Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
June 19, 2007
Warszawa, Poland


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


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date Jun 19, 2007 8:05 PM
subject Warsaw Concert Review (June 19th 2007)

Hello there!

I just got back from the first Heaven & Hell show in Poland, Warsaw (June 19th 2007). It was a “dream come true” gig for me, I raised listening to their albums, I had tears in my eyes a few times, really... I never thought I will see this line-up live. It’s just great that they came together once again... Unfortunately, the venue was packed in half, just around 3000 people (what's going on with You, Rockers???) Maybe if there was “Black Sabbath” on the bill it would have been full? I don’t know, just a speculation... They started with “The Mob Rules”, great opener. All four members of the band in top form, including Ronnie James Dio running across the stage, talking to the people and, of course, showing this “evil eye” sign. This guy will never get old, that’s for sure. After 50 (!!!!) years on stage he’s still fresh and full of energy, and of course his voice is absolutely FANTASTIC after all those years. How does he do that? Pure magic. The set list included nearly all that I expected, but I won’t mind if they would’ve throw in some more. It was a little bit short (1h 25 min + encore) But you can’t have it all, huh??? Highlights of the show: “Falling Off The Edge Of The World” , “Die Young” including Tony Iommi solo, “Computer God” and “Heaven And Hell” in an extended, 15-min. version. The stage set was very impressive with lighting as well. I love the moment when Ronnie James Dio is “bathed” in red light and singing “...he said come with me, and I’ll give you...DESIRE!!!”. It feels like you’re in hell FOR REAL... H&H played only one new song this evening, “Shadow Of The Wind”, putting down the other two. It would be great to hear “The Devil Cried” instead of a drum solo, which was not too impressive. I’m going to Katowice tomorrow, so maybe they’ll change a setlist a little bit? We’ll see... If you have a chance to see Heaven & Hell (or Black Sabbath, if You want...) near You, please do. It’s still one of the best hard&heavy band on the globe. You’ll love it... Thank You guys for the great evening, see You tomorrowJ!!! Wojtek (Lublin, Poland)