Google Ads Question

Hey gang. I just posted something asking about Google Ads on my website. I'd like people's input (and help possibly) on this. Please go over here and have a read:

--- Joe
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    Fairies Wear Boots
    Into the Void
    Under the Sun
    Killing yourself to live
    Symptom of the universe
    Its Alright
    Hard Road
    Lady Evil
    Sign of the Southern Cross
    Zero the hero
    Heart Like a Wheel
    The Shining
    Black Moon
    Feels good to me
    Evil Eye
    Rusty Angels
    Psycho Man
    Shadow of the wind
    Follow the Tears


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      I'll play. This looks like fun.

      Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
      Paranoid- Fairies Wear Boots
      Master of Reality- Into the Void
      Vol 4- Snowblind
      Sabbath Bloody Sabbath- Spiral Architect
      Sabotage- Symptom of the Universe
      Technical Ecstasy- Dirty Women
      Never Say Die- title track
      Heaven and Hell- Children of the Sea
      Mob Rules- Country Girl (it brings to mind someone I try not to think about any more, but I can't help myself)
      Born Again- Zero the Hero
      Seventh Star- title track
      Eternal Idol- Nightmare
      Headless Cross- When Death Calls
      Tyr- The Sabbath Stones
      Dehumanizer- Computer God
      Cross Purposes- Evil Eye
      Forbidden- Kiss of Death
      Reunion- Psycho Man
      Dio Years- Ear in the Wall
      The Devil You Know- Bible Black