like Sabbath perhaps (who aren't stuck in the 70s) and maybe...stop wearing frilly pants and such. But that's just a minor flaw though. They were great and I'm happy I saw them. The end of their set was marred by a pre recorded loop from earlier in the day with someone chanting "Ozzy...Ozzy...Ozzy." This, of course, pissed Bruce of" and he tried to get the crowd the chant Maiden (somewhat unsuccesfully, from where I was standing anyway). It was very sad and very uncool for that to have happened.

Now, after the set was over, Sharon Osbourne came out (to one hell of a roar of applause I must say) and she says "Let's give it up for Iron Maiden's sound crew!!" *cheers* "Iron Maiden was great this whole tour and we'd like to thank them..." *cheers* "But I want to say that Bruce Dickinson is a PRICK!" *boos, some shocked silence* Sharon looks around for a second and then goes onto say "Well, Iron Maiden! Let's hear it!"

RANDOM. I was sitting their for a few moments with my mouth open as were most of the people around me. I knew that Bruce had made some anti American comments and has taken SEVERAL shots at Ozzy, but I never knew it came to this...very sad indeed. I hope we can learn a little more about what the fuck happened.

Ok, moving along now.

Black Sabbath! Woo! We heard Ozzy from behind the curtain, like always, and the crowd went up. They started playing their intro and their slide show kinda thing on the projector. From where I was sitting, toward the side, I could see that there was stuff on the screen, but the curtain hadn't been moved there were no collages of pictures or anything like that could be seen by the crowd. But they kicked off into NIB, which sounded killer. Ozzy's voice sounded strong and you could tell he was a bit hoarse, but he did well and didn't mess up the song whatsoever. For After Forever, he botched up a note, but recovered quickly and finished the song fine. A lot of people say that they get sick of hearing Iron Man and War Pigs live. I, for one, don't. Those songs shake your very soul when you hear's magical to say the least. Tony, Geezer and Bill were SMOKING. You could tell that Bill was taking the easy way out for some drum fills, but eh, who cares? It sounded good anyway.

Ozzy introduced the rest of the band. He introduced Geezer Butler (twice) and Geezer walked around with a goofy look on his face and made a cross in the air, the same way a priest does when he blesses a member of his church. Or something like that. You know what I mean. It was pretty funny though. He introduced Bill Ward (only twice this time) and he got a rousing cheer as well. The place went apeshit for Tony though, without a doubt. Ozzy got on his knees and bowed to him as usual.

The medley sounded great. I thought they did the first verse or two from Sweet Leaf, but they didn't. Electric Funeral sounded amazing...probably the best song of the night. Everyone's hands were in the air showing the metal sign.

Black Sabbath was great sounding too. Tony's guitar sounded especially evil sounding with the tolling bell.

Ozzy got SEVERAL items of clothing thrown to least 4 or 5 bras or panties. He would either hang them on his mic stand or put them on. Yes, Ozzy put on a bra. It was comical and the guy working the sreens was sure to zoom up on it. He also put on a baseball cap and pranced around with that for a while. He took off his shirt at the end of Iron Man and tossed it to some hot girl in the pit, like he always does. Ozzy's on the skinny side now and is maybe a little bit thicker than his days in the early 90s when he was mega super skinny. He's looking good. He had some deep cuts all over his chest from scratching himself up. He was the most active I've ever seen him. Not active just as far as Ozzy goes, but as frontmen go.

Dirty Women had the extended jam with Tony ripping his guitar like no one else that day. He is truly amazing and only gets better with age. The man's playing is flawless. The band actually slowed down for maybe a minute and just jammed the blues (SWEET!). The band should have utilized this more often since Ozzy apparently needs to chill for a few minutes after Dirty Women. Dirty Women, by the way, was sung perfectly. No botching of any sort.

They ended with SBS/Paranoid which was always great sounded. I think Ozzy might have bull shitted his way through some of the lyrics, but I couldn't really tell. Sleeping Village/Children of the Grave sounded pristine for the most part. Ozzy's voice fits perfectly on Sleeping Village...very deep, gloomy and spooky sounding. I was kinda sad when they didn't surprise me and go into the whole Warning jam... Ozzy's voice cracked a little during the song, but not too much...for maybe 3 notes or so, but he recovered quickly, as he normally does.

All in all, it was a GREAT GREAT SHOW. And I'm not saying that as a fan...really. Everyone around me, all 50,000 of them, were having a blast and enjoying themselves.

Sorry if this review seemed a bit muddy, but I wanted to get everything down before I forgot all the cool stuff. It was an awesome show and I wish every Sabbath fan in the world was there.


From: Chris Rhine <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Ozzfest 2005 Tour Stuff 8-20-05 Glen Helen
Date sent: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 16:26:13 -0700

After last year I said I would never go back to that venue because of the parking. O.K., it was Sabbath and I got a free ticket for donating blood on the KLOS Blood Drive so I had to go. This time I say I will never go back with lawn seats. After sitting through ten hours of bands I've never heard except for Rob Zombie on the second stage, we moved to the main stage. However, not before I bought a copy of Fused and finally got to meet Tony Iommi. It was pretty much a production line type thing, but I did get to shake his hand and thank him for creating the sound I have been playing on guitar for the last 35 years. My highlight of the day. During all the bands up to half way through Shadows Fall the P.A. to the lawn kept cutting out so I couldn't hear anything. Mudvayne was O.K. and Slipknot did a surprise guest set that my daughter loved. It was finally time for the bands I wanted to see, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. It was then that we were subjected to the most disgustingly unprofessional display I have ever seen. It wasn't the bands, it was Sharon Osbourne. Because of things that happened on the tour she decided to use the occasion of Iron Maiden's last night on the tour to thoroughly embarrass herself and anybody who had to watch. Several people with Ozzfest Laminates got in front of the audience and pelted Iron Maiden with eggs and things during their set. The band did their best to continue, but someone backstage turned off the P.A. three times. At the peak of some of their most popular songs too. At one point Bruce Dickenson, the singer for Iron Maiden told the crowd that if they saw anybody throw something to make sure their arm came down in two pieces. He also told somebody (the four-eyed asswipe) in the pit that if he wasn't afraid of being sued he would come down there and tear his head off. This is just a part of the really weird interruptions that went on. Iron Maiden left the stage but came back saying it was only for the audience that they were back and played three more songs. Before they had even left the stage Sharon came out and started ranting about Bruce Dickenson. She was booed off the stage and soaked with beer herself. By the time Black Sabbath came out half the crowd of 45,000 had left. Wow. They missed a really good show. Geezer got his wish this year. They changed the set a lot from last year. The first stand out was Dirty Women. They left out some of the more difficult vocal sections, probably because Ozzy didn't want to tear his vocal cords out trying to hit those notes, but they replaced them with extended guitar solos that totally blew me away. The medley of Symptom of the Universe and Sweet Leaf had the crowd wanting the whole songs but they eased the pain by going into a fantastic Electric Funereal. The Wizard kicked ass and I got a real shock when they came out for the encore and did Sleeping Village. I was hoping to hear Warning, but of course they went into Children of the Grave and the show was over. Ozzy is only doing selected dates for Ozzfest next year. He has already said on local radio here that L.A. will definitely be one of those shows. I hope it will be with Sabbath. This show will almost certainly go down as one of the most notorious shows they have ever done.

Chris Rhine

If I can get hold of a scanner I will send a copy of my ticket.