Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
April 24, 2007
HP Pavilion
San Jose, CA


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


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from Brandon Onisko <> hide details Apr 25
date Apr 25, 2007 3:29 AM
subject Concert Review

Hey Joe I am a fan of your site. It is awesome, covering all era's - your timeline is great. I got the sabbath book "Never Say Die" after seeing it on your site. Great read.

Anyway, speaking of all era's...a great day for me today, one I had been looking forward to my whole life. My first heavy metal album I ever bought was 1992's Dehumanizer...came out when I was but six years old. Computer God was my favorite song but I never been able to see it in concert (I have seen Ozzy fronted sabbath but they just do his era-stuff) So I was really looking forward to this show.

I went with three others - my dad, my friend John who is a musician in his own right, and my friend Luke (who loves Dio).

Machine Head was the opener...I considered them the hot dog and nachos band (Every concert needs such a band)...John and Luke didn't even show up until their set was over (was short, 30 minutes, started at 6:55pm ended at like 7:25pm) Their sound was a little off people was commenting, and I don't enjoy what my dad calls "chainsaw music" much anyway.

Megadeth was better, though I am not a huge fan and didn't recognize alot of songs, I did enjoy their last few songs which I knew from the radio..."Symphony of Destruction" "The System Has Failed" and their encore song "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due"

Then what we were all waiting for!!! Ronnie James Dio fronted sabbath. They had Scott Warren tucked away on the left hand corner of the stage, which like a mini wall built around him to hide him from the crowd (why hide they keyboardist? I never understand that!)

The intro song was E5150 which brought joy to everyone that it was starting (around 9pm, they took awhile on sound checks to get it down but it was worth it) Then went into "After All (The Dead)" which Dio was just awesome. One thing - throughout the entire show the lighting and the background scenery was really cool, it switched for every song, with animation and various things, pyros and mists and very very well produced. One time it even did a satanic voice thing for Dio too.

Then came The Mob Rules which was a great blistering song to get us all going good contrast to After All. After The Mob Rules they played Lady Evil, which was a pleasant suprise to me. Dio commented they rarely play it but I love the song and they did it great. That's another thing - Dio is such a great frontman - he was so interactive. After literally every song hed go shake hands with the audience, and make small talk to us, grab various t-shirts and signs go show them to Tony, and was just wonderful. When I saw sabbath with ozzy as their frontman he did his throwing water on people gig, but other than that, he didn't interact that much. Dio constantly was like teaching people words having everyone sing along - really got the crowd into it. He was SUPERB.

Then they played Children of the Sea which was just done perfectly. Now here's where my song order get's a little fuzzy - I recall WHAT songs they played but I am not overly sure if this is the right order.

If I am right next came "I" which was cool, and followed with "Sign of the Southern Cross." Then I believe came Vinny Appice doing a very cool drum solo for like five minutes...he really is a great showman with the sticks...several times the night he'd hit the drums so hard they would teeter and almost fall over!!

Right after his solo they went into "Computer God" which is my favorite Dio-era song...I loved it!! As the first song I ever heard by sabbath it made my YEAR to get it hear it live. They nailed it.

After that they did another favorite of mine, "Voodoo" though now thinking about it I think they might have played it earlier in the's all fuzzy.

Tony Iommi did several solo's throughout the night as well showing off his great guitar skills. His main solo came before "Die Young" which was next.

Dio then said they'd do one more off Mob Rules that doesnt get alot of play, and I was hoping for Country Girl, but they did "Falling Off the Edge of the World" - which was my dad's favorite song of the evening.

At some point they played their new single "The Devil Cried" and near the end they did "Shadow of the Wind" as well. They were both fine, I think the Devil Cried was a little better, but maybe it's just because I don't know the new songs - I ordered the cd/dvd thing from your walmart link but it hasn't arrived yet.

They ended the night with a VERY LONG "Heaven and Hell" - Dio spent some time teaching us to hum along and it was agreat the entire arena was into it on their feet singing along. Near the end Iommi and the boys went into a prolonged Jam...maybe adding five minutes to the song? I swear it lasted as a total for fifteen minutes or so.

They then left but I knew they'd come back for an encore- me and my friend were like they have to do Neon Knights. Sure enough, their encore song was Neon Knights. I thought they'd do a two song encore, with either Time Machine or their other new song, but it was just one song. Great concert alltogether thought...they sound so much better than last time I saw them!! If you havn't bought tickets to this tour yet, go do it.