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What did/do your parents think of Black Sabbath?

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  • What did/do your parents think of Black Sabbath?

    Pretty self explanatory. My mom hasn't heard Black Sabbath, but we were in a mall, and I said she shouldn't buy a certain shirt (sometimes I help my mom shop, clothing stores are boring, so I make the best of it that way), she said "I'm not going to take fashion advice from someone wearing a Black Sabbath shirt... I'm sure she would appreciate Planet Caravan and Solitude, as well as some later Ozzy material.

    My dad got me into Black Sabbath. He was more of an Ozzy fan at the time, but he bought Paranoid for a late Christmas present for me, and we listened to it in the car. He realized that Sabbath weren't overrated. He then said they might be his favorite band.

    My brother (not parent of course, but family) hates Black Sabbath. I'm trying to get him to enjoy heavy metal, but he prefers Star Wars theme music.

    I, of course, love Black Sabbath.
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    My parents were always open to whatever my siblings and I were listening to. Their only complaint at times was that it was too loud and could we please turn it down a bit.

    There was always music playing in the house when I was a kid. I consider myself very fortunate to have absorbed all kinds of music via my parents, my 2 older brothers and my older sister. I'm also fortunate that they were so supportive with all of us when we were learning to play various instruments. Being a drummer, band practices were usually held at my house and they were great about it.
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      Originally posted by MRM45 View Post
      My parents were always open to whatever my siblings and I were listening to. Their only complaint at times was that it was too loud and could we please turn it down a bit.

      There was always music playing in the house when I was a kid. I consider myself very fortunate to have absorbed all kinds of music via my parents, my 2 older brothers and my older sister. I'm also fortunate that they were so supportive with all of us when we were learning to play various instruments. Being a drummer, band practices were usually held at my house and they were great about it.
      Sounds alot like our house, as long as we turned it down when dad pulled up from work everything was cool... both my parents were music fans and music was always on, we had a radio in the kitchen and my sister who was 5 yrs older than me use to have Beatles Birthday parties and took me and a friend with her and her friends to see "A Hard Days Night", we stayed for 3 showings the girls were screaming... it was like a live concert...I was 7 yrs old... I remember Chubbie Checker and "The Twist" and Elvis "Hound Dog" and "Love Potion No.9" being played on the radio, but when the Beatles hit, Beatlemania, there was nothing like it...

      As for Sabbath, my sister wasn't into them, but I remember once I had MOR on, and it was probably After Forever was playing and my sister said out loud with my mom in the room, "is this some kind of religious band?" My mom and sister use to get a kick out of Alice Cooper's "Dead Babies" and my mom use to laugh and sing the verse from Deep Purple's "Mary Long" ... "how did you lose your virginity Mary Long..."
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        The generation gap is definitely closing. When my brothers and I were young, playing Black Sabbath on 8-Track, my Mom (God rest her soul) would say things like "If you don't turn that down I'm gonna throw it right out the window".
        My Dad didn't like it either but would occasionally ba ba ba the riff to NIB.

        Now of course when I had kids I HAD to turn them on to Black Sabbath. They both like them but are not as fanatical as I am. Their musical taste is a little more diverse than mine. And that's just 1 generation.


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          My dad often reminds me of how the Road Warriors Hawk & Animal would come out to Iron Man when they wrestled shows here in Arkansas. Back when Bill Watts' Mid-South Wrestling would do tours thru here. Watts would borrow talent from Jim Crocket Promotions, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Georgia Championship Wrestling. Pretty much the good guys would be beaten up by whatever Four Horsemen would be on the card. Then Iron Man would come out of the speakers and the Road Warriors would save the day.

          That and Pork Chops Cash & Junk Yard Dog would come to the ring with Queen Another One Bits The Dust. Usually against the Rock N Roll Express.
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            My dad likes Sabbath and Ozzy even if he is in his seventies and is more of a Rat Pack type guy, he particularly likes songs like Changes and Planet Caravan. My mom liked them in the seventies but is quite indifferent to them now and is more into Motown and older RnB.
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              My mom was a casual Sabbath fan already back in the 70s....although she was/is more into Uriah Heep though...She likes a lot of metal anyways so never was anykind of a problem. Still when we go on a car ride or what ever I always listen to metal and she's always digging it.

              Never knew my father so can't speak for him...


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                My parents don't care either way though my mother would smile when seeing Ozzy acting goofy. She knows his voice well enough. My dad smiled one time at Bill Ward drinking in the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath video.


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                  My parents are open minded, and although it may not be her sort of music in general my mother likes the occasional song: for instance she really likes Rainbow's "All Night Long" although she's not impressed by the line "Don't know about your brain but you look alright", and she bought The Who's "Greatest Hits" off the back of the various NCIS dramas.
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                    My old man's always been a big music fan. Loves all the rock from the 60's 70's, & 80's. Was always playing music in the house when I was growing up. AC/DC was about as heavy as he got though, but only the Bon era, he could never stand Brian Johnson. He's 75 now and still enjoys going to gigs. Just last week he saw Fleetwood Mac who have always been one of his favourite's. He's also seen The Stones, Foreigner & Chicago this year.

                    He never really had a problem with me listening to Sabbath or Metal, he actually borrowed the Gathered In Their Masses bluray off me to watch when it came out and said he enjoyed it In fact, he took me to my first ever gig, Kiss in 1980 and also my 3rd gig, Iron Maiden in 85(my sisters then much older boyfriend took me to my 2nd gig Deep Purple in 84) By the following year 1986(age 15)I was finally allowed to go to gigs on my own, which was Dio on the Sacred Heart tour

                    My mum's not a passionate music fan but has always loved her Elvis and often tags along with Dad to shows, she never had a problem with me listening to metal either but looking back they both must of wondered about me having posters of men plastered all over my bedroom walls.

                    One thing that I remember very well when I was young, was my dad always use to say to "you won't be listening to that stuff when you get to my age" He was in his 40's then, same age I am now. Something I reminded him of the other week when I dropped my kids at his his place to look after while I went to Megadeth.


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                      My musical taste has basically been inherited from by dad He is a rocker till the end. Thin Lizzy is by far the most important band of his life (he even had a Lynott-esque stache and hair style back in the late 80's/early 90's ), and loves stuff like The Beatles, Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Blackfoot, UFO etc.

                      When I was a kid I used to look at the cover arts of his vinyl collection when he was listening to them. His vinyl pressing of Holy Diver is something that was of particular interest for me even back then. I vividly rememer staring at the cover art while he was listening to the title track.: that atmospheric intro and imagery of the art really captivated the mind of young boy. One could say the plants of my future musical tendencies were planted back then!

                      As for Sabbath, he does like their music but has always kinda disliked Ozzy's voice sadly. Dad loves the Dio era, and the Ozzy era too for the music. He just isn't into nasally vocals (hates most of power metal for the same reason). As a drummer he really admires Ward's playing, he has always veered towards the jazzier players like Ward, Brian Downey and Ian Pace.

                      My mom is of the more clichéd ilk of relating metal music to "noise". She does like Uriah Heep though, and secretly likes the lighter stuff of the bands me and my dad jam to when I'm visiting them
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                        My father was born in 1930, so he was a lot more familiar with Benny Goodman than Black Sabbath (and thus why he played clarinet and not electric guitar). As a matter of fact, I doubt either of my parents ever listened to Black Sabbath.
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                          My father got me into Black Sabbath (mainly the Ozzy era as that what was he listened to growing up, as the other era's hadn't happened yet). I got him into the later eras.
                          My mother, I'm not so sure on. She's perhaps more of a casual music fan. I don't know if she's listened to Sabbath beyond the radio, or being in the car/at home with my dad's albums playing. Possible she was into them in the 70's, but if so it was probably more of a casual affiliation.


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                            my parents were always generally supportive of my musical interests. KISS was my favorite band for a few years and they bought me records, T-shirts, & magazines. My dad being more of a conservative did make some comments about thrash & death metal, and how it inevitably would affect me adversely somehow, but that didn't last very long. They never had anything to say about Sabbath. Before I started playing guitar at age 11, I had a moderate level of pyromania, and I regularly got busted for shoplifting and vandalism. Music became my life-force the rest of the time I lived in their house. To them as long as I was doing something revolved around music (playing guitar, out playing in bands, listening, reading, or talking about it) and not out getting into trouble, it was a win win situation.

                            The heaviest rock my dad was ever into was Pink Floyd, & my mom was never very musical except singing in church. Honestly they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Black Sabbath, Metallica, or The Who. But as long as I liked it they would support it.
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                              Funny enough, i was talking to my mom about it just a couple of days ago. They did think, and still do think, it's unrythmic, unmelodic noice. i find that amusing, as they're listening to country and singer/songwriter with alot less rythm... They simply don't understand it...
                              But having been listening to hard rock and metal all my life (first through my elder sisters, though that was more 80's hard rock ballads, then going into Guns n' Roses and Ugly Kid Joe when i was 8 or 9, Sabbath, Type O Negative, Sepultura and Black Metal not long after), they've always let me listen to what i want. But there was a few "turn that noise down" sometimes
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