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  1. Other Eras Indeed!
  2. Has anyone else seen Ray Gillen live?
  3. Dave Walker
  4. Born Again Demos
  5. Fenholt - A Sabbath singer?
  6. Seventh Star
  7. Badlands and Ray Gillen in general
  8. What do you qualify as an era ?
  9. Halford in Sabbath
  10. Ron Keel
  11. Sabbath with Halford
  12. The Dave Donato Interview
  13. The Born Again Tour
  14. d.e.p. sessions
  15. where can I find The Ian Gillan Black Sabbath liveStuff
  16. What are your thoughts on Born Again?
  17. Ray Gillen (R.I.P.)
  18. Bootleg Title Question - "Feigh Death Sabbath"
  19. Stonehenge extended version
  20. Black Sabbath Concert with Hughes March 1986????
  21. No Stranger to Love (remix)
  22. Born Again!
  23. Seventh Star
  24. Black Box 2: What should it/ will it contain?
  25. Some Questions About the BORN AGAIN DEMOS
  26. Glenn Hughes a Retrospective
  27. Black Sabbath Story original Japanese DVDs
  28. What official release Trashed and Zero The Hero videos
  29. VH1 Classic just played the No Stranger to Love video.
  30. Glen Hughes
  31. Glenn live on '86...
  33. gillan-sabbath
  34. Songs Played on Vh1 Classics
  35. Long Plays Argentina & Spain to Collectors
  36. Reading 1983
  37. The Offical Born Again Thread
  38. Montreal 83 DVD
  39. Born Again sound quality: improvement possibility?
  40. Ray rules!
  41. "Black Priest"
  42. New Geezer Butler Interview @ Classic Rock Revisited.
  43. "The Fallen" should be "The Falling"
  44. Why Halford Don't record
  45. 11 - 15 - 1992
  46. again on a japanese edition
  47. Why didn't they play Born Again stuff after '84?
  48. Tony And Ian Gillan Recording Thrashed Again
  49. Official Dave Walker site
  50. Jeff Fenholt
  51. Seventh Star
  52. Happy Birthday!
  53. Stonehenge vs. The Dark
  54. Happy Birthday!
  55. Happy Birth Day Rob Halford
  56. Eternal Idol Demos with Ray Gillen
  57. Ozzfest 2004 Camden with Rob Halford
  58. Is "impissibolity" a word?
  59. My God Ian screams a lot on Hot Line!!!!
  60. Born Again Tour
  61. The Jeff Fenholt Files: Minister of Reality
  62. MTV Interview 83
  63. Just A Idea...
  64. Ray Gillen : 12 years gone
  65. Whose Dog?
  66. Why didnt Warner release
  67. Disturbing the Priest
  68. The next turn for the future of Black Sabbath
  69. Seventh Star completes my Sabbath collection....
  70. Angry Heart
  71. born again song poll
  72. most underrated seventh star song poll
  73. Ray Gillen Eternal Idol demos
  74. In Memory..... of a 20 year old Star
  75. Where's the Flute on Born Again?
  76. Ray Gillen's Eternal Idol
  77. Ian Gillan's Montreal Video
  78. Gillan singing Ozzy/Dio: live favorites
  79. Couldn't Born Again TECHNICALLY be re-mixed from start?
  80. No Stranger To Love
  81. Heaven and Hell with Rob Halford Live Video
  82. Never Say Die live
  83. Donato demos?
  84. Born Again and My War
  85. Zakk Wylde Sabbath
  86. first notes in "In Memory..."
  87. Gillan on VH1 classics
  88. Dave Donato Recording
  89. Something weird I noticed...
  90. BORN AGAIN RANKING!!!!!!!!
  91. Star Of India RANKING!!!!!!!
  92. Jeff Fenholt...
  93. The Seventh Star On The Radio Right Now!!!
  94. forgotten birthday
  95. Gillan's voice ranking
  96. Hughes voice ranking
  97. Jeff Fenholt's voice ranking
  98. Ray Gillen's voice ranking
  99. Info of Eight Star
  100. Digital Bitch/Zero The Hero Bootleg Video link
  101. Gillan best scream
  102. Gillan vs Hughes
  103. Glenn Hughes Talks Iommi, Deep Purple Reunion?
  104. I rocked on the Eternal Idol Demos this morning
  105. Smoke on the Water
  106. Strange Question - anybody know how tall Ian Gillan is?
  107. Why the SEVENTH Star
  108. just got the Born again demos
  109. who is the "Actual Baby" used for DM and Born Again
  110. curious picture
  111. Sabbath w/ Gillan 10-21-83 Montreal Video
  112. Ian Gillan doing War Pigs!
  113. just heard the ray gillian demos
  114. Ray does neon nights better then dio.
  115. What Kerrang Issue has the Donato Interview?
  116. Dave Walker
  117. Gillan question
  118. Something about Disturbing the Priest..
  119. Bought a fresh new VINYL copy of Born Again, and....
  120. Seventh Star out of print??
  121. Does anyone know who "zero the hero" is about
  122. similarites between nightmare and keep it warm?
  123. Gillan's H&H improvisation
  124. Glenn Hughes era - upon further review... just bad
  125. No Stranger To Love music video
  126. Eric Singer's Sister Interview
  127. I've been listening to the DEP sessions and......
  128. Hot Line
  129. Iommi-Fused
  130. Ray with Savatage(video)
  132. Do you agree with this?
  133. For Ian Gillan fans....
  134. Born Again RULES!!
  135. Favorite song from each Other era album.
  136. Best Riffs
  137. Dave "The Beast " Spitz
  138. 10 Songs From The Other Eras You's Like To See Live
  139. Does anyone else think that Tony's solo's
  140. Iron man footage
  141. Who would you rather see a tour with?
  142. NIB with the metal god live in 92
  143. I finally heard the untouched demos of Born Again
  144. Fenholt sessions
  145. Studio Demos with David Donato
  146. Dave Walker's Songs...
  147. Ian Gillan mangling Heaven and Hell
  148. Born Again Line-Up
  149. Halford & Sabbath should they have recorded ?
  150. No Stranger To Love single Version
  151. The Seventh Star Thread
  152. What would have Happened if...
  153. ian gillan/live
  154. Best Bootleg from Born Again Era
  155. Sabbath missed the boat !
  156. Jeff Fenholt Demos
  157. Ray Gillens Line-Up
  158. Born Again songs: ever played after Gillan left?
  159. Make a Better Born Again
  160. Ray Gillen
  161. Make a Better Seventh Star
  162. Make a Better Eternal Idol
  163. Born Again album review
  164. Belch ?
  165. 2004 PNC Halford with Sabbath
  166. Zero The Hero
  167. 2004 with Rob Halford DVD
  168. Trashed every played live?
  169. What show was this?
  170. Question about Geoff and 'Smoke...." live
  171. Badlands and Hammersmith
  172. Did Gillan/Sabbath ever do "Iron Man"?
  173. Which version to buy?
  174. Born Again, again...
  175. My Ray Gillen Tribute..
  176. Born Again PLZ help
  177. Costa Mesa - Needed Martin songs !
  178. Ray's "Eternal Idol"
  179. I just listened to Ray for the first time
  180. What's the story with Jeff Fenholt?
  181. ian gillan interview about born again
  182. Gillan bailed out early on tour ?
  183. The top ten songs by The Kinks
  184. "Born Again" lyrics?
  185. any born again tour footage
  186. Geezer and Seventh Star
  187. Dave Walker: Black Sabbath's actual second singer
  188. Seventh Star with Ray Gillen
  189. Favorite Song Off Each Studio Album
  190. Where is Born Again and Seventh Star on CD in USA?
  191. Rob halford played for sabbath!
  192. Dave Spitz, Esq?
  193. Seventh Star Appreciation Thread
  194. Looking for Seventh Star Poster
  195. Costa Mesa 1992 feat. Rob Halford "Computer God"
  196. Junior's Eyes With Dave Walker
  197. Fallen Angels CD - Worcester, MA (4/11/1983)
  198. Born Again question
  199. Born Again or Deep Purple
  200. Priest Feast 2008!
  201. How much would you pay?
  202. Photos of Ray Gillen
  203. Chances of old live matieral being released after death...
  204. Born Again Tour Complete Version of Heaven & Hell?
  205. Was 2nd Gillan led album ever in the works !
  206. Born Again live!
  207. Question about this bootleg I have of the Born AGain tour - Feigh Death Sabbath
  208. Born Again Tour Rehearsals
  209. Does anybody have the Fenholt Star of India bootlegs to trade?
  210. Question about the live tracks (San Antonio) from the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol bootleg
  211. "Born Again" Reunion? lol
  212. Intro on 'Star of India' (Seventh Star) demo with Fenholt
  213. Which trilogy was more important ?
  214. What gear was used on Born Again?
  215. Born Again Vs. Seventh Star?
  216. Turn to Glennn - Download links
  217. Looking for a live video with Glenn Hughes
  218. What Is This? (Fenholt)
  219. before he was born again.
  220. Ray Gillen-Glenn Hughes '86 pic
  221. Ray Gillen-Glenn Hughes '87 pic
  222. Glenn Hughes Goodbye To Romance
  223. If not Bev Bevan... who?
  224. Ian Gillan writing with Tony Iommi again?
  225. Gillen-Iommi pic 1986
  226. Stonehenge 45" (Born Again)
  227. Black Moon
  228. The next batch of deluxe editions
  229. Trashed (Born Again)
  230. Question about Gillan era Sabbath
  231. Born again!
  232. Where to find photos from Born Again tour... ?
  233. Iommi & Killer '86 Video
  234. Anybody have the Chicago 'Feigh Death Sabbath' bootleg?
  235. Is this setlist real? Or fake! It says Trashed was played!
  236. Born Again - Tour Rehearsals 2 CD
  237. Zero The Hero (the First Rap-Metal song ever?!?!)
  238. Shows available with Gillan?
  239. Born Again production?
  240. TRUTH behind stories of mixing LIVE EVIL
  241. Trashed Music Video Uncut
  242. Favourite song on Born Again?
  243. Seventh Star
  244. Great performance of Danger Zone!
  245. Tony Iommi and Lita Ford Jam
  246. Whats your favorite song off Seventh Star
  247. Born Again Vs. Bark at the Moon
  248. Sabbath was gonna play Black Night when Gillan was in Sabbath
  249. Ian Gillan or Glenn Hughes. Which singer do you like better?
  250. If Gillan, Iommi, and Butler formed a new group... Who should drum?