Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
May 2, 2007
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands
Houston, TX


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


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from Michael Feeney <>
date May 13, 2007 1:35 AM
subject Concert Review for May 2, 2007 Houston TX Show

I went to the Heaven and Hell / Megadeth / The Band That I Missed's show in Houston, TX reviewed for your reading enjoyment.

The Band That I Missed

* Opener, heard their last song as I was entering, not impressed, typical nu-metal nonsense, horrid vocals, glad we decided to show up a little later.


* Wow, surprisingly awesome and TIGHT.

* Dave seemed sober, but a little skinnier than I'd seen recently, hope he is still clean.

* Megadeth was fairly loud, and tighter than tight, I was truly impressed.

* Highlights included Wake Up Dead and Peace Sells.

* I stopped listening to MD after Jeff Young left, was never a Marty Friedman fan either, but this Drover guy is a good fit.

* Stage was pretty cheesy, some kind of large sheets (like I did for my high school era bands) were the backdrop.

* I was very glad to see them playing this tight, loud and hungry.

* Dave is really dorky when not playing, a goofy stage presence when acknowledging himself at the end of the set and the end of the encore, still all about himself.

* Dave went a little political announcing one song, rock star junkies should stick to music there Dave.

* All in all a very good performance by Megadeth.

Heaven and Hell

* Dio can still sing great, I was surprised his voice was so good as he's 60+ year old with who knows how many shows under his robe. Ronnie puts shuffling, mumbling Ozzy to shame, this was a joy to see.

Set List, Editorial, Grade

1. E5150 - played before the band came out, the modern Supertzar I suppose, it was fitting.. C+

2. After All (The Dead) - I only know TV Crimes, Time Machine and Computer God from Dehumanizer, but this was a good song, I liked it. Holy Beelzebub, H&H is very, very loud and the sound is clear, nice job. B+

3. Mob Rules - Excellent, Tony had a little fun with the solo too. Holy moly, Tony is moving around and not standing in once place. He and Dio are joking around a lot and smiling, never seem him so animated foot-wise, ever. A+

4. Children of the Sea - Ronnie's voice sounded strong, very strong, you knew they'd play this as the Satanic Midget loves these kinds of songs. B+

5. Lady Evil - I do not care for this song much, but apparently Tony's wah pedal does, he really used a ton of wah on this song. C+

6. I - I, I, I, I hate, hated, hated, hated this song. Ronnie obviously likes singing this one. D

7. Sign of the Southern Cross - sounded very good and full, crowd really loved this one. A

8. Voodoo - very good, Tony had some fun with it, used a ton of wah wah again. A+

9. The Devil Cried - had not heard it before, very good and heavy. B+

10. Drum Solo - Appice did a very good job, it was different from most rock solos. Vinnie was really hitting the drums hard tonight, good show on the solo too. A-

11. Computer God - excellent, plus Tony moved around a lot, which almost never happens, I felt blessed to see him move so much in one song let alone one show. A+

12. Shadow of the Wind - never heard this before, definitely don't want to hear it again. D-

13. Guitar Solo - Tony is having fun tonight, moving around and smiling more than I have ever seen in person or on tape / video. Dude is having a blast and took some risks on his soloing here, missed once or twice but that made it all the better for its honesty and improvisation. A+

14. Die Young - pretty good version. B+

15. Heaven and Hell - oh crap, I hate how RJD does this in concert, the endless rambling, the inevitable crowd participation. Beginning and end were very good, the interminably long middle section was blargh. C-

16. Neon Knights (encore) - man, Geezer has really been playing good, he looks very busy over there, great, great version. A+

General Notes:

* Tony moved around a TON, good to see.

* Band was laughing and joking with each other, nice.

* Stage set made the best use of lighting, props and multimedia I have seen in maybe ever.

* Sound was LOUD LOUD LOUD yet clear, sweet.

* Tons o' weed smoking apparent during H&H.

* Best show I have seen in ages, especially since I don't do big concert venues much any more.

* Tony used a ton of wah, interesting. He played two SG's, a black one and a white one with a whammy bar.

* Geezer looked pretty frantic over there, a couple of tunes were played a little faster than recorded, sounded good.

Complaint - Ronnie looked like he was wearing pajamas almost, and not even particularly EVIL pajamas at that.

Weed Report - this show was at the Woodlands Pavilion north of Houston - the Woodlands is a rich planned community, it is orderly to an extreme.

* Opener - no weed noticeable.

* Megadeth - very little weed smoking apparent. Security was even hassling folks smoking in their seats. Did see some "other substance" heads when I went to grab a beer, PCP? Acid? Hoofah..

* H&H - lights down, weed out, I am surprised I did not get high from the secondhand smoke. Damn, it was like something out of Cheech & Chong's movies. These were very polite TX stoners too, I must have turned down 20 joints passed my way.

Concert T-Shirts - Expensive, nothing special except some very retro Sabbath things. They were selling those oversized foam fingers like you see at football games, EXCEPT, they had the devil horn fingers raised a la Dio, too funny. Yes, I HAD to buy one, good stuff.

That is all I have, thanks to you for keeping such a good Sabbath site going, Mike.

PS In short, I'd probably rather see Heaven and Hell again than Sabbath with Ozzy, Ronnie puts the Shuffling One to shame nowadays. The band had fun too, smiling and joking a lot.