Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
April 29, 2007
Broomfield Events Center
Denver, CO


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


  1. E5150
  2. After All (The Dead)
  3. Mob Rules
  4. Children of The Sea
  5. Lady Evil
  6. I
  7. Sign of The Southern Cross
  8. Voodoo
  9. The Devil Cried
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Computer God
  12. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  13. Shadow of the Wind
  14. Die Young
  15. Heaven & Hell
  16. Neon Knights (Encore)


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from Jeff <>
date Apr 30, 2007 11:46 PM
subject Concert Review - Heaven & Hell in Broomfield Colorado April 29, 2007

The Heaven and Hell tour stop at Broomfield Colorado was amazing! It was like stepping back in time to re-experience my the first concert I ever saw, circa Salt Lake City 1980!  (FYI – Broomfield Colorado is ~20 minutes North of Denver)  I caught a flight out of Salt Lake City to Denver Sunday afternoon, checked into my hotel and then drove over to the Broomfield Events Center.  The Event Center is new and I’d guess holds about 12,000.  When the lights went down for Heaven and Hell there were at least 10,000 very hyped fans.  (I missed the opening acts except for watching Megadeth play “Peace Sells” – thinking I had an after show pass… no such luck…)  The Heaven and Hell Stage show was modest compared to the last time I saw this “Sabbath” lineup but it still had enough to it to keep you interested.  However the band was what every one was there to see.  Ronnie’s voice was the best I have heard it in years – sounding like he was on the original Heaven and Hell tour.  Every song sounded tight and well rehearsed.  Tony’s “second” solo in Heaven and Hell was even better than his first with the crowd really responding for him, prompting Ronnie to acknowledge both Tony and the crowd response.  The highlights of the night had to include both “The Sign of the Southern Cross” which the crowd went crazy for, and “Falling of the Edge of the World” where Ronnie commented before about how the world really appears to be going to shit right now but that “we have each other and we will be alright”.  That song the band really seemed to pour their souls into. The evening ended too soon for us long time fans with a single song encore of Neon Knights.  However, I did not hear anyone complaints – most likely due to everyone being exhausted from pouring their own souls into every song the band played over the ~ 90 minutes of the show.  It was a great concert and I hope the band tours the US in the fall and this stops in Salt Lake City so I can see them a second time.

from Rocky Harting <>
date May 20, 2007 10:01 PM
subject Concert Review - Heaven & Hell in Broomfield Colorado April 29, 2007

Black Sabbath Mob Rules tour was my first concert experience in 1982 at Casper, Wyoming. It was very cool, but I always felt let down because they didn't play Falling Off the Edge of The World. This time I got to hear it, along with a full version of Sign Of the Southern Cross!
I concur that Ronnie sounded absolutely amazing at the Broomfield Events Center. I enjoyed the show a lot, but it was of disappointing sound quality. The sound guy had the low frequencies up way too loud and the band sounded like mush. Geezer's bass sound was effected the most. There were points in Sign of the Southern Cross that I thought "Where the heck are they?" I got the sense that Tony got lost during his solo too. Geezer had this weird effect going on with his bass guitar that was burying everything else.
Another song where Geezer sounded wierd was Lady Evil. Don't get me wrong, he was playing the right notes, its just the sound was "off".
These are my only complaints about the show. It was very cool to see these guys again. The stuff they played from "Dehumanizer" was awesome. I'll have to get that on CD (I got it on cassette). The new stuff was good too.
I'm not that familiar with Machine Head, but they were pretty good. It was the 4th time I saw Megadeth, and Dave and his mates sounded pretty good in spite of the crappy sound in the events center. It was the most animated that I've ever seen Dave, he really seemed to be enjoying himself. His guitar playing has never been better.

from Josh Wade <>
to "" <>
date Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 4:43 PM
subject Concert Review - Heaven & Hell in Broomfield Colorado April 29, 2007

Even though I am writting this review over a year past the actual concert, this is definately one of those things you just can't forget: The first time you see Black Sabbath in concert. I was about 17 when I found out that Heaven and Hell was going to do a tour. When I found out, I was willing to do anything short of sell my soul to see them play. Living in Utah I rarely get the privledge of seeing any good concerts, so going to Colorado was my best option. All the arrangements were made to make this one of the best nights of my life, and let me tell you, Sabbath delievered! After getting our tickets at the office and waiting in line, we finally got into the center. Machine Head had already started their set, so my friend and I bought our shirts and then sat went to sit in our seats. By then, Machine Head was finishing their last song and Megadeth was set to come on. During most of Megadeths set we were trying to figure how to sneak into the GA area, and as I'm sure you know that is often easier said then done. I was far to distracted with that to enjoy Megadeth. I believe that we finally got into GA around when they played Peace Sells, that being the only song I really remember. When E5150 began playing and the lights dimmed, I remember seeing Tony walk out. This man has been playing music for over thirty years and with one glance he kicked my ass! After All was a strange opener, I was shocked but in a good way. Then Mob Rules came on, and I don't think I've been in a worse mosh pit. The funny part being I was protected by a whole row of people and I still felt it. Alot! Children of the Sea cooled it down alot, but then Geezers Bass punched you in the face for the intro on Lady Evil. When I compare this concert to videos of other Sab performances, I must say that everyone was in top form. All the songs were amazing, my personal favorite, Die Young, got a nice little solo thrown onto it and then an amazing performance of an amazing song. Everyone was singing along with Ronnie at the end, DIE YOUNG! The new songs sounded awesome as well. This was definately a show that metalheads young and old could enjoy, and I think I'll leave it at that before I ramble on too long! Also, I have a boot of this show if anyone is interested. I'd love to share my joy with ya ;)