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  1. Underrated Stuff
  2. The Martin era started it all off for me.
  3. Three best Martin-era Sabbath tunes
  4. Tyr- best Sabbath album ever?
  5. Martin - Dehumanizer tapes?
  6. Headless Cross...My First...
  7. Whole Lotta Metal
  8. Unreleased "Some Kind Of Woman" from Eternal Idol
  9. Forbidden is a great album!
  10. Cross purposes
  11. Tony Martin is underrated. Why?
  12. Who was/were the lyric writer(s) AFTER ETERNAL IDOL
  13. Misha Calvin Evolution TM does a really good job there!
  14. 'Headless in Russia'
  15. Cross Purposes Live
  16. Giuntini project 2
  17. Sun City
  18. Favorite Album Of The Tony Martin Era
  19. Interesting new Bobby Rondinelli interview
  20. Wolverhampton 1990
  21. Black Box II. Any updates or thoughts?
  22. When Death Calls
  23. The Officiial "Eternal Idol" Thread
  24. Your Preference of "Eternal Idol" Vocalists
  25. I want to get into tony martin era sabbath any help???
  26. Any bootleg from Leningrad out there
  27. For those of us who like Forbidden
  28. Some Kind Of Woman
  29. Tony Martin Name Ideas
  30. Black moon
  31. Cozy's drumkit for sale
  32. Is IRS deleting their Sabbath catalog
  33. Cozy Powell's sound in Forbidden
  34. Im new and I need help
  35. Tony Martin's daparture from the Sabs. Why?
  36. The Officiial "Headless Cross" Thread
  37. Tony Martin's attitude towards Dio.
  38. Kiss of Death is farewell song
  40. What's The Use
  41. Tyr
  42. what's your top 5 favorite martin sabbath tunes
  43. What song has the best Tony Martin vocal performance
  44. What a steal
  45. If you could make a greatest hits Tony Martin cd
  46. your favorite martin albums in order
  47. Where did Tony Martin come from?
  48. The Offical TYR Thread
  50. Any idea where I can order Cross Purposes Live?
  51. Martin Era DVDS
  52. What are your thoughts on Headless Cross?
  53. HC era Boots
  54. What is your Favorite Headless Cross song?
  55. Pronouncing "Tyr"
  56. Cloak And Daggar
  57. Who has Headless In Russia and Malta DVDs?
  58. Martin on Dehumaniser
  59. OMG, he rules!
  60. Who else thinks TM's new look is terrible?
  61. what are the instruments in THE BATTLE OF TYR?
  62. intro of Cross Of Thorns
  63. Does Headless in Russia DVD exist in PAL format
  64. Iommi's touring bass position plans for Headless Cross
  65. Talk me into it!
  66. Archie Bunker, Rodin, and The Etoynal Idol
  67. Tony Martin Bashers Are Nuts
  68. My verdict
  69. The Eternal Idol...
  70. Cross Purposes Live
  71. What's The Use?
  72. a new fan
  73. Cross Purposes Live
  74. Self-Made Tony Martin/Sabbath Two-Disc Set
  75. I need some song names
  76. Outtake/B-Side Songs
  77. Guilty As Hell
  78. tony martin era videos
  79. Pro Shot Footage With Bill Ward
  80. A Few Questions About Headless Cross Tour:
  81. Iommi-Martin-Powell-Murray appreciation thread
  82. Headless in russia
  83. Headless Cross Video
  84. Tony Martin
  85. A different name?
  86. Get A Grip music video: WTF
  87. When did Bobby Rondinelli use that giant gong?
  88. How do you live your Tony Martin era passion?
  89. Cross Purposes
  90. Crossed Purposes Live Video
  91. Live in Malta "95"
  92. Comments/Info about Neil Murray
  93. Martin vs Gillen
  94. Powell/Martin interview from 95
  95. Weird Eternal Idol Ad
  96. Holy CRAP Neil Murray got old looking
  97. I now have them all!
  98. Questions about "When Death Calls"
  99. What happened to Tony's live vocals between 90-94??????
  100. Headless Cross "Dated" (I need explanation)
  101. I'm Sorry, Tony
  102. Voices
  103. Neil Murray
  104. What would be your ultimate Eternal Idol lineup?
  105. Tony Martin Albums
  106. Get A Grip
  107. What Should Martin Think...
  108. How do you interpret the meaning of "Kiss of Death"?
  109. Opinions on this Tony Martin 'Contradiction'
  110. For anyone who owns Headless In Russia (both shows)
  111. Two Black Moons. What is the difference?
  112. Tapes of Dehumanizer with Tony Martin
  113. Was Black Moon the first song of Tony Martin lyrics?
  114. Virtual Death
  115. Bill Ward 1994 appearance
  116. Assume contracts were signed and Ozzy DID rejoin in 93.
  117. Sun City 1987 Photos, and timeline info
  118. Why did Tony Harford change his name?
  119. Why didn't Cozy come back for Cross Purposes?
  120. Tonys voice in Headless Cross
  121. Headless Cross is now my favourite Sabbath album!
  122. What would be on your Tony Martin era "best of" cd?
  123. There's a nice interview with Tony Martin here
  124. Odin's Court is an excellent performance of T. Martin
  125. Petition. T. Martin sholud be brought back to Sabs!
  126. Thanks
  127. Anno Mundi
  128. Official videos from Tony Martin Era
  129. Geoff Nicholls appreciation thread
  130. Tony "The Cat" Martin
  131. kill in the spirit world
  132. tony martin era album poll
  133. Donna meets the infamous TM
  134. The Shining and Nightmare on keyboard
  135. Forbidden album opener
  136. Eternal Idol - Tony or Ray?
  137. unaddressed songs from tyr
  138. New Tony Martin interview
  139. Scream
  140. 92-94 Era Sabbath and Alice in Chains
  141. Missing lyrics
  142. Headless Cross lyrics
  143. Back Vocals On Born To Lose...
  144. Instruments in Scarlet Pimperne...
  145. Cotrubution to the Martin Era fans
  146. What TM Era Sabbath Album is the Best to Start With?
  147. Keyboards On Headless Cross
  148. Cross of thorns
  149. Cross Purposes live confusion.
  150. New TM interview
  151. Official Tony Martin-on-Tour Thread
  152. Why did Geoff Nicholls leave (got fired?) the Sabbs?
  153. Tony Martin at Rockland, Sweden!!
  154. Happy birthday Tony Martin
  155. Who are those women?
  156. Martin era CDs no longer sold at Amazon?
  157. Coming clean
  158. Tony Martin on new EMPIRE album. Out Now
  159. Martin's voice ranking?
  160. I finally got a martin era album
  161. "Get A Grip" video on youtube.com
  162. EBAY
  163. Martins phenomenal range
  164. A clone? WTF
  165. How bout this for Weird Al
  166. Weirdest.Compilation.Ever.
  167. Unreleased studio songs?
  168. Is psychophobia about Dio?
  169. Martin and Gillen
  170. Buenos Aires 94
  171. Rate the Martin albums
  172. Where can you get these albums?
  173. Headless in Russia (Evening show)
  174. TM brazilian site
  175. Tony Martin era remasters??
  176. TYR
  177. Cross of Thorns
  178. This is nice..
  179. Question about the EI single
  180. Best Sabbath tour with TM?
  181. Forcefield 2 The Talisman
  182. Headless Cross album cover
  183. Just imagine...
  184. Martin era line - up that never recorded
  185. New TM Interview
  186. Headless Cross
  187. Martin about Geoff's roll in the band.
  188. I Can't Find Forbidden
  189. Cross Purposes Live
  190. He has a point
  191. Favorite track from Eternal Idol?
  192. Cross Purposes
  193. Headless Cross video clip
  194. Why do we hear ICE T on Forbidden?
  195. My Headless Cross cd has a misprint on it
  196. The Best Videorecord of concert with T.Martin
  197. The Eternal Idol appreciation thread
  198. The best Tony Martin era songs
  199. What "Get a grip and shake the can" means?
  200. Tony Martin / Neil Murray / M3 Classic Whitesnake
  201. Get a Grip cd single
  202. End of Sabbath
  203. Martins accent
  204. Cross Purposes
  205. Cross purposes live cd/VHS box set!
  206. Songs you would have like to hear Martin sing !
  207. Black Box The Tony Martin Years
  208. Forbidden
  209. Thanks to board member and Tony Martin solo !
  210. Does anyone know what TM is singing abut on .....
  211. Question about Dehumanizer (the TM version)
  212. Martin sing on Dehumanizer demos?
  213. TONY MARTIN Says There Is 'No Fuckin' Chance' He Would
  214. Warming up to some TM era
  215. Demos
  216. Cross Purposes Live
  217. Tony Martin LP's ranked
  218. "Forbidden Demos" obviously fake
  219. Favorite song from each Martin era album.
  220. Best Riffs!
  221. What Songs Did they play from Past Eras?
  222. 10 Songs From The TM Era You's Like To See Live
  223. Cross Purposes 2009
  224. Back Cover of Forbidden
  225. Tony Martin and Tony Iommi meeting!
  226. Still Headless
  227. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
  228. Forbidden, was it THAT bad???
  229. A little bit of Tony
  230. Black Moon vs Some Kind of Woman
  231. Last EI Line-up
  232. Martin-era Albums going for $$$
  233. Eternal Idol Line-Up
  234. Cloak And Dagger
  235. Is this era good?
  236. Why didnt the 2 Tonys do more of Born Again ?
  237. Make a Better Tyr
  238. Cross Purposes Line-up
  239. Make a Better Forbidden
  240. Best Bonus Track
  241. Where to buy CROSS PURPOSES LIVE?
  242. Three Songs Off Forbidden!
  243. Last Cross Purposes Line-up
  244. Forbidden Tour Line-Up
  245. Best Eternal Idol Tour Song
  246. The Martin/Iommi/Powell/Murray/Nicholls era
  247. Why Tony Martin changed his name....
  248. Anyone have the tapes rolling ?
  249. Forbidden/Headless Cross Line-Up
  250. Imagine a Proper Official Martin Era compilation