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2 songs for Ssabbath to play from 13 on next tour?

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  • 2 songs for Ssabbath to play from 13 on next tour?

    If you could pick 2 songs for Sabbath to play on the next and final tour from 13,which ones do you want?

    mine are

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    I presume you mean from those tracks which haven't already been played live yet? So excluding End of the Beginning, God Is Dead?, Loner, Age of Reason and Methademic? I hope the last two remain in the set list.

    Of the remaining tracks I would like to see Zeitgeist but I don't think it will happen. The one I'd really like to see live is Damaged Soul, along with Naivety in Black
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      Geezer has said they're unlikely to do Damaged Soul, because it was a pure jam job. They could obviously learn it, but I think they'd rather spend their time on other new songs - assuming it actually happens. I'm NOT making that assumption.

      Also, they'd have to get someone to play the harmonica on Damaged Soul. *COUGH*

      Unless they went recorded with it, which I would think they wouldn't want to do.
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        I'd like to see Dear Father and Live Forever, my two favorites off of 13.


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          Dear Father, Pariah and or Piece of Mind.


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            Live Forever and Dear Father. And keep AOR and Methademic...
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              God is Dead?
              Damaged Soul
              You tried to suppress me
              But nothing holds me down
              Just when you think you're happy
              I come around