Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 19, 2008

First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Chicago, IL


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


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Just woke up from last night after seeing H&H. Couldn't wait to post...more of a "gush" than a review!
The guys were awesome - again! They sounded tight, the stage set was very cool and as always, I'm amazed again at the power of Ronnie's voice live. FYI: they did Neon Knights! Thanks guys!
Here's the best part: I was fortunate enough to have bought the "Platinum Experience" as part of my tickets. There was a tent set aside - for before the show - with food and drinks for the fans with those tickets where we were able to sit down and hang out with other Sabbath (oops - H&H!) fans. Priest fans were there as well. There was a trivia contest and a raffle. It was fun.
Here's the amazing part: after the H&H set, we were shepherded back stage to meet the guys. I expected a quick moving line where they signed an item and we were pushed along. I WAS WRONG!! Thankfully!
By the way, my wife set my Rules of Hell set down -- and lost it! Thanks honey! I had nothing for them to sign other than they Platinum pass!!
The line was very slow and they posed for a picture with every guest.
These guys are Gentlemen! They didn't have to participate in this experience. It seemed to me they did it because they enjoy thier fans.
When I got to the front, I shook Tony's hand and he thanked me for coming! Can you beleive that? Then Ronnie, Vinnie and Geezer did the same. They signed the pass, signed my wife's pass, then posed for the pic. Unless they're very good actors, they seemed like they really were enjoying the meet and greet. Very nice guys.
When we were done with the pic, before we moved along, I turned to Tony and showed him my Sabbath tatoos (really, I'm a normal guy...!!). I have the winged demon on the inside of my arm. Pretty cool. Anyway, when he saw it, he stopped us from going and told me "show that to Geezer". He turned to Geezer, said "Hey Geez, look at that. Do you think Gloria is going to sue him?". Geezer looked at the tats and satrted laughing. They again thanked us for coming. That was it.
Joe, pictures to come...!
If you're anywhere within 8,000 miles of this show, don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!
It was awesome.

Posted by: Heath at August 20, 2008 9:40 AM

What a summer!! Ill start with the biggest evil for me was not being able to hit the Chicago and the Detroit shows like I did last year!!!

Got the VIP Platinum Experience at Chicago!! = Priceless! Motorhead was fucking rightous as usual, Motorhead is one of my favorite bands and they rocked it!

What can I say, Heaven and Hell was just such a blessing to see again. The music was just flawless to me. I was right up front and even caught one of Tony's pics he threw out! Got my VIP pass signed and that was finally a lifetime task completed. Finally meeting them all was priceless. I was going to ask them for my money back when it came my turn to shake thier hands but just had to talk to Tony! LOL I bet that would have gotten a good laugh though!! It was a hot day and we were worn out, really one of the most exciting days, best days in my life. Everyone was just cool even the fans around us. PERFECTION! I did get to thank Geezer for the GZR! I heard some guys talking about Geezer after the show and they had just seen him in action for the first time.They were it complete SHOCK!!!! :) I hope Vinny knows we really love his drums!! Thanks Vinny!! Tony knows some of just wouldnt have found a way without Black Sabbath, we need Tonys guitar like we need the Sun!! To have the Honor to meet Ronnie again was PRICELESS! Cheers to 2007 and 2008!!!!!!!!! Pics on the way Joe. Thanks to Joe too for this site!!! Thank you all, all the best to you!! See you in the forums, Emenance.

Posted by: Mike at September 2, 2008 8:40 PM

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