Black Sabbath Concert Reviews
May 5, 2009

Bogota, Columbia
Coliseo el Campin


  • Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
  • Tony Iommi - Guitar
  • Geezer Butler - Bass
  • Vinny Appice - Drums
  • Scott Warren - Keyboards, Backup Vocals


  1. E5150
  2. Mob Rules
  3. Children of the Sea
  4. I
  5. Bible Black
  6. Time Machine
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Fear
  9. Falling off the Edge of the World
  10. Follow the Tears
  11. Die Young
  12. Heaven & Hell
  13. Country Girl / Neon Knights (encore)


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the best concert in Colombia.heaven and hell song is amazing. I saw the band in Irvine, CA in 10/06/2007, the same concert. I hope see heaven and hell again. The devil you know album i like the songs. I am the fan #1 Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Dio.
Contry girl was a sorprise.

Posted by: marius Author Profile Page at May 6, 2009 9:57 AM

Carlaz @ Iommi Msg Board:

I was there!

The quoted set-list looks right to me. The show started quite late because of some techinical problems with the lights, so I did wonder if they trimmed a song or two due to time restrictions. However, I think the main set was about 80 minutes up to the break before the encore, and the "Country Giri tease > Neon Knights" must have lasted at least another 5, so it was a close to 90 minute show. Not marathon, but not bad for a bunch of old dudes and I'm impressed that Dio didn't keel over from oxygen deprivation, since we're pretty high up in the Andes. Dio is a real pro though, and he had the audience eating out of his hand in seconds by plucking someone's Colombian flag from the audience to wave about upon the stage, and reassuring everyone that this was only the first time they had come to Colombia, but not the last.

There were some problems with the sound in the first few numbers, but they mostly got sorted out as best as one could hope. The venue is a mid-sized indoor cover arena -- something of a barn -- and so in a place like that, there's only so much one can do for the sound. It wasn't too bad though.

The venue was only about half-full -- I think the mid-week slot and, yes, probably the not-so-well-recognized name probably played a part in that. And the Ozzy-fronted band never came here, so fans (in contrast to everywhere else) are not already bored and tired of 10 years of Ozzy-era reunion .... But they were psyched! Famous bands like this have only just started to visit Colombia regularly in recent years, and a lot of people of all ages are simply overwhelmed that they are getting to see bands they thought they would never see (it being also rather difficult for the average Colombian to get a visa and the money to travel abroad to see a band). But everyone knows the words, knows the songs, and the guys around me just had looks of rapture on their faces most of the time, scarcely able to believe that right in front of them were the Masters of Rock, the real deal, playing these songs they've known all their lives. (Right next to me was a guy who couldn't have been born when Dehumanizer came out, let alone the earlier albums, and he was belting out the words to "I" like anything.) After the encore, a lot of people were just looking around at each other like "Wow".

So, I don't know how it felt on stage, but it was an excellent vibe where I was standing in the crowd. And, having had to miss the band's UK Wembley date in 2007, I too felt I'd triumphantly beaten the odds by getting a chance to see them here in Colombia.

Posted by: Joe Siegler Author Profile Page at May 6, 2009 10:14 AM

Heaven & Hell – Volkshaus - Zürich - Switzerland – 17.06.2007

Last week, I came to see Heaven & Hell in Switzerland, in Zürich. The Volkshaus is a nice theater, a rather small venue, and a chance to see (and hear !) the band very well. They played during one hour and thirty ; it was a short show but very energic, with a high rythm.

Set list :

E 5150 – Mob Rules – Children of the sea – I – Bible black – Time machine - Vinnie Appice Solo – Fear – Falling of the edge of the world – Follow the tears – Die Young – Heaven & hell.

Encore : few bars of Country girl & Neon Knights.

I saw the band two years ago in Montreux (Switzerland too) and it was a good concert (I sent a review on your site !). This one, in Zürich, was a perfect one. I saw several times Ronnie James Dio on stage : he always did a good job, but this night he was a king : powerful, reaching the highest notes really easily : an incredible performance from the beginning to the end.
The set list was good : I love the last album and "Bible black" is a killer song on stage ; same thing concerning "Follow the tears", an heavy Sabbath song.
The balance between old and new songs is really good and it was a nice surprise to hear " Time Machine" one of my favourite song of "Dehumanizer".

As always, Tony, Geezer and Vinnie played extremely well. Tony really seemed happy, always smiling : nice to see him so relax.

Two years ago, I didn’t like the extended version of Heaven & Hell : it was really too long, and it broke the rhythm of the concert. It wasn't the case this night ; it was a shorter version with magnificient improvisations fom Tony's guitar. A really emotional song.

To summup the evening, it was a brilliant concert : I saw a lot of classic metal band (Iron Maiden, Deep Purple with R. Blackmore...) and this concert was one of the best I ever saw !!

If you can catch them, don't miss them !

Lionel Bouvet – Annecy (France) -

Posted by: Bouvet Lionel at June 26, 2009 9:09 AM

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