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  • Top 5 Sab Albums

    Ok Folks,

    I would like to know whats your favorite Black Sabbath album is/why and wich one was the first record you bought/hear/or get from other.

    I start:

    1. Headless Cross - I started my musical "being" as a drummer
    RIP Cozy
    2. Paranoid - this was the first record I hear
    3. Technical Ecstasy
    4. Cross Purposes
    5. Tyr
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    The first six have always been my favourites. The number one spot usually goes to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", but it really depends what mood I'm in.

    The debut was the first Sabbath album I heard.


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      1. Never Say Die! Simply awesome. No one else gets it, I guess.
      2. Sabotage. Awesome, too, and heavy
      3. Technical Ecstasy
      4. Paranoid. No matter how much people bash this album, it's definitely one of their best works ever.
      5. Headless Cross
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        These are in no particular order:

        Mob Rules - My first exposure to a Sabbath album. I borrowed from my local library back in 81 or 82.

        Sabotage - The songs are all top notch, every track is a favorite. Ozzy sounds absolutely furious on Symptom.

        Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Like Sabotage every track is a favorite.

        Black Sabbath - It speaks for itself.

        Volume 4
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          My Sabbath story is pretty straight-forward right through. I honestly did run through their discography, in order, i.e. my first Sabbath buy (yes, not borrowed, shared or shown, but 'bought') was the immortal s-t debut, Black Sabbath and then, in sequence of release, upto Forbidden. Ok, now my Top 5 Sabbath albums:

          Sabotage---all-round awesomeness

          Master of Reality---heavy, sludgy, ominous and punishing..yea a slamming sledgehammer of an album.

          Vol. 4----unforgettably magnificent, from start to finish.

          Sabbath Bloody Sabbath----undoubtedly helped invent the very word 'cool' in describing metal music of such majesty and timelessness.

          Black Sabbath---single-handedly sired a whole, adoring generation of pretenders and contenders but never again a Black Sabbath of the '70s.

          And I love Paranoid too, but that would be at #6. Mob Rules is the only non-Ozzy Sabbath disc that would feature in my 'favourite' Sabbath albums.
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            1. Mob Rules
            2. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
            3. Heaven and Hell
            4. Master of Reality
            5. Paranoid

            Or something like that...



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              1. Heaven And Hell
              2. Mob Rules
              3. Black Sabbath
              4. Eternal Idol
              5. Paranoid


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                1 Black Sabbath
                2 Dehumanizer
                3 Heaven And Hell
                4 Paranoid
                5 Headless Cross


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                  1. Heaven and Hell - me first Sabbath album!
                  2. Sabotage - Black Sabbath at their finest.
                  3. Born Again - Ian Gillan going crazy = WIN!
                  4. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - The Original 4 at their experimental best!
                  5. Master of Reality
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                    1. paranoid
                    2. forbidden
                    3. vol 4
                    4. masters of reality
                    5. heaven and hell
                    Pain and Poison Roses


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                      In no particular order...

                      1. Black Sabbath----- Hasn't aged one bit, might be my all time favorite.
                      2. Dehumanizer------ The best album with Dio on vocals. The "Master of Reality" of the Dio lineup.
                      3. Paranoid----------- Over played sure, but for a very good reason.
                      4. Master of Reality-- Home to the heaviest song ever: Children of the Grave.
                      5. Heaven and Hell--- The title track alone is great, along with CoS and Die Young.
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                        Master of reality -- doomy and sludgy
                        Mob Rules -- Excellent work, getting darker like the original Sabbath
                        Born Again -- Brilliant, heavy riffs
                        Heaven and Hell -- Classic tunes and some of the best Iommi solos

                        I can't decide whether Paranoid or Volume 4 go in the fifth spot. Paranoid has the more popular, briliant songs, but Volume 4 is a monolithic album with some of the heaviest riffs ever in metal. Master of Reality is an average between the two.


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                          1. Heaven & Hell - My First Metal Record Ever
                          2. Mob Rules
                          3. Dehumanizer
                          4. Headless Cross
                          5. Tie between Tyr/Cross Purposes

                          Ozzy blows >.<


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                            1. Heaven and Hell
                            2. Born Again (Yes, I just said Born Again!)
                            3. Sabotage
                            4. Mob Rules
                            5. Dehumanizer
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                              It's not the first time this question has been posted in these boards, but my list is pretty much the same.

                              1. Tyr
                              2. Heaven and Hell
                              3. Fused
                              4. Cross Purposes
                              5. Seventh Star (am I the first one to mention it?)
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