Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
June 3, 2007
Gods of Metal Festival
Milan, Italy


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


  1. Intro/The Mob Rules
  2. Children Of The Sea
  3. I
  4. Sign Of The Southern Cross
  5. Voodoo
  6. Drums solo
  7. Computer God
  8. Falling Off The Edge…
  9. Shadow Of The Wind
  10. Guitar intro/Die Young
  11. Heaven & hell
  12. Encore: Neon Knights


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date Jun 4, 2007 8:01 AM
subject HEAVEN & HELL - MILANO, IDROSCALO 03/06/2007

Here is the set list of yesterday's show in Milano for the Gods Of Metal festival

Start 9.40 / End 11.10

It was a great show. A crowd of many thousand with a lot of young people. Dio's voice is still so strong! Unfortunately the set list was shorter than in the Usa as it was a festival co-headlined with Dream Theater. Great versions of Children Of The Sea, Falling Off The Edge and a stunning Heaven & Hell. But I found excellent also both tracks from Dehumaniser. Very good sound, lights and stage. I hope that the band will come back in Europe in winter for another tour woth more time to play.

Paolo Baiotti

from Andrea Crivellaro <>
date Jun 5, 2007 3:10 PM
subject Gods of Metal festival review

Hello Joe,
Greetings from Italy, I wanted to send you a review of the HUGE show Black Sabbath (the way I like to call them ;) ) played Sunday at the Gods of Metal festival.

First of all let me say you that I appreciate your site very much, I discovered it when I wasn't even aware of the entire discography of the guys, but I liked so much to read your timeline page (usually I like to read about bands, even if I don't fully know them), that I had to check out the music the guys behind all of your story played : ) and I also like your attitude of considering every era of the band, and calling this incarnation of the band the way it is - Black Sabbath, indeed.

Anyway, here's my review:

Black Sabbath headlined the Sunday portion of the Gods of Metal festival. Co-billed as headliners with Dream Theater, the prog-metal band from USA was kind enough to offer their closing slots to the guys, out of respect for the Black Sabbath legacy. The festival was nice, on the bill there were also among others Anathema, Symphony X, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Blind Guardian and the aforementioned Dream Theater, that pulled out quite a treat by doing entirely their classic album Images and Words, released 15 years before.

It was dark by the time that Black Sabbath hit the stage; the stage set was nice and atmospheric, with cemetery gates put in front of the amps, and three windows-shaped monitors above the drums. Lights went off, the intro to E5150 started, and at the end the guys entered on stage... what an emotion to see Tony Iommi for the first time, and to hear him immediately after kick it off with the intro to Mob Rules! Dio jumped on stage from behind the drum riser, and immediately lit the night on fire. Finally there in front of me Dio, Iommi, Butler and Appice, starting the show on a very high note, and with an intensity that would have never dropped. Next was, in Dio words (a Dio that was very often praised and greeted by the crowd), the first song they wrote together - it was Children of the Sea, a mostly welcomed song by the audience, that came out flawlessly. Dio was at the top of his form, and would have stayed that way throughout all the concert.
I from Dehumanizer was next, and even though it's one of my less personal favorites on the album, it came out very nicely. But the real treat was coming next; announced by Dio as a song very much requested, The Sign of the Southern Cross was played, and it was nothing but monumental. A simply stunning and amazing performance, the highlight of the show - and of the entire festival possibly. Another not-so-liked song by me, but that came out great was Voodoo, with an extended section at the end and funny trade-offs between Dio and Iommi.
Then it was time for the guys to get a rest, and leave the spotlight to Vinnie Appice and his drum solo, and after that, they played one of my favorite Sabbath songs ever, Computer God, whoah! funny enough, during the drum solo I was thinking "Mh, after this, it would be nice to restart the show with the industrial noises at the beginning of Computer God".... looks like my wish got granted, eh eh! awesome and powerful rendition of this song, but this is a description that would suit all of the following songs as well: their new track, Shadow of the Wind (even though my personal preference goes to The Devil Cried, but the song was insanely heavy and catchy), a more than brilliant Falling Off the Edge of the World, and the immortal Die Young, introduced by a short Iommi solo.
The last song of the set was, obviously, the namesake song of this incarnation of the band: Heaven and Hell. Dio introduced it more or less like "... the song that gave the name to this version of the band, with Geezer and the three italians", or something like that; bottom line, he was making a joke of the way once Ozzy called them, it was fun to hear him stand up against that little funny remark from the "official" Sabbath singer.
The song was played in its 20 minutes version, with singalong at the beginning, the extended section in the middle with Dio playing both "heaven" and "hell" we could say, with white lights from above and a red light from below, to enhance the theatrics of the show... very funny and mesmerizing. The tune came at a rocking end and it was time for them to leave the stage... only to return to plunge into a final wild ride on the notes of Neon Knights, that ended the concert just as memorable as it started.

A most excellent gig by one of the best line-ups of Black Sabbath, with a Dio all over the top and the other guys inspiring awe and respect with just their sole presence.... one of the best shows I've witnessed, and a lesson to many, many bands by the band (or at least, a very great and worthwhile incarnation of it) that made it all start. Thank you a lot Heaven and Hell....... thank you a lot Black Sabbath!!!


Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
Sign of the Southern Cross
Drum solo
Computer God
Shadow of the Wind
Falling off the Edge of the World
Die young
Heaven and Hell
Neon Knights

from daniele naldi <>
date Jun 26, 2007 3:51 PM
subject (nessun oggetto)

Dear Joe,

I send you my personal review of Heaven and Hell show at the GODS OF
METAL Festival in Milan - Italy - June the 3rd.

I do not talk about other Bands.because it would take too much

At 9:30 pm as soon as lights switched off and intro E5150 started, my
remembers come back in 1992 DEHUMANIZER TOUR. It seemed to be yesterday
but 15 years are gone!!!!!!

Even if I have seen Black Sabbath for 7 times this show has surely been
one of the most beautiful and exciting.

When the 4 came into the scene with Mob Rules I felt a deep emotion.
What to say ............................ What a BIG SHOW!!!!

My biggest surprise was the amazing voice of RJ Dio. It is incredible as
the little goblin can still sing like that. Iommi was a real heavy.
Butler has been the usual wonderful musician. Appice the hammer.

Good sound, strong and clean. Cool stage (even if not as beautiful as
the one in USA).

The only negative thing the show has been a little bit too short. We
missed (compared to the USA tour) Lady Evil (aargg!!) - After all and
Lonely is the word.............