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Black Sabbath Vs. Ozzy Round 3 Born Again Vs. Bark At The Moon

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  • Black Sabbath Vs. Ozzy Round 3 Born Again Vs. Bark At The Moon

    Born Again Vs. Bark At The Moon


    This one's a little more difficult for me, but still going with Born Again.
    Born Again
    Bark At The Moon
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    Born Again via No Contest. [Bark at the Moon never made it to the fight!]
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      Bark at the Moon via default (Born Again retired hurt)

      Seriously, excepting moderately liking maybe just 2 songs, max, on Born Again, I always found BA to be extremely sucky, overall.

      Bark at the Moon was a 50/50 affair for me; I liked half the songs and disliked the other half.
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        This is a blowout. BATM represents a slight dip in quality in Ozzy's solo output from Blizzard and DOAM. I saw him on the tour supporting the album, and he was (as usual for that time frame) excellent. After that, though, I think Ozzy went south extremely fast. I bought BA the day it was released, and saw Sabbath on that tour. The live show was entertaining. The album, however, is absolutely horrendous.

        Round 4 of this bout should be entertaining.
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          Bark was OK, but certainly falls well below my top 3 post-Sabbath Ozzy records. Born Again I felt more was like something of a super-band cross between Sabbath and Purple. Most definitely Born Again was not an equal to a lot of other Sabbath efforts, but I personally prefer it to Bark.
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            Bark at The Moon for me.I am a Jake fan!




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              Disturbing the Priest, Zero the Hero, Thrashed, Born Again, Digital B, etc... Vs Fart at the Moon? There is no contest. It is what it is.


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                I don't like either of these that much but I'll go with Bark At The Moon just becasue the title track is cooler than anything on BA.
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                  For me it's easily Born Again. Hell, I like Born Again more than Mob Rules (no, I'm not crazy).

                  Bark at the Moon has a lot of forgetable tracks. I like the title track, but I had to go into my Itunes playlist and refresh my memory ( I do own the CD but haven't listened to it in a LONG time). I listened to "You're No Different" and "Waiting for Darkness", both of which I like, but the rest I don't really care for.

                  There's not a track I really hate on Born Again (that's pretty rare with me) but I could do without Stonehenge. Keep It Warm is also sort of a weak track, although I do like it.


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                    First two rounds tough, this one easy. Come on people, Bark is a WAY better album.


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                      Bark at the Moon. I was never a fan of Born Again


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                        Born Again. Ian’s vocal chords were never the same after this album. Don't trash this album just because Ward spilled his diet coke on the console.


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                          Born Again for sure. I'm a big fan of the album and I think every song on the album is just great. Although I cannot say the same about Bark At The Moon; there's only like a couple tracks on the whole album that I find to be good at all.

                          The riffs on Born Again are killer, drumming is awesome, bass is awesome and vocals are totally awesome. Great album! Born Again!
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                            Born Again. Although Jake E. Lee is an excellent guitarist, Born Again sounds harder.
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                              as a 15 year old, I prefered Bark, but as a grown man, Born Again.
                              The songs on Bark are well crafted and original, but didn't age that well. I stopped listening to it a few years after its release, and cringe when I hear some.
                              Born Again is overall darker and harder to approach. Some songs are crap and it sounds like shit, but I can still enjoy a thorough listen of the whole thing once in a while.