Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 27, 2005
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Woodlands, TX


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Bill Ward - Drums
  • Adam Wakeman - Keyboards


  1. N.I.B.
  2. After Forever
  3. War Pigs
  4. Dirty Women
  5. Fairies Wear Boots
  6. Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Electric Funeral
  7. Iron Man
  8. Black Sabbath
  9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid
  10. Encore: Children Of The Grave
  11. Outro: Changes


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From: "micahjackson" <>
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Subject: Article about the Houston Show
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The last weekend of August at the Cynthia Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands TX, an annual rock and roll festival was held. This festival was the heavy metal superfest, Ozzfest. You may be somewhat familiar with what Ozzfest is. But if you were not there you certainly missed out on a few special events.

I hope to communicate not only how jamming this concert was but also help you to know what it may have felt like to have been there.

In the words of Ozzy Ozbourne, there is only one thing to say about it, "rock and f@#king roll!"

I had attempted to purchase tickets months ago but at the time all that was available was overpriced obstructed view tickets. I was amazed when I heard tickets were available which had just been released on the day of the event. It was already midafternoon when I heard this announcement. I was so frustrated! Rob Zombie ( the film maker and former frontman of the band White Zombie) was onstage! I really had wanted to see him. By the time I gathered my compatriots together and finally got there we had missed over half the bands on the line up!

When we came through the gates and ascended the hill, Mudvayne was onstage. People were laying around on the hill a few folks were standing in the front. I did some people watching after Mudvayne finished their set and the stage was being set up for Velvet Revolver. It was so hot many of the women had taken off their tops and were in swimsuit tops or bras. This was definitely a rock n roll bash! Between the sets more people had arrived and the hill was more populated when Velvet Revolver took the stage than it had been during Mudvayne. Scott Wylan, vocalist for VR (and renown vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots) reminded the crowd that it was the fans that made rock and roll and then commenced to excite the crowd. Slash and Wylan as well as the rest of VR put on a energetic show and I have to admit as I was not a fan before they managed to reach a larger audience through this event. Beneath the red Velvet Revolver sign Slash's "Got Pot?" shirt was readable from the hill. The band played mostly their own songs but they did perform two songs from their old groups, one from S.T.P. and Mr. Brownstone from Guns and Roses. Most of the crowd was standing for Velvet Revolver.

I found myself half naked, my long curls soaked, jumping round like a savage to televised flames, light shows, and driving rhythm.

Once Velvet Revolver had completed their set I looked around and there were even more people then before. The sky was growing dark and lightning crossed the sky. The crowd waited with a hush of anticipation as the stage was set for the headlining band. A band whose debut was years before this writer was born. A band known for wild antics, as well as infighting, a band that few thought would reunite, a band that some find hard to believe that all the members are still alive. A band that pioneered the genre, a band known as Black Sabbath. This was not some retread version of Black Sabbath with Tony Iommi on Guitar and three other guys. This was Black Sabbath the original four Tony, Ozzy, Geezer, and Bill. I had serious concerns about a band made up of people from my parents generation being able to move such a large and rambunctious crowd. When Ozzy came out the crowd went crazy.

During no other set was the audience so active. The cool wind came and blew the trash around beneath stomping and jumping feet. Ozzy demanded more and more from the crowd. Yet every time he asked the crowd would deliver. No other band had the audience singing, chanting, dancing, and clapping. Black Sabbath had an interesting stage set and of course the crazier the crowd went the crazier Ozzy went. As the rain came down in the dark of night, it came down fast, and cold yet people did not leave instead they merely cheered louder. I found myself half naked, my long curls soaked, jumping round like a savage to televised flames, light shows, and driving rhythm. The Sabs revitalized such timeless numbers as War Pigs (which played against the backdrop of the war and the videos of peace symbols reached a new relevance), Children of the Grave, Black Sabbath, After Forever, and of course Paranoid.

I thought that these guys on stage were still flying by the seat of their pants and that this was indeed a Black Sabbath concert. This primal energy is what attracted fans to Sabbath and Hard Rock in general and it made me feel even more alive recognizing that they could still transmit this energy to thousands and thousands of fans, standing in the cheap seats, in the rain, going crazy! In the words of the infamous Ozzy Ozbourne there is only one thing to say about it, "rock and f@#king roll!"