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  1. The Dio era started it all off for me.
  2. Top Three Sabbath Dio-era Songs
  3. Have you seen Dio era Sabbath live?
  4. Dio and Ozzy-era material
  5. 'Wishing well' song not played live?
  6. demos of dio
  7. Ozzy and Dio's relationship
  8. I have a boot o Dio's last Dehumanizer show w/ Sabbath
  9. Master of Insanity
  10. Picture of Dehumanizer line-up with Ronnie and Cozy
  11. The Mob Rules
  12. Which Dio Era Album Is Your Favorite
  13. Re: Best Sabbath Concert
  14. Ozzy Quote on Dio
  15. What is This show ??
  16. Black and Blue DVD
  17. Time Machine
  18. It had to be done...the official Dehumanizer thread
  19. The Official Mob Rules Thread
  20. The Offical Live Evil Thread
  21. Favorite Dehumanizer Track
  22. Dio Era Songs
  23. A question about a bootleg
  24. Dio's live singing...
  25. Mob Rules versions
  26. Who played bass on the Heaven and Hell album?
  27. Mob Rules tracklist question
  28. sabbth's sound: differences between Ozzy and Dio
  29. Need some Help
  30. My problem with Heaven and Hell
  31. "The Sign of the Southern Cross" live
  32. H&H Poster...
  33. Favorite Dio Singing Performance
  34. Songs performed live
  35. Discerning "Turn Up The Night" lyrics
  36. What if Dio rejoined Sabbath ?
  37. I just got Dehumanizer.
  38. Dehumanizer v.s. Heaven and Hell
  40. Too Late
  41. Is itt just me?
  42. Dio Era Sabbath Song Played At Your Funeral?
  44. Dehumanizer question
  45. Getting "In Touch" With Dio
  46. Dio Era best of Black Sabbath album??
  47. Mob Rules Question?
  48. Vinnie or Cozy?
  49. Headbangers ball
  50. unreleased 91 track
  51. Master Of Insanity vs. Lady Of The Lake
  52. what are instruments in E5150
  53. Is DIO your favorite vocalist ever?
  54. Question about TV Crimes Vinyl
  55. Previously-unseen photos from New Haven show
  56. Rio 1992 show
  57. Why did they bring Dio back?
  58. Any more remasters coming?
  59. Poll...Heaven & Hell vs Mob Rules
  60. No happy birthday for Dio :(
  61. Why People Don't Blame Dio?
  62. Ronnie singing War Pigs in 1972
  63. What Dio era Sabbath albums do u own?
  64. If you met Dio...
  65. After All (The Dead) VS Lady Evil
  66. Live Evil videos?
  67. Want to see Dio and Sabbath together again once more?
  68. Import - Remastered Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules
  69. help please
  70. HHow did Dio decide his name should be Dio
  71. instruments
  72. what The Sign Of The Southern Cross say?
  73. When was Dio his best?
  74. I've seen Live Evil videos!!!
  75. What would be on your Dio "best-of" cd?
  76. Lady Evil / Devil Woman ?
  77. Anyone have this photo?
  78. Ronnie's Best Stuff
  79. DIO to work with Iommi again
  80. Yes but
  81. Best songs on Dehumanizer
  82. Dio sing songs from Ozzy-years
  83. Pronouncing "E5150"
  84. Dio's Hand Sign
  85. DIO Management: 'RONNIE Is Not Rejoining BLACK SABBATH'
  86. Tony Speaks about Dio Rumours
  87. 5015E E5150
  88. Dio Look alike ?
  89. E5150vil
  90. Google video: Sabbath w/Dio
  91. Dio's first 3 albums with Black Sabbath or Dehumanizer?
  92. Dehumanizer ,Italy 92'
  93. Vinny Appice's Drumming
  94. Question about the "credits" in Live Evil
  95. Mob Rules Review
  96. Symptom of the Universe
  97. Specific LIVE EVIL tracks Dio/band shine
  98. Why Was Mob Rules Ignored On Dehuminizer Tour
  99. I saw Dio two nights ago \o/
  100. H&H more influential than most people think?
  101. Dio's whole grain
  102. Question about very first (intro) track of LIVE EVIL
  103. Help with Heaven and Hell version
  104. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
  105. Dio's hardest use of his voice
  106. Question about Live Evil setlist/actual gigs setlist
  107. dehumanizer favorites
  108. Voodoo
  109. SAIL AWAY
  110. Heaven & Hell Live Video
  111. Dio's kiddie rhymes
  112. Mob Rules vs. Dehumanizer
  113. sabbath ripping off pantera, surly not
  114. The Official Die Young Thread
  115. Wishing Well
  116. Dio's video game (follow up thread to Dio's whole grain
  117. Better Drummer H@H...Bill or Vinny
  118. live evil concert on dvd
  119. ozzy says heaven and hell and mob rules are "great" !
  120. Dio In Finland
  121. i finally took the plunge......
  122. Dio to record w/ Iommi
  123. Sabbath and Dio NEED each other
  124. it's official.. Dio/Sabbath reunion won't happen..
  125. Favorite Song From Dehumanizer
  126. An Odd Version of Heaven and Hell
  127. Live Evil......
  128. DIO/Iommi work confirmed
  129. Where the hell does Ronnie come up with his lyrics
  131. "Dio years" box set thoughts
  132. MOB RULES RANKING!!!!!!!!!1
  133. Song
  134. Wishing well- guitarsolo recorded backwards
  135. Dio Lyrics
  136. Dio era pics
  137. Live Evil appreciation thread
  138. Children Of The Sea Lyrics
  139. Dio's voice ranking
  140. Dio's little ditty
  141. LIVE EVIL DVD ?
  142. Neon Knights Lyrics
  143. NK/TUTN similarity?
  144. Bad Blood lyrics
  145. Live Evil
  146. Dehumanizer a mistake?
  147. Would Tony have spazed out?
  148. Earlier Dehumanizer discussion & Dio bashing.
  149. Dio's Thumb...
  150. Black Sabbath: The Dio Years release date
  151. Need recording info for 2 non-LP songs/versions
  152. Listening to Dehumanizer
  153. Sabbath songs that sound alike.
  154. Did Dio predict the future?
  155. We Rock
  156. Love Is All
  157. Some discussions about the reasons to left sabbath
  158. Voodoo on Live Evil question
  159. Happy Birthday Ronnie James Dio!
  160. Neon Knights Vs Turn Up The Night
  161. Class Of 92 09/08/92 Orpheum Theatre Boston 2Discís
  162. Heaven and Hell demos?
  163. Live Evil concert footage
  164. dio era soundboard recordings
  165. sab photos
  166. Releases, re-releases, and re-re-releases.
  167. pro shots from the 92 tour???
  168. I'm going to piss some folks off, but......
  169. Alternate Letters From Earth
  170. Question about Dio/Sabbath footage from VH1 Metal show
  171. Slipping Away... Led Zeppelin influenced?
  172. Dio on RockLine August 16
  173. Dio singing Tony Martin songs...
  174. For Dio/Sabbath Fans...
  175. Country Girl Live Video
  176. Black Sabbath: The Dio Years CD
  177. Lady Evil Lyrics
  178. Dehumanizer production
  179. songs that dio will do better in live concerts
  180. If you were asked to add 4 more songs into Live eviL...
  181. Dio Years Update
  182. A Mob Rules Review
  183. Some Videos From The Dehumanizer Tour
  184. Best riffs!
  185. Influencing a kid...
  186. Heaven & Hell Tour 2007
  187. Dio box release date?
  188. Heaven & Hell 2007 tour - setlist speculation!
  189. sign of the southern cross
  190. N.I.B. (Live Video)
  191. What about Vinny??
  192. Live Evil concert footage
  193. Dio Era Playlist
  194. Dio era songs that were not done live?
  195. Live Evil Deluxe Expanded
  196. Favorite song from each Dio era album.
  197. Cross of Thorns in Boston '92?
  198. A truly underrated riff and song
  199. What Songs Did they play from Ozzy Era?
  200. Dio Era Music Videos
  201. Dio Songs?
  202. 10 Songs From The Dio Era You's Like To See Live
  203. Why Dio Left the 2nd Time Around
  204. So is it safe to say
  205. It's Official: DIO, IOMMI, BUTLER And WARD To Reunite A
  206. Heaven and Hell tour setlist/wishlist
  207. 5 Non-Dio-Era songs you'd love to hear him sing
  208. HAH Setlist Opener??
  209. Is there a new Album??
  210. Letters From Earth vs Time Machine (TV Crimes ver)
  211. Did Dio w/ Sabbath ever perform Sweet Leaf?
  212. Mob Rules Line-up
  213. Heaven and Hell to headline Castle Donington
  214. FINAL POSTING: Is Geoff on board, or not?
  215. Heaven & Hell set for Monsters Of Rock 2007
  216. Black & Blue DVD
  217. on the front
  218. Box set will include....
  219. Turn up the Night Live
  220. My first show ever, Sabbath in San Francisco 1982
  222. Heaven and Hell...will anyone care?
  223. Sabbath Dio Years to be ONLY single disc!
  224. [ed trunk] Lots of new H&H info!!!
  225. Help with Dio Sabbath
  226. How Ronnie is old?
  227. Opinions why you think Bill Ward bowed out of H&H?
  228. New Songs?
  229. Dehumanizer: best Dio/Sabbath
  230. H&H best Sabbat performance
  231. Heaven & Hell at Sweden Rock Festival -2007!
  232. No Ozzy/Sabbath songs on tour?
  233. Bill Ward debunks "Clear Channel" remarks
  234. Ozzy on the mob rules
  235. Oakland 7-27-80 pics..
  236. Sources for The Next Time, Untitled & Bad Blood?
  237. Favorite Dio era lyrics
  238. What Ozzy-era song does Dio perform best?
  239. Master Of Insanity Demo(Geezer Band) vers.
  240. best out of the 10
  241. Re-recorded with RJD?
  242. Lyric Disputes
  243. Heaven And Hell On My Space
  244. Lots of Heaven & Hell Updates
  245. Pre Sale Stuff, Ticket Gripes, & Ticket Info
  246. Concert Opener??
  247. NY/NJ People Lets get together !
  248. sabbath album
  249. New Black Sabbath Member?
  250. 31 Anonymous users on line this morning, bet they