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Black Sabbath - The Vault?

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  • Black Sabbath - The Vault?

    Hey guys, long time no see. Anyway, I just completed my collection of all the Sabbath studio albums. But wanting more "new" Sabbath, I decided to make a compilation album of sorts from Black Sabbath B-Sides and rare tracks. I did try to buy most of them but there are *some* that had to be got from ahem.. other sources. Here's the track listing as it stands :-
    1. What's The Use
    2. Some Kind of Woman
    3. Cloak & Dagger
    4. Loser Gets It All
    5. Pyscho Man
    6. Selling My Soul
    7. Shadow of the Wind
    8. The Devil Cried
    9. Ear In The Wall
    10. The Fallen
    11. Smoke on the Water [live]

    I've refrained from adding alternate versions [like the Time Machine Wayne's World version] and decided to keep it to the Sabbath standard of never reaching above 10 songs. lol. Haven't got to hear the whole thing as an album yet but I intend to do it sometime this week. Oh and check out the cover I made...

    Needs work on the Volvo though. What do you guy's think? I'd like suggestions on the tracklisting. Am I missing any other songs?
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    A good one, you could also add Apache (live '89) to the list.
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      The originial version of 'black moon' which was a bside to 'the shining'. it's very different from the version on hdls cross. It's not an alt mix but a complete different recording.
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        Scary Dreams.


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          Sometimes Im Happy (live)


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            What about Blue Suede Shoes, Evil Woman, the B Sides from the Dehumanizer singles (Live versions of Children Of The Sea, Die Young, and TV Crimes), the alternate and better version of Letters From Earth. Also the live versions Heaven And Hell & Paranoid from the Feels Good to Me CD Single. The live version of The Wizard from The Ozzfest CD. And Don't forget about Junior's Eyes with David Walker. There was also a freebee CD given out at Ozzfest with a live version of Children of the Grave.