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Robert Plants comment about sabbath.

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  • Originally posted by WheelsOfConfusion View Post
    If this thread and the OP is a train, this is what has happened to it:

    Way too funny & too true - as far as the original comment - why does anyone care what Robert Plant thinks about Sabbath or any other band - he's not going to influence me one way or another on bands I like (nor is anyone else) I like to make my own opinions on the music I buy & found it funny seeing how The Sith Empire, Ashley, The Butt & RLP all got after it on DM/BM again just because someone's doesn't like the music you like doesn't matter - I threw my 2 cents in because KD lives in the Dallas Area & I know some people who have played in his band & have met him many times - trust me he doesn't advocate doing evil anymore than Stephen King does in his writing & just think you shouldn't give up listening to his music simply because someone says he's evil or bad
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    • Sabbath albums I have: All of them.

      Zepplin albums I have: None.

      Nuff said.

      All the best,


      • Everything Sabbath did from the great 8 to Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules and Born Again beats the whole Zeppelin catalog, this is coming from a Zep fan, hands down.
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        "If there ever was a band whose voice is so significant and distinct, that band is Black Sabbath and the voice is Ozzy Osbourne"
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        • Plant has made a number of derogatory comments about Sabbath over the years. I've never understood why he feels the need. He's a successful artist. It comes off as bizarre.

          The Sabbath guys have only ever been respectful towards Led Zeppelin, even if I'm sure they have opinions about some of their material as well.

          The only thing I can think of which was a slight blow was that Jezz Woodruffe said they all listened to Presence and thought it sucked. They didn't like "Achilles Last Stand" at all. Woodruffe loved it. Maybe when he joined Plant he told him about that. Who knows? But the problem goes way back/ John Paul Jones made some comment about Zep IV around the time it came out that it should "put an end to comparisons to Black Sabbath."

          But I've never heard Sabbath say anything publicly about Led Zeppelin that was anything other than positive. Not their style. Tony's comments about Bonham being "the power" behind Led Zeppelin was not a criticism. He was describing the difference in approach in how the two bands played. And he's absolutely right. You listen to something like "Immigrant Song" and imagine how Tony would attack that riff.

          Everyone knows Bonham loved "Supernaut." Tony has recently said that Bonham really wanted to play it but didn't play it correctly and things would usually end up in some blues jam.

          Page has been to numerous Sabbath shows in recent years and clearly is capable in his old age of just hanging out with his old friends and being thankful that they are still alive and kicking, and that their music still moves millions when many of their peers haven't had the same fortune. I have no idea if Plant is capable of this.
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          • Both Awesome bands.