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  • Originally posted by BACK TO EDEN View Post

    22) DEP - (Studio Release #22) .... Studio gems 21 - 23 , IOMMI - DEP - FUSED , is as good as a career in creating "true from the heart" music has ever been in the world of Sabbath - and DEP is a prime example of supreme out of the box song writing ,, much like SBS (24) and TYR (23) , DEP pushes the Sabbath creative envelope as high as possible .... fantastic album , just fantastic!

    - Don't you Tell Me , the greatest riff ever assembled

    - Time is the Healer , Sabbath and Hughes at the top of there game ..... masterpiece!
    Hey Doc, right words about Iommi Solo stuff. More than brilliant . with perhaps one of the best riffs Iommi wrote ever , Hughes on fire behind the mic playing his explosive bass guitar plus the nuclear Kenny Aronoff on drums : Let it down easy. Cant' stop listening to this gem . How this song could be a bonus track for japanese market ?
    Happy new year, BTE!
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    • "Since you're dead, you're not invited......."

      @TYRR , straight up my brother , that it is!! .... Happy New Years!

      @SIN , thank you for the kind words!

      @You SBS PM's , keep your heads high! .... If you understand my love for Reunion , WhoCares and The Dio Years EP .... And my love for TYR and DEP .... and my 3 main reasons SBS is locked in at #24 ... and also knew my beyond appreciation for the vocal , instrumentation - musicianship on this beast .... a euphonious landscape bested by nothing ,,,,,, then you would understand the undeniable fact - if you took the greatest fan of this masterpiece at his or her most euphoric moment , and multiplied it by an infinite equation - you would then have the degree that SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH elates me during my sleep.

      ...... OK , being as unbiased as I possibly am capable of ... most know my scale: 1 - 10.25 , Sabbath to good to grade any other way ,,

      Fluff 9.75
      The Turn of the Screw 9.75
      Hot Line 9.75
      Born to Loose 9.75

      War Pigs 10
      Heaven n Hell 10
      The Sabbath Stones 10
      Heart Like a Wheel 10

      SOTU 10.25
      A National Acrobat 10.25
      Buried Alive 10.25
      Nightmare 10.25

      .... here it goes ,,,

      Laughing Man (In The Devil Mask) 9.90

      Meat 10

      Goodbye Lament 10.24

      Time Is Mine 10

      Patterns 9.90

      Black Oblivion 10

      Flame On 10.24

      Just Say No To Love 9.90

      Who's Fooling Who 9.90

      Into The Night 9.90

      ..... ya , as of right now , HC - MOR - DEHUMANIZER - SABOTAGE , are all looking up at this gem of all gems , that they are! .... BLACK!

      Anyway ,,, God Bless

      "Pretending that we live doesn't make us alive ....."


      • Wow , I just can not make up my mind which Sabbath opening riff is more jugular grabbing .... amazing!


        ..... I simply can not decide

        @JR , Happy Bday!

        @Jimbo , That Tyr/Forbidden double pack is an original .... enjoy!

        @Danny , That Fused Vinyl is rare as hell , I have 3 more coming in , but after that who knows ... enjoy!

        @Art , man you lost weight!!! Kudos brother!

        @Kamikazetom , I tried leaving you 2 PM's the past month .... I'm not a big PM guy so not sure if you received them ,,, but THANK YOU for the pictures!! ,, and hope your wife is well , God Bless my brother.

        @Ronn , where the heck are you on here .... hope your well.

        .... speaking of that , "The Listen" is at an all time low with people posting ,,, but as high or higher than ever with people reading ... wow , so keep reading and with all these thousands of "hits" , get "The Listen" out of this 666 number .... love Maiden , but anyway ,,, to all my readers - here we go with number 21 ....

        ..... remember , 21 - 18 are separated by an "RCH" (red c**t hair) between them ... I can essentially line them up , close my eyes and throw a rock , whichever one I hit would be the next one up .....

        21) THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (Studio Album #25) - Everyone knows I feel this is a comprehensive masterpiece ,, Bible Black being the most sincere , amazing Sabbath track (or any track) since Computer God - 13 (although EOTB challenges it) ,, "Breaking into Heaven" is as epic as Forbidden's "Kiss of Death" ,, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is one of my favorite Black Sabbath tracks of all time:

        "God rest you
        God take you
        God make you - MERRY GENTLEMEN....."

        .... and TDYK is a more orginal complete effort than the stellar "13" release ,,,,, and to follow (with The Dio Years in between) one of Sabbath's 10 best with the Fused release .... TDYK delivers in spades , with Sabbath's 4th "undeniable" most important album in there entire catalog ..... We are so blessed with this amazing album.

        .... love Sabbath!!!

        Anyway , to everyone here on BSO , The Listen and clubs ... and all my readers , hope you all have a very happy and extremely healthy NEW YEAR ,, God Bless you!!

        **** "Something Wicked This Way Comes ...." , I just hit "play" , WOW!
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        • Originally posted by BACK TO EDEN View Post
          Wow , I just can not make up my mind which Sabbath opening riff is more jugular grabbing .... amazing!


          ..... I simply can not decide
          You're right Doc, it is a tough choice. But the first time I heard "The Bastard" when you sent me the "Rarities" CD I was blown away. Gotta be the heaviest thing Iommi ever did and Phil Anselmo was the PERFECT choice for vocals.

          Happy New Year to you, Doc, your family and everyone here on BSO!


          • Happy new year Doc, Turch, everybody at listen and BSO \m/


            • The opening riff to 'The Bastard' is like the one that opens 'Ear in the Wall'. For me, they move mountains.


              • You guys are amazing , all my readers!! .... in less than a day and a half , over a thousand reads - and that 666 is gone - KUDOS!!

                @SWEET , Well said!!

                .... To all PMs , thank you!! ,,,, and to the one I answered - Embrace those words!!

                20) Cross Purposes (Studio release #17) - Easily one of Sabbath's most treasured albums ,,,, I know as many people who claim this is Sabbath's best effort , as I do those who say the same about Paranoid ...... You find yourself a TRUE Martin Era maniac , sit yourself down and learn about the band you love - these guys run circles around the Dio , Ozzy Era lovers - (most of them) ... as they say , "You want to learn about this band , find yourself a Martin Era fan!"

                - Virtual Death , really?? .... only Black Friggin Sabbath!!

                - Honorable mention , everyone knows I've studied the drums to the hilt , what an amazing instrument .... when I tell ya , this album right here is as special as drumming gets .... Bobby gives us one of Sabbath's all time greatest drum clinics , from the opening "I Witness" to the extra closing "What's the Use" - this guy does not let up , wow!

                Happy 2017!!!! , thanks again and Jesus Bless ..... Doc


                • Love Cross Purposes. All the reasons you stated plus the fact that Geezer was back in the fold seemed to invigorate the band with a perfect combo of heavy rock and ballad like intros. Bobby was a monster, my second favorite Sabbath drummer. We know who the first is

                  Thank you for your PM response, words to live by.


                  • Doc,
                    Speaking of 'Cross Purposes' and especially 'Virtual Death'. Listen to live versions of 'God is Dead?', when you get a chance. Tell me you don't hear echoes of 'Virtual Death' in Geezer's playing. A magnificent callback to that era, intentional or not.


                    • @Sweet , Turch .... awesome thoughts from the both of you ,, thank you!!

                      @All the PM's ,, Thank you!! ,,, only had time to respond to one , but loved them all!!

                      As you all finally know , BLACK SABBATH released studio track # 303 today ,, embrace these moments my brothers n sisters ,, and get prepared , over the next 28 months - we will see that total go even higher ...... Sabbath track 303 "How Good It Is" ,, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! - once you listen , you will never stop!

                      - There are 75 copies in Verona , original take and variant , with awesome art work .... TAKE ONLY ONE! ..... And now you all know why Chapter 11 of The Listen Part 2 , is Sabbath studio album #21 "IOMMI" - we knew this gem would be released , and as of rule 4.7 , falls under this Chapter in the Sabbath Legacy ..... so enjoy the f**k out of this beast , easily the best song released by anyone since "Season of the Dead" .....

                      Speaking of Studio release #21 , maybe things will change when we get there (27 out of 27) - but right now today .... forget about it - LMIADM , MEAT , GOODBYE LAMENT ..... 26 Sabbath studio albums are looking up at #21 "IOMMI!!!!!" ,,, ya that's right , even Sabotage and Dehumanizer.

                      19) NEVER SAY "friggin" DIE (Studio Gem #8) - I don't know , if you ask me , Sabbath could never have ended the GREAT 8 any better than with this beauty right here ..... the first 6 tracks are one of the most colorful , diverse opening runs on any album , by anyone ..... and the last 3 tracks are a perfect farewell - I love the people who come down on this Album , that's all you can do , is love them - they just don't get it ..... NEVER SAY DIE is the reason - Sabbath the band - WORKS ...

                      .... this band is bigger than one certain "sound" - - - "World still turns as Father Time looks on..."

                      God Bless

                      EDIT - YES THAT'S MIKE EXETER on the new SABBATH track HOW GOOD IT IS!!
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                      • Doc, it is great to see you active and putting the spotlight on the exceptional work produced by Tony Iommi.
                        I have a mixed review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Of course, Tony was great, however Ronnie's effort was disappointing. It appeared that Ronnie was going for dark and menacing on this Christmas carol. I would have preferred a more uplifting rendition rather than a performance more suited for the movie Krampus. Halford's Christmas album was more in the proper spirit.


                        • Great to hear your thoughts as well, Doc!


                          • Originally posted by SweetSymptom View Post
                            Great to hear your thoughts as well, Doc!
                            Excellent for my heart to hear these words , thank you my full fledged Sabbath brother ....!!

                            Originally posted by The Sabman Cometh View Post
                            Doc, it is great to see you active and putting the spotlight on the exceptional work produced by Tony Iommi.
                            I have a mixed review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Of course, Tony was great, however Ronnie's effort was disappointing. It appeared that Ronnie was going for dark and menacing on this Christmas carol. I would have preferred a more uplifting rendition rather than a performance more suited for the movie Krampus. Halford's Christmas album was more in the proper spirit.
                            Sabman , I respect few , literally "few" .. as much as I respect you on these boards ,,, always there for the Doc , always!! .....

                            So with this mad respect , you deserve my time and Sabbath honor .... here we go -

                            Rudy and Simon become part of the Sabbath legacy , right here on this MONSTER TRACK .... one of my absolute top 18 , even top 10 , Sabbath songs of all time - and if you listen how they both play (minor accents') - and as great as they accomplish it - Dio wrote the tone of both there parts ....

                            You are absolutely correct , Mr Sabbath himself is exceptional- as you said , even masterful on this Sabbath treasure - but again , my man Tone "was along for the ride" , on this one ..... yes ONLY Tony could capture the essence of Dio's ACCURATE portrayal of this 15th century (not 16th - WRONG) .... BUT 15th century CHRISTmas Carol of ALL Carol's (besides ofcourse the greatest song ever written , better than the entire Sabbath catalog added together , the mesmerizing "WHAT CHILD IS THIS") - Dio set the stage , and Iommi delivered - the 3 main riffs in this one track , are some of Iommi's most crushing , harrowing of all time ..... making brother Rob's Christmas excursion , sound like fluff on ice..... , still good stuff Sabman , just a little fun to make a point.

                            Nothing is more POWERFUL than the WORD of CHRIST .... and though the 15th century church was aware of this , there Hymns mostly lacked the intensity of the POWER of GOD ..... many times even missing the accurate portrayal of Satan's influence over the world of sin , and organized religion itself ,,, and tho this 500+ year old Hymn was sung by the churches , like all there Hymns were - with Latin undertones of "dark" , "eerie" and "somber" feelings (Dio took this aspect of the church and mixed it with the true meaning of this Carol - listen as he says "Satan's Power" - insane!) - but , the peasants of this time period sang this song with crushing JOY (Listen how Ronnie says "the SON of God by name" , and "remember Christ , the Savior" - the use of a comma here is everything - Dio studied this fact , and sung it such - Brilliant) ..... the unknown layman who wrote this track , like most of his time period , had no control over how they could worship - yet he or she , or in spite of it , wrote one of the most profound and meaningful Hymns of all time ......

                            ...... "I bring you news of great JOY - THE POWER OF JESUS!"

                            I met Dio in personal conversation many times , and when I tell you he struggled with the true reality of God - it was a constant struggle for him , he was too smart - he knew God was real , he just had a hard time owning it (the power of Satan) - yet he made a career off of it , and his struggle , with overwhelming strength , is presented more than ever in his accurate portrayal of the JOY of CHRIST / and the DARK tone of the church - with the arrival of GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN.

                            The song is actually heard wrong by most who listen - the proper "feel" of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is to be sung with this proper translation in mind - "God make you mighty , Gentlemen" ..... the power and joy of Christ Jesus , the one and only Savior.

                            MERRY - Had not a meaning of happiness for 15th century , the "middle ages" , it's meaning was strength , power , great - MIGHTY ..... Robin Hood's merry / mighty men ,, a merry ruler was a mighty ruler , a merry army - a mighty army.

                            REST - Means to "keep" or "make" .... very important in understanding this song , and the worshiper of JESUS ..... a fact not missed , and STUDIED by Dio.

                            THE COMMA - So important when sung ,, the church missed this in there Hymns , but the original 15th century writter , the peasants and Dio - did not .... every time Ronnie says "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" - he does it with the comma between Merry and Gentlemen ..... Brilliant!

                            "God MAKE You MIGHTY ,,,,,,, Gentlemen!!" - all of a sudden both this Carol and "Merry" "CHRIST" - mas ..... make total sense ..... Praise God!!

                            Dio was "lost" , but never STUPID .....

                            "God rest you
                            God take you
                            God make you merry, gentlemen!!"

                            Love ya Sabman ,, Doc


                            • ^^^ Wow, Those two words and knowing their intending meaning, really puts a new spin (or should I say: old or original spin) on that old song for me, Cheers!!
                              We donít see things as they are; we see them as we are.


                              • Enjoyed the read Doc as always. You dig deeper into a song than anybody I know and make it informative and fun. Don't stop