Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
August 28, 2008

Cricket Wireless Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards


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The show was good from the start! Testament took the stage @ 5:30 to 6:00. They played Practice What You Preach, Over The Wall, More Than Meets The Eye, The Henchmen Ride & Formation of Damnation...also just jamming out in between songs and having fun with the crowd. The sound was pretty kept going in and out but the band just rocked out! Next was Motorhead from 6:30 to 7:15...and they killed it! They were amazing and had the crowd from the time Lemmy said WE ARE MOTORHEAD & WE PLAYING FUCKIN ROCK & ROLL! They of course played the hits that everyone wanted to here. Their setlist was the same as the other dates. But the band just took the crowd and made they headbang and go crazy! It was a good set and the sound could have still been worked on! After all the heat and waiting for what I consdered to be the highlight of the show...which it was because Judas just sucked! But BLACK SABBATH came on...not going to say Heaven & Hell because in my eyes the 4 albums released by Tony, Geezer & Dio was the best sabbath to be made. They took the stage @ 7:50 to 9:10. From there it was amazing!
The setlist was:

E5150/The Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Drum Solo
Time Machine
Falling Off The Edge of the World
Guitar Solo
Die Young
Heaven & Hell (Extended)

Encore: Neon Knights

In my eyes they should have headline! Their energy was great! Dio was everywhere on stage! The rest of the guys looked like they were having a great time! Over all the set was the best!

Than oh about 9:40 Judas went on...the worst thing I have ever seen! The first song...Rob just stood on the stage with a cloth on hiding out! Gay! The other memebers werent moving around! Next song Rob still was just acting like a dumbass standing in one spot! I had already knew what the setlist was going to be and the fact that they only did one actually song off the new album...whats the point in releasing a new album if no songs are going to be played! Thats just stupid and all they really played was that MTV & Radio shit! It was horrible that before Rob could say Metal Gods in the 2nd song I had left already!

There was no point in even having Juads there if they were just going to ruin the show! But by far Sabbath tore it up! Amzing show if them and MOTORHEAD & TESTAMENT! But forget Judas! It was all about SABBATH!

Posted by: Rj at August 29, 2008 7:24 PM

I'll first comment that I was very impressed with Testament as an opening act. I wasn't too familiar with their stuff, but I did think they did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job as an opener. Very well done by Chuck Billy and the guys. Props to them. At this point in the show, the crowd was still very sparse.

Motörhead was next up, and was very well received by the crowd that was present at the time, which started thickening about 2-3 songs into Motörhead's set. Lemmy and the guys were absolutely astounding, and Mikkey Dee's drums had alot of chest-pounding thump to them, Lemmy was... Well... Lemmy. No description needed for him, and Phil Campbell was superb as well. The only thing was that I thought the mix was somewhat off, with Lemmy's vocals not too clear for the majority of the set.

Next up was... Of course, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, whatever you want to call them. I prefer Sabbath, as that's what they were. The stage went dark as the intro to "E5150" hit, with the eerie blue lighting on the stage. Then came "The Mob Rules", with Iommi just absolutely tearing through everyone with the sheer power of his playing. Dio was definitely having a great night, and sounded better than he even did last year. Geezer was lost in the mix for the first couple of songs, but by the time "I" rolled around, his presence was much more evident. Vinny was awesome, though he lacked the power that Mikkey Dee had before him for Motörhead, though he was still damn impressive.

I would have liked, as others have said for previous shows, for Sabbath to have nixed the drum solo in favor of another song ("TV Crimes", "Lady Evil", "After All (The Dead)", or (something I'd personally like to hear) "Letters from Earth". Overall, however, the setlist was fantastic, and it was as follows:

The Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Drum Solo
Time Machine
Falling Off the Edge of the World
Die Young
Heaven and Hell
Neon Knights

After this was all said and done, Priest was due... For one reason or another, the removal of the Sabbath set and getting Priest's set setup seemed to take longer than it needed to or should have, but perhaps not. Priest came on, and was... Lacking... What I mean by this is that both Tipton and Downing combined couldn't hold a candle to Iommi... Halford was very Ozzy-like in his movements (or lack thereof, for the first song, he just stood there in a robe). I just was not impressed at all. It probably also didn't help that a "microburst-esqe" storm hit the amphitheater into Priest's 3rd? song, which in turn forced about half the audience to have to split (except for those under covered seating, section 200 and lower).

All in all, I was very impressed by Testament, Motörhead, and Black Sabbath. I really wasn't impressed much at all by Judas Priest, however.

Once again, Sabbath stole the show!

Posted by: Fenuxx at August 30, 2008 2:15 AM

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