Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
June 10, 2007
Helsinki, Finland


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


  1. E5150
  2. Mob Rules
  3. Children of the Sea
  4. Sign of the Southern Cross
  5. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  6. Voodoo (extended)
  7. Drum solo
  8. Computer God
  9. I
  10. Shadow of the Wind
  11. Guitar solo
  12. Die Young
  13. Heaven and Hell (extended)
  14. Neon Knights


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from Sami Silander <>
date Jun 10, 2007 4:15 PM
subject Heaven and Hell in Helsinki-review

Hi Joe!

Having been a fan of Sabbath since the early 80's and your great site, well, several years came the news of Dio-era Sabbath reunion and the tour. That was something I had to see so I bought a ticket in the beginning of this year. Just came home from the gig. How was it like? It was something that I expected: A nice nostalgy trip mainly into the first two Dio-era albums. I'm not gonna list the songs 'cause I'd probably put them in wrong order.

Anyway, the opener, Machine Men was okay. Never heard them before. Then a short break and come the Sabbath, E5l50 came! Mob Rules started the show. I was a bit stunned about the amount of the songs of Mob Rules-album. We heard The Sign of the Southern Cross and Falling Off the Edge of the World and Voodoo. The first part of the show consisted of the MR-album. Vinnie Appice played a drum solo that led us to Computer God. When the floating keyboards came into play in the middle of the song, I remember watching this beautiful blonde, sitting on a transportation box at the backstage. Probably Iommi's wife. Well, he's got a very good taste on women! My favorite album Heaven and Hell was introduced to the crowd in the last part of the show. We heard NK, COTS, HH and DY. I was in the seventh "heaven" when these songs were played. This particular album means so much to me. I've been a fan ever since. Surprisingly, we heard only Shadow of the Wind of the new songs. Where was The Devil Cried?

Only one encore was heard that being Neon Knights. I would have liked to hear Lonely is the Word which is my favorite Dio-era song. So, did Sabbath triumph? Not quite but I'm happy with the result. Many golden-era songs were heard and the memory will remain.

Hi Mr. Siegler,
I would like to contribute a review to your site for the 10.6.2007 show at Helsinki Jäähalli, Finland. (I kindly ask that you not display my email address with the review.)

We were there about ten minutes before the show started, and heard some people talking that the Tampere Sauna festivaali show the day before had been very good, so our expectations were high.

The show lasted about 90 minutes. The band did a great job on all the songs. Dio's voice was in fine form, as was Vinnie's playing. Geezer also gave a solid performance. Tony's playing was great, but a bit sloppy on a couple of parts, like the introduction to Voodoo and Die Young. My wife said he seemed arrogant but she doesn't know his extensive contributions to heavy metal. Tony did extended solo jams on the introduction to Die Young and during Heaven and Hell with Vinnie and Geezer.

The stage setup was standard concert fare. There were graphics shown on the screens during the songs, pictures of sky and sea, skeletons, fire. I read from another review that there was no cross, but at this show there was a giant cross projected during Heaven and Hell, which was cool.

It's obvious that Dio loves to sing and loves the music, in addition to being a talented singer he is also a very good frontman. There were a few times where the performance hit a peak, during Sign of the Southern Cross, and Computer God, and of course Heaven and Hell. But again, every song was performed splendidly.

My complaints are that they omitted very important songs from their setlist. They did NOT play: After All (The Dead)!! Lady Evil ! Ear in the Wall !!! The Devil Cried !!!

How could they not play the Devil Cried, the best hit on their new album????

I saw Sabbath with Ozzy a few years ago, and compared to last night, the shows are like night and day. After finally seeing them with Dio, it is hard for me to imagine how Tony can share the stage with a clown like Ozzy. This show was about a musical performance first and foremost. The earlier show with Ozzy now seems like more of a curiosity. I hope Iommi, Dio, and co. can get it together and produce another Sabbath album and tour.

The large venue was about 80% full. The crowd was about 75-80% men between 25-50 years. There were a number of foreigners in the crowd who didn't understand that during the Finnish rhythmic unisonic clapping for an encore, the same steady rhythm should be maintained and not sped up. People were yelling out "Black Sabbath" so the crowd knew the real name of this band.