Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
March 18, 2007
MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB Canada


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


    1. E5150
    2. After All (The Dead)
    3. Mob Rules
    4. Children Of The Sea
    5. Lady Evil
    6. I
    7. Sign Of The Southern Cross
    8. Voodoo
    9. The Devil Cried
    10. Drum Solo
    11. Computer God
    12. Shadow Of The Wind
    13. Guitar Solo
    14. Die Young
    15. Heaven and Hell (extended)
    16. Neon Knights (encore)


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from Derek Riel <>
date Mar 19, 2007 12:11 AM
subject H&H in Winnipeg

Hello, my name is Derek and I just got back from the Heaven and Hell show in Winnipeg (March 18) so I thought I'd share this review with you.

Here is the set list for the Winnipeg show, which I must say was a tad disappointing. They opened the show with After All, which although is one of the good songs off a rather lacklustre Dehumanizer record, seemed a weird start. Things picked up during Mob Rules (why didn't they start with this) which caused all the 13-18 year olds on the floor to start moshing!?!?! Can't anyone teach these kids to headbang? Weird, to see so many young kids there, but I guess 'kinda cool too. Things were looking up during Children of the Sea, but considering the songs they didn't play, to hear Lady Evil was a let down. Unlike Vancouver they did not play the new song Ear In The Wall, but did work their way through I (okay), Sign of the Southern Cross (awesome) and a way too extended version of Voodoo. For some reason they did not play Falling Off the Edge of the World, which was a huge disappointment and left a lull in the show with songs 9 through 13. The new song Devil Cried was good, the drum solo was clichéd and uninspiring, Computer God picked things up a bit, but the new one Shadow of the Wind did little to charge the masses (around 5-6 thousand I'd say). To hear Die Young in its entirety with a short and cool solo at the beginning, rather than in the middle, was definitely the highlight of the night, while Heaven and Hell and Neon Nights as an encore were great. Overall, I'd have to say that it was a rather short set (13 songs) that really missed too many great songs from Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules (they only played three fucking songs off Mob Rules for Christ's sake!!!! {E5150 does not count})).

Megadeth played this set list;

Wake Up Dead
Kick The Chair
Washington Is Next
Symphony of Destruction
A Tout Le Monde
Peace Sells/Mechanix
Hanger 18
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

Megadeth were actually really good (I say this because last time I saw them I thought they were really bad). They were really inspired and ripped through their set with a vengeance. It was great to hear Hanger 18 and mixing Mechanix in the middle of Peace Sells was really cool. Nice to hear one off KIMB once again!!

from Dave Wakeman
date Mar 19, 2007 1:06 PM
subject Review of Winnipeg show (no email address used please)

Just spent some time on your site and it is terrific. Went to the Heaven and Hell tour stop in Winnipeg last night and thought I would give my thoughts.

Missed almost the entire Down set. Sounded good at the end and fans of Down were obvious in their presence.

Megadeath was up next after a fast changeover. Again many fans present for this act. I found there sound was lacking and at times just seemed too loud not good loud just bad loud. . They were only on for a short time but they were certainly rocking very hard as always.

Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) was on within 30 minutes of Megadeth. What can I say. I got the tickets at the last minute and I was not disappointed. The guys I went with were equally impressed. One buddy said he could not believe the sounds that Tony was cranking, crunching and squeezing out of his guitar. The stage was very cool and the lighting and computer generated projections on the church or castle wall in the back was extremely well done and timed to perfection. Both Geezer and Vinnie were spot on. Tight as any group I have ever seen. In a word the musicianship was OUTSTANDING. The one downside to the show was no pyrotechnics or fire breathing dragons but that is a small thing. I have deliberately left out Ronnie James Dio until the end. Other than Children of the Sea where I felt his ad libbed arrangement was somewhat odd his vocals were SUPERB. To be honest I have never seen a better performance. The sound guys had it set up so you could here every player extremely well and Ronnie’s vocal rang out into the night. They played a mix of songs from several albums along with some new stuff. All rocking. The crowd was totally into it. The last 3 songs were Die Young, Heaven and Hell and Neon Knights, the band blew the lid right off.

In short anyone thinking of seeing this tour. DO IT. The tickets were inexpensive and worth every penny and more.

Dave Wakeman


from "Brian R." <>
date Mar 20, 2007 1:09 AM
subject Winnipeg Ticket Stub & Review

Duration of Concert 4 Hours Attendance 7500

I finally got to see Black Sabbath after 25 years of waiting because they have been banned from here a few times in the 80’s. It was well worth the wait because these guys were so awesome. So that is why I didn’t mind the name Heaven and Hell for this tour, but they will always be Black Sabbath to me no matter who sings. I mean like Dio is 64 years old and he is still hitting his notes, even though the band is tuned to D for this concert. They are regularly tuned to Eb on all albums Dio sang on, so it wasn’t much of a difference. I like Ozzy as well but he can’t sing like Dio. One thing I wanted to say about Ozzy is that he never made Black Sabbath but Black Sabbath made him.

I am a guitarist and a bassist who can play all of Tony and Geezer parts and they barely made any mistakes, but making mistakes will happen sometimes. Tony’s has a great ability to improvise and his sound was incredible. Geezer had a great sound as well and his fingers were all over the place like always.

I had the chance to meet Vinnie Appice at a drum clinic on the March 17th and I have to stay he is a nice down to earth guy with a great sense of humour. I told him that I saw there concert on the internet and he said come see it live because it is powerful. So I have added some songs from this concert that I recorded below to show how great they sounded. One song from each album that they recorded. I also found eight songs that were recorded in Edmonton on the 13th which is also great to see. But like Vinnie said, go check this concert out if you get the chance. For all Canadians in the east or Americans who never seen Sabbath and want to, but they are not playing in your city, I would recommend going to another city. Next year Sabbath may play their 40th anniversary with Ozzy and Bill so I would definitely go somewhere else to see that. Some people were complaining that there was no Ozzy songs but I thought most of there songs were great during the Dio years.

Megadeth and Down both sounded great but Down was the surprising band like someone said in Vancouver. Philip Anselmo, the lead singer for Down was great getting the crowd going even though he was still sick and had to cancel a couple show prior to this concert.. He said he didn’t want to miss this Canadian tour which was inspiring. Both Megadeth and Down actually play more songs then normal which caused Black Sabbath to drop a couple, which was okay by me because they were both great.

After All (The Dead)

Children Of The Sea

Lonely Is The Word

The Devil Cried

Ear In The Wall

The Mob Rules

Sign Of The Southern Cross

Neon Knights

from Shaleem Hosein <>
reply-to Shaleem Hosein <>
date May 6, 2007 9:01 PM

The last time Black Sabbath played Winnipeg was 1971. Their 1983 show was canceled due to a conflict with the Shrine Circus. Now, almost three decades from their peak with Ozzy Osbourne, I wondered how many people would show up to see the Dio-era Sabbath, now renamed Heaven & Hell. When Dio recorded two albums with Sabbath, Heaven & Hell (1980) and The Mob Rules (1981), he easily breathed desperately needed life into the floundering metal band, the founding band in metal. Dio left on bitter terms with the band and was often quoted as citing the credits on the 1982 live album, Live Evil, which named him as Ronnie Dio, rather than as Ronnie James Dio.

Opening act Down were terrible and quite forgettable, and had no memorable songs. Still, quite a few people in the audience wore Down t-shirts. Down are essentially a "super group" comprised of former members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, and Superjoint Ritual. Their three albums are NOLA (1995), Down II (2001) and Down III (2007.) Singer Phil Anselmo had vocal problems and referred to them throughout the set, but the fans on the floor didn't seem to mind at all. I have read other fan reviews of the show and the Down fans thought Heaven & Hell and Megadeth were dreadfully boring while Down ruled!

Megadeth were surprisingly good. Compared to Down, Dave Mustaine and company sounded like a classic rock group. They had a clearer sound and their songs have the right balance of melody and aggression and for the most part, are memorable. Highlights for me included "Wake Up Dead," "Symphony of Destruction." and "Peace Sells. " They are about to release their 11th studio album, United Abominations, and have sold over 20 million albums over their 25 year career. Joining Dave in the band were Canadians Glen (guitar) and Shawn Drover (drums) and bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion.) If Dave had a dollar for every line-up change in the band's history, he'd be richer than he is already. I was quite impressed with this version of Megadeth and I would go see them again.

Heaven & Hell. There's some great material from the Dio years, but so much of the other songs sound alike, including the new songs. Instead of opening with a new track or an old favorite, they opened with "After All (The Dead)," the second track from the third Dio Sabbath album, 1992's Dehumanizer. Honestly, the three songs from Dehumanizer, including "I" and "Computer God," are second rate material. The three new tracks, "Ear In the Wall," "The Devil Cried," and "Shadow of the Wind," also failed to get the crowd going.

Most bands play more than one song in their encores, but these guys only offered up "Neon Knight" which was a surprise and a disappointment. This could very well be the first and last time Heaven & Hell tour, as Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler plan to record and tour with Ozzy Osbourne next year, along with original drummer Bill Ward, as Black Sabbath.

I was hoping that guitarist Tony Iommi would say something, but the only one who addressed the crowd was the man with the mike, the diminutive Dio. I was a bit surprised by how close to the studio albums Geezer Butler's bass guitar was. Butler and Iommi didn't move around the stage, leaving Dio as the focal point. Vinnie Appice is a well-known drummer, however, I was really disappointed with his drum solo. It was one of the most boring, unimaginative solos that I've ever seen. The stage featured gothic brick gates and were mercifully not in excess and could not be ridiculed as something out of Spinal Tap. Dio's vocals were in fine form and he seemed to be having a fun time. I don't know if the band picked up on the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, due to the less than exciting set list.

The most effective songs for me were the rousing "Mob Rules," "Children Of The Sea," "Lady Evil," "Sign Of The Southern Cross," "Die Young," "Heaven & Hell," and "Neon Knights." They are on tour in support of the new compilation album, Black Sabbath: The Dio Years and played everything from that album save for "Lonely Is The Word," "Turn Up The Night," "Falling Off The Edge Of The World," and "TV Crimes. " The show would have been better if they played a longer encore, left out some of the weaker songs in favour of "Country Girl," "Falling Off The Edge Of The World," and "Turn Up The Night. " The crowd had a lot of teens and twenty-somethings and there was a lack of fans over the age of 40.

Heaven & Hell: Ronnie James Dio - Vocals, Tony Iommi - Guitar, Geezer Butler - Bass, Vinny Appice - Drums, Scott Warren - Keyboards

After All (The Dead)
Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
Lady Evil
Ear in the Wall
Sign of the Southern Cross
The Devil Cried
Computer God
Shadow of the Wind
Die Young
Heaven and Hell
Neon Knights

1. Sleepwalker
2. Wake Up Dead
3. She Wolf
4. A Tout Le Monde
5. Washington Is Next
6. Symphony of Destruction
7. Peace Sells/Mechanix
8. Hangar 18
9. Holy Wars (encore)

1. Lysergik Funeral Procession
2. Lifer
3. Hail The Leaf
4. New Orleans is a Dying Whore
5. Losing All
6. Bury Me In Smoke

Shaleem Hosein